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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 217
Players: 2,119
Villages: 22,108
Population: 14,229,669
Last updated: 20-12-2010
Server started: 12-01-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 13-Decd. 20-Decgrowthgrowth in %
DOOZERS Dalufra D00ZERS88088000.00%
loko B.B Muerte!87787700.00%
NEVERLAND _stig_ Neverlan80380300.00%
DOOZERS Hulot DOOZERS74574500.00%
1-PДЙÐØЯД thenaster *CAOS*95595500.00%
5.-A.C-™ lolito -A.C-™77777700.00%
KAMI Bulldog KAMI J91491400.00%
ÂPoKaLîPTO Marley HaMBRe!1290129000.00%
01-El fokaret fukiu R3VeLDeS58258200.00%
1 MGK kirtash .M.G.K.93193100.00%
LA MAYI los cepedales A.W.C.83183100.00%
excapi smiley AA436336300.00%
eclipse miguelvia eclipse1006100600.00%
DOOZERS L.P. pandy D00ZERS66766700.00%
*DOOZERS* pandy D00ZERS90790700.00%
RSTC Bombon RSTC.1035103500.00%
00.ReVeLDeS zenobia BS90790700.00%
01MGK Peto .M.G.K.82282200.00%
DOOZERS Meixe DOOZERS89889800.00%
SIEMPRE UN Maya DOOZERS90890800.00%
ReVeldes osnofla R3VeLDeS79279200.00%
DOOZERS Chocolate BS68268200.00%
ReVeLDeS lilith R3VeLDeS1178117800.00%
FADI porromir FAD17717700.00%
Babilonia zeus!44044000.00%
D00ZERS CAY D00ZERS1036103600.00%
MGK Pepe. .M.G.K.91491400.00%
D0OZERS Blancaflor D0OZERS98798700.00%
SUEROS DE CEPEDA Abel_31 R3VeLDeS1122112200.00%
.UNO BABA Peste!91091000.00%
KAMI5 Unreal KAMI M82982900.00%
MGK-56 DLRS .M.G.K.45745700.00%
D00ZERS El Funcionario D00ZERS89889800.00%
D00ZERS El Funcionario D00ZERS88288200.00%
ÂPoKaLîPTO canelos Muerte!64064000.00%
ÂPoKaLîPTO groucho HaMBRe!83583500.00%
MGK Nachete_D .M.G.K.83283200.00%
10-A.C-™ sergio_villalba -A.C-™81281200.00%
MGK Vigo zagat =M.G.K=90390300.00%
-A.C-™ estre -A.C-™1008100800.00%
1ÂPoKaLîPTO1 bormaha RSTC89089000.00%
DOOZERS flynet_ D00ZERS94794700.00%
DOOZERS LordRayden D00ZERS90190100.00%
Tornquist Sr-Blue KAMI20920900.00%
ÂPoKaLîPTO Daian Peste!90490400.00%
ÂPoKaLîPTO canelos Muerte!89289200.00%
ÂPoKaLîPTO selva1 HaMBRe!97397300.00%
DOOZERS Mrdock DOOZERS51851800.00%
ReVeLDeS. Cicatriz R3VeLDeS93093000.00%
ReVeldes bulletfor R3VeLDeS97297200.00%