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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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продвижение сайта выдаче

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Server statistics

Alliances 139
Players: 963
Villages: 14,308
Population: 10,046,330
Last updated: 20-02-2012
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 13-Febd. 20-Febgrowthgrowth in %
Village de 40rck 40rck [SDA]6145614500.00%
[x] WW Village Starcommi [SDA]1852185200.00%
Village de Starcommi Starcommi [SDA]1769176900.00%
vivi 04.1 maitre tonton LRDK1468146800.00%
_Helsinki** jata92 ~Ø~1467146700.00%
_Erevan2* jata92 ~Ø~1467146700.00%
_Funafuti** jata92 ~Ø~1467146700.00%
_Georgetown** jata92 ~Ø~1467146700.00%
Abb** jata92 ~Ø~1463146300.00%
Aaa** jata92 ~Ø~1452145200.00%
38/ Filochard ~NF~1452145200.00%
_Abuja** jata92 ~Ø~1452145200.00%
_Castries** jata92 ~Ø~1447144700.00%
_Dhaka* jata92 ~Ø~1447144700.00%
_Katmandou** jata92 ~Ø~1447144700.00%
Acc jata92 ~Ø~1447144700.00%
Zagreb* jata92 ~Ø~1447144700.00%
39/ Filochard ~NF~1442144200.00%
_Belmopan* jata92 ~Ø~1421142100.00%
Paramaribo** jata92 ~Ø~1414141400.00%
Harare** jata92 ~Ø~1403140300.00%
Wellington** jata92 ~Ø~1403140300.00%
Achgabat* jata92 ~Ø~1403140300.00%
Oslo** jata92 ~Ø~1403140300.00%
Freetown** jata92 ~Ø~1403140300.00%
Yaoundé* jata92 ~Ø~1398139800.00%
Erevan** jata92 ~Ø~1392139200.00%
Kinshasa** jata92 ~Ø~1392139200.00%
Nassau** jata92 ~Ø~1392139200.00%
Jakarta** jata92 ~Ø~1392139200.00%
Reykjavik** jata92 ~Ø~1392139200.00%
Vaduz** jata92 ~Ø~1392139200.00%
Islamabad** jata92 ~Ø~1390139000.00%
Ljubljana** jata92 ~Ø~1390139000.00%
40/ Filochard ~NF~1388138800.00%
Tachkent** jata92 ~Ø~1387138700.00%
Skopje jata92 ~Ø~1384138400.00%
Managua** jata92 ~Ø~1376137600.00%
Gaborone** jata92 ~Ø~1371137100.00%
Chisinau** jata92 ~Ø~1365136500.00%
Douchanbé** jata92 ~Ø~1354135400.00%
37/ Filochard ~NF~1336133600.00%
2 ESB LCTM 45 [F¿?C]1331133100.00%
Banjul jata92 ~Ø~1328132800.00%
Kurosaki Town mous76 [F¿?C]²1315131500.00%
001 veveesp MB1314131400.00%
grr yoooooo ~L.D.D~1294129400.00%
la louve lou Camorra1283128300.00%
Horus58 Armageddon58 TTTS1278127800.00%
Bob Marley ▒Jah▒ AldwinusIII ~~FEN~~1274127400.00%