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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-May Karmoksaubbarge shouted:
Daryl, Osko, Rocko and Pranck Comoros

19-May Michaelthape shouted:
Protect yourself against the ongoing trade war between USA and China

19-May Warrennix shouted:
Гороскопы 2019 -2020 года

19-May SinikarRew shouted:
Tjalf, Rathgar, Umbrak and Orknarok Brazil

19-May GornHum shouted:
Jerek, Gorok, Nafalem and Brenton Timor-leste

Server statistics

Alliances 166
Players: 1,408
Villages: 13,290
Population: 8,058,635
Last updated: 30-03-2011
Server started: 27-04-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 23-Mard. 30-Margrowthgrowth in %
14 ★ SNAKE ★ Anubiss Krgando62462400.00%
13∆ MY TREASURE ∆ Anubiss Krgando79779700.00%
15 % ROOMY % Anubiss Krgando41041000.00%
21 ײ NEWVILLAGE ړײ Anubiss Krgando515100.00%
03† NECROPOLIS † Anubiss Krgando1014101400.00%
02♥ UNDERWORLD ♥ Anubiss Krgando1016101600.00%
01. ANIMO Michelle! Mr.Noob Krgando83283200.00%
05. ANIMO Michelle! Mr.Noob Krgando79679600.00%
03. ANIMO Michelle! Mr.Noob Krgando83683600.00%
11. ANIMO Michelle! Mr.Noob Krgando30930900.00%
06. ANIMO Michelle! Mr.Noob Krgando76176100.00%
04. ANIMO Michelle! Mr.Noob Krgando78978900.00%
08. ANIMO Michelle! Mr.Noob Krgando58458400.00%
07. ANIMO Michelle! Mr.Noob Krgando66266200.00%
10. ANIMO Michelle! Mr.Noob Krgando57157100.00%
09. ANIMO Michelle! Mr.Noob Krgando57557500.00%
02. ANIMO Michelle! Mr.Noob Krgando87287200.00%
Aldea nueva Juger Krgando2200.00%
Puerta de Baldus Juger Krgando50250200.00%
Ciudad de plata Juger Krgando95795700.00%
Arluna Juger Krgando89689600.00%
ALGECIRAS boris Krgando81781700.00%
SAN ROQUE boris Krgando56756700.00%
CADIZ boris Krgando76476400.00%
LOS BARRIOS boris Krgando71871800.00%
ESTEPONA boris Krgando25025000.00%
CHICLANA boris Krgando35935900.00%
ALCALA DE LOS GAZULE boris Krgando52052000.00%
SAN FERNANDO boris Krgando10310300.00%
ZAHARA DE LOS ATUNES boris Krgando94894800.00%
LA LINEA boris Krgando1017101700.00%
TARIFA boris Krgando1035103500.00%
10_SEYART KALUMA Krgando12512500.00%
09_MISAKI KALUMA Krgando31531500.00%
08_KIARA KALUMA Krgando34234200.00%
Aldea nueva KALUMA Krgando2200.00%
07_YALTA KALUMA Krgando40440400.00%
06_FILAE KALUMA Krgando43843800.00%
05_ASUAN KALUMA Krgando55155100.00%
03_ESNA KALUMA Krgando68468400.00%
04_KARNAK KALUMA Krgando66066000.00%
01_LUXOR KALUMA Krgando1006100600.00%
02_SAQQARA KALUMA Krgando69269200.00%
Skull 4 muerto Krgando34034000.00%
Skull 2 muerto Krgando55255200.00%
Skull 5 muerto Krgando15815800.00%
Skull 3 muerto Krgando35735700.00%
Skull muerto Krgando59359300.00%
Skull 6 muerto Krgando737300.00%
Zombie muerto Krgando44844800.00%