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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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I'm seeking a developper to help me with the site. ... read more

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Server statistics

Alliances 217
Players: 2,119
Villages: 22,108
Population: 14,229,669
Last updated: 20-12-2010
Server started: 12-01-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 13-Decd. 20-Decgrowthgrowth in %
B1P3-A.C-.™ SaXaNa -A.C-™60960900.00%
B1P1-A.C-.™ SaXaNa -A.C-™74274200.00%
D10P2-A.C-.™ SaXaNa -A.C-™40840800.00%
B1P2-A.C-.™ SaXaNa -A.C-™74474400.00%
Treasure SaXaNa -A.C-™777700.00%
XXX.3 SaXaNa -A.C-™12512500.00%
XXX.2 SaXaNa -A.C-™17317300.00%
XXX SaXaNa -A.C-™25725700.00%
A1P3-A.C-.™ SaXaNa -A.C-™565600.00%
A1P0-A.C-.™ SaXaNa -A.C-™1118111800.00%
B1P0-A.C-.™ SaXaNa -A.C-™90890800.00%
Aldea nueva kamikace BTC494900.00%
Trampero kamikace BTC24924900.00%
EL foso kamikace BTC30530500.00%
Aldea trampero kamikace BTC54054000.00%
kamikaze kamikace BTC72972900.00%
casa trampero kamikace BTC81481400.00%
02 boss BTC73573500.00%
03 boss BTC67767700.00%
04 boss BTC41741700.00%
05 boss BTC30330300.00%
06 boss BTC17917900.00%
01 boss BTC83383300.00%
Aldea de Hugo boss BTC72972900.00%
La nueva virginia92 BTC13113100.00%
AN virginia92 BTC17817800.00%
Aldea nueva virginia92 BTC46746700.00%
Alde ano virginia92 BTC71471400.00%
Aldea virginia92 BTC67367300.00%
Tatatachan Tantata BTC57057000.00%
Tatatatachan Tantata BTC42042000.00%
Txanchan Tantata BTC17217200.00%
Txan Tantata BTC21821800.00%
Tatachan Tantata BTC66866800.00%
Tachan Tantata BTC76676600.00%
Chan Tantata BTC63763700.00%
Huala mainem BTC424200.00%
Siwana mainem BTC15915900.00%
Kenzo mainem BTC38838800.00%
Aldea nueva mainem BTC5500.00%
Lumpur mainem BTC27327300.00%
Plata mainem BTC58158100.00%
Alß zuleark BTC717100.00%
Linkë zuleark BTC41741700.00%
BersK zuleark BTC12612600.00%
Dunkel zuleark BTC57457400.00%
Ckone zuleark BTC30930900.00%
Aldea nueva zuleark BTC8800.00%
Aldea nueva zuleark BTC5500.00%
Volks zuleark BTC46446400.00%