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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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25-Sep Kirkjew shouted:
Arokkh, Mamuk, Sulfock and Urkrass San marino

25-Sep YussufSist shouted:
Dudley, Thordir, Pakwan and Khabir Colombia

25-Sep Tjalfoi shouted:
Narkam, Leon, Fedor and Dimitar Latvia

25-Sep VandornKa shouted:
Hamlar, Potros, Rocko and Fraser Montserrat

25-Sep ShakyorBaf shouted:
Quadir, Grubuz, Mitch and Vibald Uganda

Server statistics

Alliances 217
Players: 1,099
Villages: 14,872
Population: 9,387,486
Last updated: 25-03-2012
Server started: 10-02-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mard. 25-Margrowthgrowth in %
La pneumonie shadokaurhum UNO90690600.00%
VIVE LES UNO shadokaurhum UNO91391300.00%
UNO MATIN shadokaurhum UNO94994900.00%
UNO MAMIE shadokaurhum UNO87487400.00%
00 CRACK shadokaurhum UNO97697600.00%
FREYJA shadokaurhum UNO84484400.00%
03 PAMPLEMOUSSE shadokaurhum UNO85185100.00%
Le Pentagone shadokaurhum UNO89689600.00%
01 BOF shadokaurhum UNO92892800.00%
Los Indignados shadokaurhum UNO79279200.00%
00. UNO POWAAA shadokaurhum UNO88988900.00%
03 Life of Brian shadokaurhum UNO89889800.00%
01 LANNION shadokaurhum UNO94894800.00%
00 BLONDE shadokaurhum UNO91391300.00%
03 BRAVO shadokaurhum UNO89389300.00%
02 BANZAI shadokaurhum UNO89189100.00%
UNO LAPIN shadokaurhum UNO88488400.00%
La Maison Blanche shadokaurhum UNO88888800.00%
FETNAT shadokaurhum UNO89389300.00%
01 cubitus shadokaurhum UNO88788700.00%
00. UNO POWAAA shadokaurhum UNO82582500.00%
PAPILLON UNO shadokaurhum UNO90890800.00%
UNO Arthur shadokaurhum UNO80880800.00%
02 BINGO shadokaurhum UNO84284200.00%
01 NT2 - ♡ Aphro ♡ shadokaurhum UNO79879800.00%
00 HUE shadokaurhum UNO83183100.00%
02 MEDIA shadokaurhum UNO88588500.00%
01 DROIDES shadokaurhum UNO80580500.00%
01 La Braise shadokaurhum UNO86186100.00%
02 BANANE shadokaurhum UNO77177100.00%
02 BLANDINE shadokaurhum UNO56256200.00%
02 BIMBO shadokaurhum UNO63363300.00%
01 DOGORA shadokaurhum UNO85585500.00%
02 ZOE shadokaurhum UNO77077000.00%
02 MONSTERS shadokaurhum UNO76776700.00%
02 ROXANE shadokaurhum UNO33333300.00%
Vive Relai shadokaurhum UNO59559500.00%
02 PALMA shadokaurhum UNO78678600.00%
02 NAWAK shadokaurhum UNO68068000.00%
02 FOLIE shadokaurhum UNO72872800.00%
Vive Relai4 shadokaurhum UNO41441400.00%
Vive Relai2 shadokaurhum UNO43843800.00%
Vive Relai3 shadokaurhum UNO43443400.00%
02 FABOUNET shadokaurhum UNO74874800.00%
Vive Relai0 shadokaurhum UNO47547500.00%
00 BOUM shadokaurhum UNO91191100.00%
01 BARBADES shadokaurhum UNO91491400.00%
suffragettes shadokaurhum UNO84384300.00%
UNO VACANCES shadokaurhum UNO93293200.00%
UNO OUZO shadokaurhum UNO90890800.00%