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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 166
Players: 1,408
Villages: 13,290
Population: 8,058,635
Last updated: 30-03-2011
Server started: 27-04-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 23-Mard. 30-Margrowthgrowth in %
07 - Mogollonshgfnz liaram Krgando69069000.00%
06 - Tremendo oppp liaram Krgando76176100.00%
09 - La culebrilla liaram Krgando72172100.00%
03 - Festos liaram Krgando67367300.00%
11 - Te Quiero Flaco liaram Krgando54254200.00%
14 - Mini 17 liaram Krgando17817800.00%
10 - Im yours liaram Krgando53353300.00%
02 - Kreta liaram Krgando90790700.00%
05 - Op :( liaram Krgando76676600.00%
08 - Tal vez liaram Krgando74174100.00%
12 - Op op op!! liaram Krgando86486400.00%
13 - mamba liaram Krgando59759700.00%
01 - Knossos liaram Krgando91391300.00%
Pozuelos olivier Krgando74974900.00%
Cea olivier Krgando868600.00%
Palencia olivier Krgando22522500.00%
Villalon olivier Krgando33233200.00%
Villada olivier Krgando85885800.00%
Villacreces olivier Krgando75475400.00%
Boadilla olivier Krgando66366300.00%
krgando olivier Krgando88188100.00%
Sahagun olivier Krgando77577500.00%
Villacidaler olivier Krgando62262200.00%
Cisneros olivier Krgando62562500.00%
soportecnico6 soportecnico Krgando30430400.00%
soportecnico7 soportecnico Krgando19519500.00%
soportecnico3 soportecnico Krgando66966900.00%
soportecnico8 soportecnico Krgando16716700.00%
Soportecnico soportecnico Krgando1005100500.00%
soportecnico4 soportecnico Krgando58758700.00%
soportecnico5 soportecnico Krgando46246200.00%
soportecnico2 soportecnico Krgando75475400.00%
Indarlennin biglabel Krgando62162100.00%
Gora Osasuna biglabel Krgando31031000.00%
C.A.O. biglabel Krgando34234200.00%
Arrosadia biglabel Krgando999900.00%
Nor biglabel Krgando20420400.00%
Mr. Symarip biglabel Krgando46246200.00%
izko kanpora! biglabel Krgando86686600.00%
on egin biglabel Krgando76676600.00%
hamar urte biglabel Krgando67167100.00%
HADES juan-atd Krgando62662600.00%
AZTRA juan-atd Krgando61261200.00%
VOY A POR TI juan-atd Krgando78578500.00%
POSEIDON juan-atd Krgando69369300.00%
MAMBA juan-atd Krgando78078000.00%
SARATOGA juan-atd Krgando1100110000.00%
WARCRY juan-atd Krgando29729700.00%
BASCA juan-atd Krgando46146100.00%
RESISTENCIA juan-atd Krgando24224200.00%