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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Konrad, Myxir, Kaelin and Gancka Turkey

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знакомства с девушками для секса в

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Gancka, Hogar, Mojok and Akrabor Jordan

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Nafalem, Marius, Hamil and Mezir Slovenia

Server statistics

Alliances 217
Players: 2,119
Villages: 22,108
Population: 14,229,669
Last updated: 20-12-2010
Server started: 12-01-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 13-Decd. 20-Decgrowthgrowth in %
1 alkalino -A.C-™1039103900.00%
13 alkalino -A.C-™74974900.00%
-A.C-™ 15 alkalino -A.C-™77377300.00%
6 alkalino -A.C-™84184100.00%
alkalino AC alkalino -A.C-™57257200.00%
16 alkalino -A.C-™58258200.00%
17 alkalino -A.C-™59059000.00%
10 alkalino -A.C-™58558500.00%
-A.C-™ 18 alkalino -A.C-™71671600.00%
Castellote alkalino -A.C-™51551500.00%
7 alkalino -A.C-™82382300.00%
alkalino MV alkalino -A.C-™40840800.00%
3 alkalino -A.C-™66566500.00%
-A.C-™ alkalino -A.C-™1030103000.00%
5 alkalino -A.C-™78178100.00%
12 alkalino -A.C-™87187100.00%
9 alkalino -A.C-™82582500.00%
11 alkalino -A.C-™72272200.00%
§☻§ calvin BTC65265200.00%
Pedazo aldea calvin BTC61961900.00%
una mas calvin BTC20120100.00%
Otra aldea calvin BTC25425400.00%
La otra calvin BTC28628600.00%
Nueva aldea calvin BTC37237200.00%
Aldea nueva calvin BTC51351300.00%
Uel-come calvin BTC63763700.00%
Cacho aldea calvin BTC86786700.00%
La Blasa tiovara BTC35935900.00%
Eladio tiovara BTC59759700.00%
Barrancas tiovara BTC686800.00%
Trancas tiovara BTC26626600.00%
Alcafran tiovara BTC79879800.00%
tiovara tiovara BTC59659600.00%
Aldea nueva keenu BTC6600.00%
Aquino keenu BTC636300.00%
Yeiko keenu BTC28028000.00%
Dank keenu BTC17817800.00%
Meiko keenu BTC39239200.00%
Bitte keenu BTC15415400.00%
Algos Eris BTC70870800.00%
Ate Eris BTC61061000.00%
Belona Eris BTC71671600.00%
Macas Eris BTC21021000.00%
Limos Eris BTC30430400.00%
Lete Eris BTC45245200.00%
Nueva aldea Eris BTC414100.00%
Horcos Eris BTC47347300.00%
Hisminas Eris BTC51851800.00%
Deimos Eris BTC87387300.00%
Fobos Eris BTC90590500.00%