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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 247
Players: 1,744
Villages: 19,356
Population: 12,557,962
Last updated: 25-03-2012
Server started: 24-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mard. 25-Margrowthgrowth in %
Nouveau village Kanyian ONI SO131300.00%
express Kanyian ONI SO18818800.00%
le toucher rec Kanyian ONI SO65065000.00%
le coup de masse Kanyian ONI SO61361300.00%
le doigt rouge Kanyian ONI SO20320300.00%
A The 10 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO30530500.00%
The 9 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO80480400.00%
The 8 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO95095000.00%
The 3 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO78878800.00%
The 11 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO71771700.00%
A The 12 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO34934900.00%
The 7 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO80980900.00%
The 4 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO88288200.00%
The 6 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO82282200.00%
A The 13 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO33933900.00%
A The 15 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO676700.00%
B The 16 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO131300.00%
The 5 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO57157100.00%
The 2 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO1020102000.00%
The 1 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO1014101400.00%
B The 14 Division AiZen.Team ONI SO85685600.00%
Dead Village AiZen.Team ONI SO16516500.00%
Lorraine laure60 ONI SO64364300.00%
Alsace laure60 ONI SO65165100.00%
Poitou charente laure60 ONI SO23623600.00%
Nord-Pas de calais laure60 ONI SO63663600.00%
Le Limousin laure60 ONI SO68168100.00%
Les ardennes laure60 ONI SO76976900.00%
La champagne laure60 ONI SO46446400.00%
La nouvelle Picardie laure60 ONI SO67367300.00%
La bretagne laure60 ONI SO84384300.00%
La Normandie laure60 ONI SO94994900.00%
Irreductibles VIII Atérisques G.G.R7700.00%
Irreductibles IV Atérisques G.G.R16916900.00%
Irreductibles V Atérisques G.G.R949400.00%
Irreductibles VI Atérisques G.G.R717100.00%
Irreductibles VII Atérisques G.G.R626200.00%
Irreductibles II Atérisques G.G.R75775700.00%
Irreductibles III Atérisques G.G.R53353300.00%
Irreductibles I Atérisques G.G.R99699600.00%
kuchiki zabimaru JFF VIP565600.00%
hitsugaya zabimaru JFF VIP35235200.00%
yamagata zabimaru JFF VIP292900.00%
kourosaki zabimaru JFF VIP25225200.00%
hyourinmaru zabimaru JFF VIP84884800.00%
Gémonies Nither -N29129100.00%
Aventin Nither -N12012000.00%
Nitheria Nither -N71671600.00%
Loups_Noir Loup_Noir W.B.W51151100.00%
Villαlαnd Laura91 W.B.W29029000.00%