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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 488
Players: 3,727
Villages: 32,918
Population: 20,000,326
Last updated: 26-07-2011
Server started: 14-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 19-Juld. 26-Julgrowthgrowth in %
[09] PitufoS+ SpiderCL TPitufoS94794700.00%
[01] PitufoS+ SpiderCL TPitufoS1099109900.00%
javi.14 Antonella nano90 CRV89589500.00%
javi.01 nano90 CRV79579500.00%
Nest 00 inccubus N.F.™51051000.00%
[015] MAYO HOT FUZZ LADP90890800.00%
[016] JUNIO HOT FUZZ LADP87387300.00%
[001]LADP HOT FUZZ LADP89989900.00%
10 Ortega River Plate56456400.00%
Conejo adicto Conejo adicto CanTurón49349300.00%
Soporte Soporte Admins909000.00%
tor hector O. C.39339300.00%
T 2 Por ABT zucara TPitufoS51151100.00%
[05]LADP Frank Furillo LADP86886800.00%
[33LADP Frank Furillo LADP59159100.00%
[27LADP Frank Furillo LADP68468400.00%
[28LADP Frank Furillo LADP63963900.00%
[04]LADP Frank Furillo LADP58358300.00%
[06]LADP Frank Furillo LADP80780700.00%
[018] LA HERMOSA Zildjian LADP95695600.00%
Ghost City© Galix PPT-CuP22822800.00%
16☠LADP★jesus Liberty COP LADP86086000.00%
LADP.333333 Norvaz LADP88588500.00%
⑦TATO Y PITUFO⑦ silverado TPitufoS71871800.00%
00000 .villena. TPitufoS1123112300.00%
Busco Noticias. Reportero Admins10110100.00%
00.mexico rodrigoo DW54954900.00%
[02]LADP Frank Furillo LADP1043104300.00%
01. Cherif con CATAS EL CHERIF LADP-295195100.00%
guerrera 1.9 sao PPT-CuP88088000.00%
Giran Castle sao PPT-CuP72172100.00%
k1 sao PPT-CuP1188118800.00%
۩ Brasília Sissi FE®NET1012101200.00%
SuGuS 01 SuGuS Fe®net±81381300.00%
[022] .الشرق ال.. c* Zildjian LADP59659600.00%
[021] GRACIAS CLOUD Zildjian LADP82582500.00%
[020] KAMPA KAMPA .. Zildjian LADP83583500.00%
BYE Caballero Negro Turón46746700.00%
Aldea de RASTA29 RASTA29 LaABUELA78578500.00%
WhiteOut stetko §Mafia§1088108800.00%
[001] STROGONOFF Zildjian LADP84984900.00%
[013] EL TURKO Zildjian LADP80080000.00%
sd S D END57357300.00%
MONT ST MICHEL® Galix PPT-CuP78878800.00%
Ghost City Galix PPT-CuP96196100.00%
[017] EL NIÑO Zildjian LADP69769700.00%
***RETORNO*** bruce Whisky1069106900.00%
01- GaLiA JuanGuillermo LADP1091109100.00%
01MIULEMAN MIULEMAN1009100900.00%
Arwen Arwen HAMMERS79079000.00%