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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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20-Oct OrtegaNusa shouted:
Arakos, Boss, Berek and Giores Panama

20-Oct RozhovEi shouted:
Tjalf, Jack, Anog and Ur-Gosh Burkina faso

20-Oct GregoryAstop shouted:

20-Oct InogMt shouted:
Hector, Sanford, Fedor and Vak Anguilla

20-Oct Nefariusrare shouted:
Inog, Leif, Goran and Makas Serbia and montenegro

Server statistics

Alliances 488
Players: 3,727
Villages: 32,918
Population: 20,000,326
Last updated: 26-07-2011
Server started: 14-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 19-Juld. 26-Julgrowthgrowth in %
Helion 16 azote LADP-254854800.00%
Helion 12 azote LADP-259759700.00%
Helion 13 azote LADP-261061000.00%
Helion 18 azote LADP-243743700.00%
Helion 05 azote LADP-271371300.00%
Helion 04 azote LADP-270270200.00%
Helion 03 azote LADP-261261200.00%
Helion 01 azote LADP-263863800.00%
Crematoria azote LADP-21002100200.00%
25 dª papelitos morfeo LADP-268868800.00%
02 dorami morfeo LADP-298898800.00%
11 robacalcetines morfeo LADP-263563500.00%
23 rompecortinas morfeo LADP-275375300.00%
08 pirbull morfeo LADP-273873800.00%
10 toolomuerdo morfeo LADP-271171100.00%
03 me pica morfeo LADP-21055105500.00%
19 gustajamon morfeo LADP-277977900.00%
07 toy durilla morfeo LADP-285885800.00%
24 juguetona morfeo LADP-274674600.00%
17 desatanudos morfeo LADP-272572500.00%
05 poco pelo morfeo LADP-263263200.00%
04 ya no morfeo LADP-274274200.00%
30 que borracchera morfeo LADP-266066000.00%
26 artillera morfeo LADP-283283200.00%
20 elbarbito morfeo LADP-270970900.00%
16 lokita morfeo LADP-268868800.00%
12 rebuscabasura morfeo LADP-275775700.00%
15 aspiradora morfeo LADP-272472400.00%
27 bichomalo morfeo LADP-285085000.00%
13 la doberman morfeo LADP-272672600.00%
29 bonita morfeo LADP-269669600.00%
06 malos pelos morfeo LADP-262362300.00%
21 dªmeoycago morfeo LADP-273373300.00%
14 mi pompon morfeo LADP-263463400.00%
32 piojosa morfeo LADP-252152100.00%
18 querisamehadao morfeo LADP-245445400.00%
28 gustaropasucia morfeo LADP-266066000.00%
22 saltoquevuelo morfeo LADP-269869800.00%
09 la bala morfeo LADP-279879800.00%
31 asaltasofas morfeo LADP-275275200.00%
01 saco pulgas morfeo LADP-281381300.00%
templo HIP-HOP gobla ENA69369300.00%
Monte Cristo Alphatron +HTI-95395300.00%
Guztavo Buhitop LobitoS*23523500.00%
Amixer :D Buhitop LobitoS*50350300.00%
Renacer Buhitop LobitoS*55755700.00%
Aldea Perdida Buhitop LobitoS*494900.00%
Aldea nueva Buhitop LobitoS*454500.00%
Aldea de un Pitufo Buhitop LobitoS*33233200.00%
Aldea chams leonel plasenci c.l13513500.00%