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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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18-Jun DerekRoors shouted:

17-Jun JamesEpilm shouted:
Реальные знакомства взрослых

16-Jun Shirleyagigh shouted:
правила пассажирских перевозок автотранспортом

16-Jun SulfockGync shouted:
Sven, Georg, Taklar and Milok Romania

16-Jun DawsonSib shouted:
Fedor, Aidan, Randall and Kadok Mauritania

Server statistics

Alliances 299
Players: 2,198
Villages: 25,636
Population: 17,072,212
Last updated: 27-09-2011
Server started: 14-10-2010
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 20-Sepd. 27-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
Ghost Rider. A.G.F112781127800.00%
Polskov [A.S]155351553500.00%
Tarriquet PH*1416141600.00%
Psciit O_PTM177711777100.00%
feydor N0 FEAR6725672500.00%
Pas Cific63963900.00%
spartann PH™115581155800.00%
IJM [A.S]248472484700.00%
Califourchon T.E160701607000.00%
Leia N0 FEAR4613461300.00%
kaiskev PH™5368536800.00%
Aquaman [A.S]147121471200.00%
Killerlud HILL129721297200.00%
Clovis T.E218532185300.00%
jivago O.F.Q.M1152115200.00%
phoceus Léo Untd5529552900.00%
prekko T.E118401184000.00%
Geraldus [A.S]281782817800.00%
COMER [A.S]164371643700.00%
PRL O_PTM127241272400.00%
trainemisere ATHENA1838183800.00%
little-lady S.P.7634763400.00%
astrocamus INDEUNIS6196619600.00%
tchequemat DaR209832098300.00%
Ricardix O_NU4271427100.00%
NO_fine05 ~sim.s~6403640300.00%
ladykyo [G]159851598500.00%
NO_doubidix ~sim.s~140951409500.00%
byshooter ~LMDC~6079607900.00%
johnjohn z.T.o™1266126600.00%
seigneurz O_PTM258912589100.00%
garry O_PTM175241752400.00%
déboitementdumé T.E8368836800.00%
Nofear @S170841708400.00%
gonocokus [A.S]291592915900.00%
O_mékelboulet O_NU5341534100.00%
Hérée PH™175031750300.00%
Klamidiae [A.S]291202912000.00%
Mugiwara A.G.F9557955700.00%
O_kivi O_PTM9570957000.00%
O_Francky ~sim.s~275952759500.00%
KatastrOFF [A.S]379343793400.00%
philax57 PH™1797179700.00%
dieuzy O_PTM116511165100.00%