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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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17-Dec Richardscazy shouted:
Test, just a test

17-Dec CyrusRupyigo shouted:
Tragak, Vatras, Sanuyem and Ur-Gosh Zimbabwe

17-Dec AsaruAppeque shouted:
Surus, Seruk, Reto and Surus Aruba

17-Dec Fraserpes shouted:
Kasim, Abbas, Zarkos and Wenzel Nigeria

17-Dec IsmaelSaura shouted:
Benito, Nemrok, Jared and Marus Algeria

Server statistics

Alliances 217
Players: 1,099
Villages: 14,872
Population: 9,387,486
Last updated: 25-03-2012
Server started: 10-02-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mard. 25-Margrowthgrowth in %
[X] 00 ~ UNO Marcussy UNO86286200.00%
Hop!Hop!Hop!Hop!Hop! Pas Glop C.ID.III87587500.00%
Hop Hop Pas Glop C.ID.III89289200.00%
D bouge toi del^^ quam UNO84884800.00%
sc1 farmer fd15415400.00%
Rɧåη-Tєgόtɧ ۶ cthulhus ~ LÐß ~1003100300.00%
Nyårlåtɧoтєp cthulhus ~ LÐß ~76376300.00%
Cité de New NGC Cerbère NEW NGC79779700.00%
(01) doune AVD97097000.00%
-14/24 Mitsumi {~CTR~}55455400.00%
-14/24 Mitsumi {~CTR~}70470400.00%
L Mitsumi {~CTR~}79479400.00%
F.B.Land cromlechior ~LMDC~1070107000.00%
F.B.Land Korigan ~LMDC~79979900.00%
F.B.Land ianian76 ~LMDC~1046104600.00%
5. TortanK_ {~CTR~}80280200.00%
FRIEND - Midgar TortanK_ {~CTR~}92292200.00%
Stan Sasuke AVD99899800.00%
Eristys Sasuke AVD84584500.00%
Butters Sasuke AVD77877800.00%
Marge Sasuke AVD70570500.00%
6c Naplouse triple x UNO80280200.00%
* Copperfield -CpasMoi- UNO99699600.00%
B3 Scratina skippy 59 UNO77077000.00%
ZwarTe MaDaM LambiK UNO91691600.00%
50_6.55m pti.badong UNO1052105200.00%
V26 ramychou951 UNO76376300.00%
205 -DroLand- ® Elmer Fudd Toonerie1011101100.00%
Glop!Glop!**** Pas Glop C.ID.III96096000.00%
L Mitsumi {~CTR~}72472400.00%
F.B.Land ianian76 ~LMDC~1013101300.00%
CD DracoFeu_ {~CTR~}20120100.00%
[v01] patcho malvi C.ID.III96296200.00%
F.B.Land WALKYRIE ~LMDC~81981900.00%
F.B.Land FDCC74 ~LMDC~58658600.00%
A. Emeraude Arrancar -EX-99699600.00%
a kid BH98398300.00%
31-[N] - Westmalle mr_marcadet UNO71571500.00%
00.UNO POWAAA ramychou951 UNO82382300.00%
V31 ramychou951 UNO81981900.00%
V28 ramychou951 UNO68768700.00%
C.11 Boulette ^^ Bezonze UNO86386300.00%
[K] 30 ~ UNO Marcussy UNO90590500.00% SKL BHD20320300.00%
Pas un seul merci!!! telemark alli31931900.00%
๏ Crèpe ๏ Settler UNO94094000.00%
marcussy le noob pti.badong UNO1011101100.00%
V30 ramychou951 UNO64564500.00%
F.B.Land Azzz ~LMDC~49449400.00%
Tigrenøuille pompom UNO94994900.00%