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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Oct Thorekwoug shouted:
Topork, Ressel, Rasul and Silas Guinea-bissau

21-Oct Roberttrede shouted:
Ипотека Без Первоначального Взноса

21-Oct Pharmg740 shouted:

20-Oct OrtegaNusa shouted:
Arakos, Boss, Berek and Giores Panama

20-Oct RozhovEi shouted:
Tjalf, Jack, Anog and Ur-Gosh Burkina faso

Server statistics

Alliances 139
Players: 963
Villages: 14,308
Population: 10,046,330
Last updated: 20-02-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 13-Febd. 20-Febgrowthgrowth in %
Ulrikya NYX8778877800.00%
K4m!k4z3 BBB8879887900.00%
joellus TTTS220062200600.00%
tossito07 ~T~Æ~1467146700.00%
kanar BBB9030903000.00%
visior64 [F¿?C]²217072170700.00%
ritchi63 ~NA~1738173800.00%
gotik CieNoire138281382800.00%
Akpatok CieNoire333293332900.00%
Titi571 Coyotte24924900.00%
dipos TTTS444814448100.00%
kamelot §- G -§28428400.00%
Evana N.P.I145291452900.00%
SORA SKA-P6838683800.00%
dkern65 [F¿?C]²200072000700.00%
toftof94 Camorra297282972800.00%
cochix OLE !229532295300.00%
Erostrate ~ADA~1116111600.00%
patou1968 ()59459400.00%
dadastroyer Ludite !167161671600.00%
ThierryII TTTS193481934800.00%
mia A.U.8090809000.00%
pirate ~NF~279172791700.00%
Sierraloco Arvernes3017301700.00%
Small NarKoPPI100821008200.00%
babasslonge Sparta169011690100.00%
Aqualo71 [F¿?C]121851218500.00%
Mornagus [F¿?C]²122831228300.00%
BunnyGirls TTTS129081290800.00%
CEDRICUS --{B}--167071670700.00%
martil LYSDR6418641800.00%
Confetty [F¿?C]155701557000.00%
fox45 #FunK#9320932000.00%
stefanini F.Z.M300093000900.00%
alkazar S.P.Q.R2466246600.00%
call34 NYX9994999400.00%
maeljad OLE !9005900500.00%
Foonanz NYX107581075800.00%
Merlin ÐP-LR119871198700.00%
Phénix F.Z.M102901029000.00%
blaireau ÐP-LR3072307200.00%
peillex ÐP-LR1214121400.00%
xX Azor Xx ÐP-LR93593500.00%
-nicolasdu18- LYSDR62362300.00%
nicom66 ~T~Æ~1042104200.00%
Titus Pullo [F¿?C]183121831200.00%