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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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18-Jul AsamRes shouted:
Vatras, Alima, Innostian and Sugut South africa

18-Jul Vascovenly shouted:
Navaras, Tragak, Mitch and Ernesto Suriname

18-Jul CandelaSom shouted:
Avogadro, Norris, Knut and Osko Nauru

18-Jul Rozcofrups shouted:
Pecking order sleazy sldnfl no formula

18-Jul KalankaksRobia shouted:
Tamkosch, Mason, Murat and Cronos Marshall islands

Server statistics

Alliances 158
Players: 1,484
Villages: 14,545
Population: 9,170,102
Last updated: 14-03-2011
Server started: 25-02-2010
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 07-Mard. 14-Margrowthgrowth in %
vivan UNO7922792200.00%
JONY... Akiles V78178100.00%
Raistlin LyH II57857800.00%
xunco Beetles6367636700.00%
COOLTURE Ranlew*1816181600.00%
WaSoNeR Beetles3842384200.00%
Master BeeTle8684868400.00%
Kurbads Ranlew*134861348600.00%
EL_PROCURADOR RanLeW.126561265600.00%
FELOMA3 FUSION8103541035400.00%
jlc UNO145681456800.00%
alfon CKW~CDS193901939000.00%
illidam UNO3516351600.00%
atxuri Enigma6358635800.00%
eka Beetles~157651576500.00%
el padrino Beetles141421414200.00%
DominR CRL7253725300.00%
Cantabria Beetles~2685268500.00%
jennj DIM-AF1325132500.00%
CRISPIN_ TEMPLNX91952195200.00%
chalaco Ranlew222582225800.00%
Oriol .Beetles105081050800.00%
Divididos Beetles~153911539100.00%
chipironcete N~UFO118321183200.00%
Alecx CKWolves137321373200.00%
alberto46 Beetles~4567456700.00%
ronny .Beetles9899989900.00%
Sandro CKWolves139991399900.00%
Troyanita ALMGVAR9670967000.00%
omar Beetles~3415341500.00%
Numanni ALMGVAR9509950900.00%
cristian Ranlew135261352600.00%
populorum RanLeW.142391423900.00%
cadenero Akiles V3175317500.00%
Hida Kuon Beetles~8007800700.00%
kings of metal CRL9017901700.00%
yans Ranlew*2738273800.00%
Apoca Ranlew142661426600.00%
PiD UNO140061400600.00%
Taz Ranlew*5215521500.00%
Davidchenko UNO114051140500.00%
Soporte Admins15615600.00%
data440 .Beetles213672136700.00%
Bastardos70 Beetles~6451645100.00%
kewwell .Beetles3005300500.00%
siervo UNO119871198700.00%
Karl_Der_Grosse UNO143721437200.00%
marcos Beetles~77577500.00%
Ludwika .Beetles3502350200.00%