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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 151
Players: 1,079
Villages: 14,359
Population: 8,626,662
Last updated: 28-03-2012
Server started: 10-02-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 21-Mard. 28-Margrowthgrowth in %
POWAAA LA MEJOR pretor CheGya-94594500.00%
POWAAAA!!!! RUBEN S.C POWAAAA!88888800.00%
POWAAAA!!!! RUBEN S.C POWAAAA!98698600.00%
5termopilas termopilas ELITE93593500.00%
01.GG kookim CHUS_M&S97997900.00%
POWAAAA!!!! Ocroator CheGya-89589500.00%
FAKE??? Ursulo POWAAA*90790700.00%
Lorencia bugar CHUS_M&S1020102000.00%
SORPRESA 01 _ZEBRA_82982900.00%
[01]SORPRESA ULTRA M&S-CHUS86986900.00%
TODOS SOMOS ANA tolpe CheGya93593500.00%
Feliz 2012 akenathon ELITE1107110700.00%
F SORPRESA Almuevi M&S-CHUS92892800.00%
ALMUEVI Almuevi M&S-CHUS96196100.00%
ERN SORPRESA Almuevi M&S-CHUS98398300.00%
FAKE??? sospitxoss -ELITE-88688600.00%
01. Hispania Fendetestas CV~CHUS90690600.00%
Zaorejas zaorejano CHUS*IN78178100.00%
[14] Powaa ç Shaorang17517500.00%
.[26] leñeeeee L&Z POWAAA*77177100.00%
78a LSCD Conquista panchoc LSX92192100.00%
77f LSCD Conquista panchoc LSX80780700.00%
77e LSCD Conquista panchoc LSX87487400.00%
[11] NO Arena* Melilla ELITE74174100.00%
UL SORPRESA Almuevi M&S-CHUS56156100.00%
L.H11 sospitxoss -ELITE-87687600.00%
castillo soccer -ELITE+87687600.00%
01RpC rpc [TD]55655600.00%
Valhalla Barto1933 ChG ELI89489400.00%
Gaeleth Taquionix67067000.00%
01 Ernedany Ernedany L$DC93193100.00%
travieso capitana67 ELITE92692600.00%
CATAS-ELITE mirmidon ELITE99899800.00%
[1] Powaaa # Shaorang96796700.00%
VILLA SANTUARIO angymacm HV53253200.00%
..[12] zona ganjah L&Z POWAAA*76576500.00%
25, Zurracapote foucellas ELITE82382300.00%
FAKE??? sonkor ELITE.1138113800.00%
(01)POWAAAA!!!! Xana Cassia1001100100.00%
[13] starcraft L&Z POWAAA*48048000.00%
[14] been L&Z POWAAA*86786700.00%
[02] POWAAAA!!!! L&Z POWAAA*61861800.00%
0.0 SORPRESA Merano M&S-CHUS74674600.00%
0.1B SORPRESA Merano M&S-CHUS51051000.00%
.yXXX Lola BigBang LSDC83983900.00%
1.TODOS SOMOS ANA Zorro Viejo585800.00%
P Drakoo ELITE73173100.00%
Support Soporte Admins535300.00%
jlf66 jlf66 ^CheGya^1107110700.00%