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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 217
Players: 2,119
Villages: 22,108
Population: 14,229,669
Last updated: 20-12-2010
Server started: 12-01-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 13-Decd. 20-Decgrowthgrowth in %
-A.C-™ super_davi -A.C-™1339133900.00%
MGK Chiomara =M.G.K=1322132200.00%
KAMI triky KAMI J1319131900.00%
Kami solace KAMI J1305130500.00%
Caos I Berni82 *CAOS*1296129600.00%
Xsyon Stocks eclipse1293129300.00%
ÂPoKaLîPTO Marley HaMBRe!1290129000.00%
ReVeLDeS Lopsu R3VeLDeS1285128500.00%
BS Òscarnato DOOZERS1281128100.00%
MGK Nachete_D .M.G.K.1272127200.00%
ÂPoKaLîPTO ROOTTME HaMBRe!1271127100.00%
ywo ywo {TEMPLE}1271127100.00%
NEVERLAND Espeor Neverlan1262126200.00%
sarkilandia galiunas eclipse1261126100.00%
ROHAN DAVID81 -A.C-™1255125500.00%
ReVeldes potorro ReVeLDeS1252125200.00%
ÂPoKaLîPTO Antares HaMBRe!1249124900.00%
M.G.K. 1 desali .M.G.K.1244124400.00%
APOKALIPTO ilda RSTC1242124200.00%
Aumanland Juan Ferreño A+ima1242124200.00%
NEVERLAND impacto Neverlan1239123900.00%
Jabs Kottak ALMG1236123600.00%
ReVeLDeS rogertus ReVeLDeS1235123500.00%
ÂPoKaLîPTO sex_king RSTC1233123300.00%
03MGK Peto .M.G.K.1232123200.00%
tarantino jujack -A.C-™1230123000.00%
-A.C-™.1 Alec -A.C-™1229122900.00%
KAMI thormoi KAMI1227122700.00%
apokalipto pepe maro RSTC1222122200.00%
LOS TERRIBLES iturritxo *CAOS*1216121600.00%
gibilandia gibi11 *M.G.K.*1215121500.00%
*CAOS* Haakon *CAOS*1213121300.00%
1.Italica Maverick R3VeLDeS1211121100.00%
CAOS TeVEZ frito *CAOS*1211121100.00%
[02] ReVeldes jonis ReVeLDeS1208120800.00%
♣SEIDYERA♣ calvino D0OZERS1208120800.00%
ÂPoKaLîPTO Man at War RSTC1207120700.00%
1-Venganze Aress *CAOS*1206120600.00%
APOKALIPTO jesus2323 RSTC1203120300.00%
[1] matuja -M.G.K-1203120300.00%
ÂPoKaLîPTO junter HaMBRe!1203120300.00%
Magerit JAfg2006 FAD1196119600.00%
Aldea de ARIAM ARIES .M.G.K.1194119400.00%
.M.G.K.1. Huesos .M.G.K.1194119400.00%
KAMI rfcano KAMI J1194119400.00%
Gatolandia gatini eclipse1193119300.00%
ÂPoKaLîPTO Don Seji GueRRa!1190119000.00%
KAMI Valira Orient KAMI1190119000.00%
CAOS 01 tazman *CAOS*1188118800.00%