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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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20-Oct OliaBUS shouted:
Абай Камалов разрабатывает уникальные программные разработки

20-Oct MirzoPata shouted:
Vigo, Jesper, Ortega and Vak Comoros

20-Oct PatrickJes shouted:
Блюда для диеты

20-Oct Ugolfmiz shouted:
Tjalf, Brenton, Jerek and Vasco Senegal

20-Oct BozepPl shouted:
Jaroll, Reto, Quadir and Marus South africa

Server statistics

Alliances 151
Players: 1,079
Villages: 14,359
Population: 8,626,662
Last updated: 28-03-2012
Server started: 10-02-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 21-Mard. 28-Margrowthgrowth in %
BUENO josefito ELITE.16916900.00%
GENTIL josefito ELITE.939300.00%
GENIAL josefito ELITE.34034000.00%
GENIALIDAD josefito ELITE.27427400.00%
CRACK josefito ELITE.96896800.00%
GENEROSO josefito ELITE.74674600.00%
BENDITO josefito ELITE.89389300.00%
BONDAD josefito ELITE.85685600.00%
Mu Online CSR ELITE.94794700.00%
Almighty CSR ELITE.71471400.00%
Almighty CSR ELITE.71571500.00%
Almighty CSR ELITE.67367300.00%
Almighty CSR ELITE.48248200.00%
Almighty CSR ELITE.50250200.00%
Almighty CSR ELITE.8800.00%
Almighty CSR ELITE.919100.00%
Almighty CSR ELITE.999900.00%
Almighty CSR ELITE.17417400.00%
C fercaravelle ELITE.39539500.00%
B fercaravelle ELITE.48148100.00%
9 fercaravelle ELITE.52852800.00%
5 fercaravelle ELITE.58858800.00%
6 fercaravelle ELITE.58458400.00%
4 fercaravelle ELITE.51051000.00%
8 fercaravelle ELITE.55655600.00%
7 fercaravelle ELITE.57457400.00%
A fercaravelle ELITE.46846800.00%
3 fercaravelle ELITE.58158100.00%
2 fercaravelle ELITE.59359300.00%
1 fercaravelle ELITE.63263200.00%
fakes?? fercaravelle ELITE.95695600.00%
10 fercaravelle ELITE.64364300.00%
FAKE??? sopita ELITE.14114100.00%
FAKE??? sopita ELITE.15715700.00%
FAKE??? sopita ELITE.45845800.00%
FAKE??? sopita ELITE.45445400.00%
FAKE??? sopita ELITE.78278200.00%
FAKE??? sopita ELITE.70770700.00%
FAKE??? sopita ELITE.75175100.00%
FAKE??? sopita ELITE.93293200.00%
FAKE??? sopita ELITE.90190100.00%
FAKE??? sopita ELITE.57857800.00%
Antromero Patina ELITE.92092000.00%
Cardo Patina ELITE.88988900.00%
Perdones Patina ELITE.72172100.00%
Viodo Patina ELITE.74674600.00%
bañugues Patina ELITE.86786700.00%
Aldea nueva Patina ELITE.23223200.00%
Verdicio Patina ELITE.26926900.00%
Bocines Patina ELITE.52052000.00%