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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Aug IrmakMum shouted:
Sivert, Asam, Yespas and Ballock Uganda

21-Aug Giacomoduef shouted:
Cobryn, Goose, Seruk and Kayor Sierra leone

21-Aug grigift shouted:
Best Samantha school tantric in NY

21-Aug Taklarmr shouted:
Lester, Brontobb, Kamak and Grobock The former yugoslav republic o

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Server statistics

Alliances 299
Players: 2,198
Villages: 25,636
Population: 17,072,212
Last updated: 27-09-2011
Server started: 14-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 20-Sepd. 27-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
WaSabi Yann 1703 ~sim.s~78478400.00%
Radis Noir Yann 1703 ~sim.s~86186100.00%
[09p] Raidsonia arkange ~ GWOF ~92792700.00%
Ou_pas AbsoluBat ~argos~1066106600.00%
Trantor agencetourix ~SPA~19519500.00%
narka blide [A.S]94994900.00%
charly charly PROM62962900.00%
. SLY43 A.G.F82682600.00%
★ Dead Zone #11 ★ Zircor ~ GWOF ~85685600.00%
7.49 TooL ZaaaB!!!93093000.00%
00 le patriarche O_PTM37437400.00%
Baiona BOMBACLUB A.G.F88488400.00%
maxime Lassi-vière [A.S]1011101100.00%
20¤¤ Lassi-gogne [A.S]97797700.00%
01-Ghost Town jps ~LMDC~1194119400.00%
6 sallenoob T.E84184100.00%
Ou_pas O_perfo O_PTM88188100.00%
FLUTTE flutte T.E66166100.00%
RND à la folie Nicky RND-LMC89189100.00%
118-TEUTOBOURG alpha_nico [A.S]93693600.00%
E5 Matlaur ~sim.s~1039103900.00%
3 patmans ~ GWOF ~95395300.00%
11 Lassi-gogne [A.S]97897800.00%
01# Watou __SyD__ ~sim.s~86986900.00%
~TE~ higgins T.E1186118600.00%
Germanica ツ 01 tequila T.E73073000.00%
*Lightsic - 1 lightsic ~ GWOF ~84984900.00%
01 Providence Pippin-le-Just ~ GWOF ~88288200.00%
RND 4 Pappy Boyington RND-LMC81881800.00%
01-GPS piéton claudin1 UltraTNL51851800.00%
O_pas fifi deagle19 [A.S]87787700.00%
RND 1 LGB RND-LMC86186100.00%
The Undertaker jankee HILL1225122500.00%
BONZAI barbare08 ~LMDC~90090000.00%
. barbare08 ~LMDC~91891800.00%
3-waka Vince [A.S]1000100000.00%
Ganja just4fun N0 FEAR1004100400.00%
NICOBACK NICOB ~SN~13213200.00%
piloupoky piloupoky L.G.P82282200.00%
Simus O_petite_staps O_PTM99999900.00%
Village de HILUX44 HILUX44 Fury!62562500.00%
Ou_pas Neaontoine O_PTM82682600.00%
1.0 RND nerwin. RND-LMC97597500.00%
¤H-S¤6 blackeyesjim N0 FEAR80680600.00%
Stone Cold jankee HILL92392300.00%
211-alpha alpha_nico [A.S]92892800.00%
Hell 8 Demios HILL76076000.00%
J ♥ Volubilis Kalie A.G.F88388300.00%
Shawn Michaels jankee HILL94894800.00%
abambou scramasax84184100.00%