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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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24-May lularb1 shouted:
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24-May MojokOvalloplE shouted:
Xardas, Benito, Potros and Ningal Honduras

24-May Nemroktoowmetle shouted:
Sigmor, Randall, Goose and Dawson Argentina

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Kapotth, Georg, Ilja and Abbas Bangladesh

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Hernando, Kippler, Aldo and Kor-Shach Lebanon

Server statistics

Alliances 217
Players: 2,119
Villages: 22,108
Population: 14,229,669
Last updated: 20-12-2010
Server started: 12-01-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 13-Decd. 20-Decgrowthgrowth in %
ÂPoKaLîPTO Gremlin HaMBRe!71171100.00%
ÂPoKaLîPTO Gremlin HaMBRe!84884800.00%
D00ZERS-T1/1 Riojano D00ZERS91291200.00%
Can Barça LADYC D0OZERS96396300.00%
ReVeLDeS Rfa ReVeLDeS76276200.00%
ReveldeS 5 Qlimax R3VeLDeS81081000.00%
ReveldeS 1A Qlimax R3VeLDeS1132113200.00%
1 KAMI IBOR KAMI97597500.00%
jj1 jorge1272 Sombras™92392300.00%
-A.C-™.1 Alec -A.C-™1229122900.00%
D0OZERS Mur D0OZERS1007100700.00%
C. Pringles Sr-Blue KAMI50550500.00%
.BS rocio_7 DOOZERS83683600.00%
.BS rocio_7 DOOZERS77577500.00%
.BS rocio_7 DOOZERS83583500.00%
BS kaiser191 DOOZERS92292200.00%
ReVeldes.N copernico7373 ReVeLDeS94194100.00%
DOOZERS General Máximo D00ZERS77877800.00%
BS I.D DOOZERS81181100.00%
BS I.D DOOZERS73273200.00%
12. Adriano PenkoPlus Sombras™91291200.00%
Punta Ancla Sr-Blue KAMI72772700.00%
KLAN Js. =M.G.K=1098109800.00%
DOOZERS Mikelpr DOOZERS70870800.00%
DOOZERS Mikelpr DOOZERS89289200.00%
GUW66 stavka AA498198100.00%
aldea1 camparra RSTC.57157100.00%
DOOZERS General Máximo D00ZERS76276200.00%
ÂPoKaLîPTO mc1 KIMA HaMBRe!75375300.00%
KAMI bruja KAMI J73673600.00%
DOOZERS Nod DOOZERS73273200.00%
BS I.D DOOZERS63663600.00%
ReDevils NeRVioZZo HaMBRe!89889800.00%
BS Doozers D00ZERS1003100300.00%
DOOZERS Olivia D00ZERS83383300.00%
13. Emanuel Pinto PenkoPlus Sombras™96496400.00%
01. Victor Valdes PenkoPlus Sombras™98098000.00%
Los + Plus! Dierottekapelle Sombras™69969900.00%
DOOZERS General Máximo D00ZERS81881800.00%
DOOZERS Prosopo DOOZERS1005100500.00%
DOOZERS Olivia D00ZERS73373300.00%
ReVeldes sanatas R3VeLDeS67967900.00%
01.DOOZERS Mr Casitas DOOZERS1071107100.00%
NCNRYDE 4 beracxla D00ZERS1034103400.00%
NCNRYDE beracxla D00ZERS85385300.00%
Los + Plus! Dierottekapelle Sombras™76876800.00%
DOOZERS General Máximo D00ZERS95995900.00%
DOOZERS General Máximo D00ZERS62362300.00%
Support Soporte Admins10210200.00%
¡Finlandia! LuX Sombras™76076000.00%