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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Feb StancimiDerry shouted:
Malir, Dolok, Hatlod and Stejnar Uganda

21-Feb AterasFligcoiff shouted:
Garik, Bogir, Jose and Topork Bulgaria

20-Feb KulakFat shouted:
Volkar, Irhabar, Kippler and Arokkh Costa rica

20-Feb Donaldunery shouted:
Прокат авто в Сочи

20-Feb DeckardaculA shouted:
Lars, Tufail, Shawn and Konrad Guinea

Server statistics

Alliances 158
Players: 1,484
Villages: 14,545
Population: 9,170,102
Last updated: 14-03-2011
Server started: 25-02-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 07-Mard. 14-Margrowthgrowth in %
17 Peluso dama Avalon1427142700.00%
Marianii MarianoB £DF1418141800.00%
L.S.T. - 01 ramonmarccori AKILES®1375137500.00%
19 Arensivia dama Avalon1341134100.00%
32 Avalon dama Avalon1338133800.00%
06 capitan tan dama Avalon1337133700.00%
20 Avalon dama Avalon1334133400.00%
lagarto albertsqm _RaNLeW_1333133300.00%
12 shira dama Avalon1332133200.00%
13 Víctor dama Avalon1327132700.00%
09 JJ43v3r dama Avalon1320132000.00%
18 Tomy dama Avalon1313131300.00%
14 Maria dama Avalon1310131000.00%
29 Avalon dama Avalon1298129800.00%
02 Xopo dama Avalon1292129200.00%
10 Marcos dama Avalon1277127700.00%
25 Avalon dama Avalon1273127300.00%
11 Jorge dama Avalon1272127200.00%
21 Avalon dama Avalon1271127100.00%
31 Avalon dama Avalon1270127000.00%
caripini troil CKWolves1269126900.00%
.ROHIRRIM miquel .Beetles1263126300.00%
[1.1] Canaca amras AKILES™1259125900.00%
33 Avalon dama Avalon1257125700.00%
RA maho Ranlew*1256125600.00%
N-UFO david_ N~UFO1254125400.00%
28 Avalon dama Avalon1254125400.00%
bera lokomoloko .Beetles1253125300.00%
VPR 1 Pitarch Beetles1253125300.00%
N-UFO Diegomyedro N-UFO1252125200.00%
1.2 mansilla CKW-CDS1252125200.00%
GALAPAGOS erika2 LEDLCPT*1251125100.00%
36 Avalon dama Avalon1249124900.00%
08 RDKS dama Avalon1249124900.00%
26 Avalon dama Avalon1249124900.00%
07 CRL dama Avalon1246124600.00%
UNO gallo2 UNO1244124400.00%
00 villena Beetles~1239123900.00%
Baroja wolfer CKW-CDS1239123900.00%
L. S. T. 1 depredator AKILES®1239123900.00%
05 Miri dama Avalon1238123800.00%
24 Avalon dama Avalon1237123700.00%
22 Avalon dama Avalon1230123000.00%
04 Panzervilla dama Avalon1230123000.00%
La vila del pingüi martini _gansos_1229122900.00%
2 Calamardo2 CKW~CDS1220122000.00%
PapirumPaPorrum PapirumPaPorrum .Beetles1220122000.00%
-1 carthagonova hectorI CKWolves1217121700.00%
A-TAYLON mavehucruz N~UFO1215121500.00%
purasangre purasangre Ranlew*1213121300.00%