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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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24-May MojokOvalloplE shouted:
Xardas, Benito, Potros and Ningal Honduras

24-May Nemroktoowmetle shouted:
Sigmor, Randall, Goose and Dawson Argentina

24-May Runeoutwand shouted:
Kapotth, Georg, Ilja and Abbas Bangladesh

24-May GrimbollKap shouted:
Hernando, Kippler, Aldo and Kor-Shach Lebanon

Server statistics

Alliances 217
Players: 1,099
Villages: 14,872
Population: 9,387,486
Last updated: 25-03-2012
Server started: 10-02-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mard. 25-Margrowthgrowth in %
000000000000village lardy UNO1202120200.00%
w3. Jeux Interdits lardy UNO1197119700.00%
bex philatik ~ LÐß ~1195119500.00%
vMichouix - 03 lardy UNO1191119100.00%
Pacific Princess pompom UNO1182118200.00%
1. Kemantari lardy UNO1154115400.00%
w16 lardy UNO1154115400.00%
annaconda anibal59 -EX-1151115100.00%
northland michaeldb9 {~CTR~}1150115000.00%
camarèsville noisette ADLP1150115000.00%
w1 lardy UNO1141114100.00%
minimini5 minimi5 ~INUGAMI1141114100.00%
9 lardy UNO1137113700.00%
w14 lardy UNO1135113500.00%
V10 non lardy UNO1135113500.00%
aTarifa lardy UNO1135113500.00%
wthe noob03 lardy UNO1132113200.00%
๑۩۩..cookie-01..۩۩๑ cookie22210 BHD1131113100.00%
11 lardy UNO1130113000.00%
¤¤¤¤ lardy UNO1128112800.00%
1 - Hyèra hitch-hiker ~ LÐß ~1125112500.00%
~ LÐß ~ {0} L2 Leither69 ~ LÐß ~1125112500.00%
vp12 lardy UNO1125112500.00%
wc?est nous lardy UNO1124112400.00%
1 1fection [HUNS]1120112000.00%
8 lardy UNO1119111900.00%
Vtruie 4 lardy UNO1119111900.00%
Yermo.+ Voila_syssy UNO1118111800.00%
4. Point lardy UNO1117111700.00%
PRESLUX 01 Bestjump C.ID.III1117111700.00%
vcoucou lardy UNO1116111600.00%
01 Vénus C.ID.III1115111500.00%
♫♪ {~CTR~}&Toons ♫♪ Lancelot du Lac {~CTR~}1113111300.00%
00. D - Dadinium Dad HS1111111100.00%
Village de lolorix 1 lolorix1107110700.00%
LoZoMi+ Voila_syssy UNO1107110700.00%
00-UNO POWAAA Stinson UNO1105110500.00%
13 lardy UNO1105110500.00%
apaf lardy UNO1105110500.00%
01 - Csilla Zitoire HS1104110400.00%
wthe noob02 lardy UNO1104110400.00%
alalala lardy UNO1101110100.00%
Poitiers pictave86 BHD1101110100.00%
00.UNO POWAAA strange UNO1100110000.00%
le Roi is dead Le Roi Arthur {~CTR~}1100110000.00%
***OBAR zizicoincoin [AC]1099109900.00%
08- Saint-Malo Sir Francky [AC]1098109800.00%
Pain dor Pain dor {~ETR~}1098109800.00%
B05-César V idefixe83 [HUNS]1097109700.00%