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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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16-Nov DariusHob shouted:
Here is an hypnoticoffers pro you.

16-Nov AsaruTOF shouted:
Yorik, Ben, Boss and Mannig Tonga

16-Nov RamonCeam shouted:
Akrabor, Flint, Kor-Shach and Jaffar Azerbaijan

16-Nov Abelam shouted:
Nafalem, Grobock, Stan and Knut Central african republic

16-Nov Hamidmn shouted:
Giores, Tyler, Fadi and Hatlod Suriname

Server statistics

Alliances 136
Players: 802
Villages: 6,283
Population: 3,677,457
Last updated: 12-12-2011
Server started: 29-09-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 05-Decd. 12-Decgrowthgrowth in %
01 Timbonator [Sin]90790700.00%
1 Make [Sin]70170100.00%
01 Nemesis Base [Sin]82282200.00%
Genitaali yheksikkö jonttutonttu GG73373300.00%
Genitaali yköne jonttutonttu GG93393300.00%
1. Ghost Ghost62162100.00%
Hangar 18 Megadeth79679600.00%
uusi kylä Sandels PV66066000.00%
Apela Apetsu91491400.00%
Walhalla Kookaburra Mist Z70270200.00%
Koixzarby Koixzar pro1043104300.00%
01. Ykkönen Sofian sohva [Sin]57057000.00%
22 Pingu Halinallet [Sin]79779700.00%
19 Nalle Puh Halinallet [Sin]1011101100.00%
09 Tarzan Halinallet [Sin]68268200.00%
07 Tao Tao Halinallet [Sin]84484400.00%
12 | Morloq Ghazghkull [Sin]76076000.00%
09 | Corva Ghazghkull [Sin]80280200.00%
10 | Marlisanct Ghazghkull [Sin]78078000.00%
09 Trachomatis jehki [Sin]85585500.00%
F Base Aribaba [Sin]1016101600.00%
01 St.Petersburg P.Lahti [Sin]86886800.00%
;1 xoxo xejin xejin57957900.00%
kacefixia kacefix58358300.00%
1 Vohveli pannukakku Mist X51751700.00%
I P.I.R.U77577500.00%
01 JEBOU valonkohtaajat [Sin]91691600.00%
12 Nakke Nakuttaja Halinallet [Sin]85385300.00%
10 Tohtori Sykerö Halinallet [Sin]77077000.00%
15 Pikku Kakkonen Halinallet [Sin]80280200.00%
14 Kippari Kalle Halinallet [Sin]28528500.00%
01 Käytöskukka Halinallet [Sin]65765700.00%
Kattivaara HLL [Sin]1024102400.00%
00 | Urk Ghazghkull [Sin]78978900.00%
18 | Staff Ghazghkull [Sin]80780700.00%
8 pekkad PV80480400.00%
10 AIDS jehki [Sin]89089000.00%
21 Hilarius Hiiri Halinallet [Sin]87587500.00%
Hurjimus HLL [Sin]1023102300.00%
Suzuki PV Retromopo PV1014101400.00%
1 pekkad PV76976900.00%
=2= Petenza PF85585500.00%
08 HIV jehki [Sin]92192100.00%
01 Syphilis jehki [Sin]88188100.00%
L Base Aribaba [Sin]1003100300.00%
=8= Petenza PF82782700.00%
A1 Kristian PF1050105000.00%
A Base Aribaba [Sin]97197100.00%
01 Mr.Torture Quantum1070107000.00%
01 Ry JKR [Sin]93393300.00%