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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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20-Mar JarockcinaReene shouted:
Larson, Roland, Grok and Nefarius Bahrain

20-Mar GambalImminly shouted:
Marus, Osko, Larson and Luca Nicaragua

20-Mar RaidMOF shouted:
Tangach, Tragak, Karlen and Campa Paraguay

20-Mar Tempeckneubdix shouted:
Yasmin, Kadok, Carlos and Vigo Mauritius

20-Mar JesperSoushiZ shouted:
Daro, Rufus, Zakosh and Leif Thailand

Server statistics

Alliances 299
Players: 2,198
Villages: 25,636
Population: 17,072,212
Last updated: 27-09-2011
Server started: 14-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 20-Sepd. 27-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
REIMS 04 Clovis T.E95195100.00%
REIMS Clovis T.E1291129100.00%
-- 1 -- jivago O.F.Q.M1152115200.00%
KAAMELOTT prekko T.E1127112700.00%
01.FENTA Geraldus [A.S]95695600.00%
Alpha amiga57457400.00%
O_Revoir COMER [A.S]93293200.00%
O_Revoir COMER [A.S]83383300.00%
O_Revoir COMER [A.S]88888800.00%
O_Revoir COMER [A.S]97197100.00%
1./Psychopathe Saikho1159115900.00%
Sahara trainemisere ATHENA91991900.00%
1.1 little-lady S.P.1154115400.00%
brizoucity V2 brizou86986900.00%
ny-vapô NO_fine05 ~sim.s~88788700.00%
la cité du florival ladykyo [G]82582500.00%
2.2-Datura gonocokus [A.S]91191100.00%
0.3-[A.S]-sims gonocokus [A.S]88688600.00%
3.2-Paraquat gonocokus [A.S]91491400.00%
09. San Silvestro KatastrOFF [A.S]1064106400.00%
08. Rialto KatastrOFF [A.S]98098000.00%
G-V grinch ~sim.s~85485400.00%
02 - Médiator NO-franito N0 FEAR72272200.00%
01 - Je suis nous NO-franito N0 FEAR81481400.00%
1 IJM [A.S]68068000.00%
05.TESTOMASS.1 Geraldus [A.S]55655600.00%
O_Revoir COMER [A.S]87687600.00%
O_Revoir COMER [A.S]89489400.00%
BANZAI byshooter ~LMDC~83983900.00%
4.1-Belladone.. gonocokus [A.S]94594500.00%
1.1-Arsenic gonocokus [A.S]95695600.00%
Trou paumé O_mékelboulet O_NU20020000.00%
Chablis Gd Cru Hérée PH™1315131500.00%
Cεphɑlosporinε Klamidiae [A.S]1082108200.00%
No Luffy Mugiwara A.G.F1033103300.00%
07. Mercato KatastrOFF [A.S]93693600.00%
02. Ferrovia KatastrOFF [A.S]1026102600.00%
01 - Pom de Fran 1 NO-franito N0 FEAR72272200.00%
09.NESS Geraldus [A.S]76576500.00%
01. Piazzale Roma KatastrOFF [A.S]89189100.00%
06. Cà d Oro KatastrOFF [A.S]1027102700.00%
39. Celestia KatastrOFF [A.S]74174100.00%
37. Tre Archi KatastrOFF [A.S]85485400.00%
souchteresse philax57 PH™77277200.00%
Abidjan al11018101800.00%
10.MARCAINE.L Geraldus [A.S]97697600.00%
05. San Stae KatastrOFF [A.S]98798700.00%
04. San Marcuola KatastrOFF [A.S]1011101100.00%
03. Riva de Biasio KatastrOFF [A.S]99599500.00%
Nëssyl Klamidiae [A.S]82082000.00%