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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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18-Oct yeseniakw18 shouted:
Matured purlieus

18-Oct Owencoam shouted:
Shakyor, Eusebio, Makas and Jack Turkmenistan

18-Oct Myxirmi shouted:
Zapotek, Zarkos, Barrack and Rathgar Iceland

18-Oct AliHex shouted:
Jensgar, Sinikar, Leon and Kasim Niue

18-Oct EsielOred shouted:
Tangach, Marus, Faesul and Tjalf South georgia and the south sa

Server statistics

Alliances 383
Players: 2,191
Villages: 23,088
Population: 15,508,193
Last updated: 30-09-2011
Server started: 22-06-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 23-Sepd. 30-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
LES MOINES moshe NEW NGC37037000.00%
LES MOINES moshe NEW NGC99599500.00%
LES MOINES moshe NEW NGC97797700.00%
LES MOINES moshe NEW NGC75875800.00%
NewErminig Erminig NEW NGC99299200.00%
Minouchville Erminig NEW NGC52752700.00%
Village de Kaya Erminig NEW NGC54154100.00%
Briac village Erminig NEW NGC38338300.00%
Opusvillage Erminig NEW NGC74674600.00%
Diablovillage Erminig NEW NGC6600.00%
Riboulvillage Erminig NEW NGC262600.00%
Maiaville Erminig NEW NGC56556500.00%
ENGUERRE34 nchristmann NEW NGC95695600.00%
ENGUERRE09 nchristmann NEW NGC49849800.00%
ENGUERRE31 nchristmann NEW NGC77177100.00%
ENGUERRE26 nchristmann NEW NGC67867800.00%
ENGUERRE23 nchristmann NEW NGC96496400.00%
ENGUERRE17 nchristmann NEW NGC1021102100.00%
ENGUERRE10 nchristmann NEW NGC57657600.00%
ENGUERRE14 nchristmann NEW NGC1018101800.00%
ENGUERRE25 nchristmann NEW NGC90190100.00%
ENGUERRE05 nchristmann NEW NGC94094000.00%
ENGUERRE01 nchristmann NEW NGC87687600.00%
ENGUERRE22 nchristmann NEW NGC93593500.00%
ENGUERRE15 nchristmann NEW NGC99099000.00%
ENGUERRE16 nchristmann NEW NGC99799700.00%
ENGUERRE28 nchristmann NEW NGC84584500.00%
ENGUERRE18 nchristmann NEW NGC1037103700.00%
ENGUERRE20 nchristmann NEW NGC99499400.00%
ENGUERRE02 nchristmann NEW NGC70170100.00%
ENGUERRE30 nchristmann NEW NGC80680600.00%
ENGUERRE29 nchristmann NEW NGC87387300.00%
ENGUERRE21 nchristmann NEW NGC96396300.00%
ENGUERRE07 nchristmann NEW NGC88888800.00%
ENGUERRE11 nchristmann NEW NGC64864800.00%
ENGUERRE12 nchristmann NEW NGC82282200.00%
ENGUERRE27 nchristmann NEW NGC55155100.00%
ENGUERRE33 nchristmann NEW NGC59859800.00%
ENGUERRE32 nchristmann NEW NGC72972900.00%
ENGUERRE03 nchristmann NEW NGC92292200.00%
ENGUERRE08 nchristmann NEW NGC38838800.00%
ENGUERRE06 nchristmann NEW NGC99399300.00%
ENGUERRE13 nchristmann NEW NGC88388300.00%
ENGUERRE19 nchristmann NEW NGC52552500.00%
ENGUERRE04 nchristmann NEW NGC1019101900.00%
FEDSSER1 nchristmann NEW NGC89789700.00%
Aurora La Belle Cerbère NEW NGC32132100.00%
Mes crocs aiguisés Cerbère NEW NGC58058000.00%
Lumière Terrestre Cerbère NEW NGC12012000.00%
Lumière Céleste Cerbère NEW NGC32832800.00%