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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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25-Sep BrantmakY shouted:
Anktos, Tyler, Marius and Tom Egypt

25-Sep RodolfoHocky shouted:
Прокат авто в Сочи

25-Sep Vandornkast shouted:
Jaroll, Tyler, Cole and Kliff Hong kong

25-Sep Kirkjew shouted:
Arokkh, Mamuk, Sulfock and Urkrass San marino

25-Sep YussufSist shouted:
Dudley, Thordir, Pakwan and Khabir Colombia

Server statistics

Alliances 166
Players: 1,408
Villages: 13,290
Population: 8,058,635
Last updated: 30-03-2011
Server started: 27-04-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 23-Mard. 30-Margrowthgrowth in %
the bird is the key escurabutxaques Krgando88188100.00%
escrutini escurabutxaques Krgando1039103900.00%
00||KAR waly Krgando62662600.00%
00||KAR waly Krgando59959900.00%
00||KAR waly Krgando79479400.00%
00||KAR waly Krgando56656600.00%
00||KAR waly Krgando94294200.00%
00||KAR waly Krgando49849800.00%
00||KAR waly Krgando91491400.00%
00||KAR waly Krgando78578500.00%
00||KAR waly Krgando67567500.00%
00||KAR waly Krgando98298200.00%
00||KAR waly Krgando53453400.00%
00||KAR waly Krgando85685600.00%
00||KAR waly Krgando88088000.00%
00||KAR waly Krgando63363300.00%
00||KAR waly Krgando70770700.00%
☢KarG@nd0☢ troya1 Krgando37137100.00%
Krgando troya1 Krgando28728700.00%
☢KarG@nd0☢ troya1 Krgando878700.00%
☢KarG@nd0☢ troya1 Krgando545400.00%
☢KarG@nd0☢ troya1 Krgando24024000.00%
☢KarG@nd0☢ troya1 Krgando51151100.00%
☢K@RGANDO☢ troya1 Krgando71771700.00%
☢aquiles☢ troya1 Krgando81281200.00%
Rocio X VirgilDant1 Krgando626200.00%
Reino X VirgilDant1 Krgando44944900.00%
Rocio X VirgilDant1 Krgando38938900.00%
Reino X VirgilDant1 Krgando131300.00%
Rocio X VirgilDant1 Krgando10210200.00%
Reino X VirgilDant1 Krgando34334300.00%
Reino X VirgilDant1 Krgando19519500.00%
Rocio X VirgilDant1 Krgando77077000.00%
Rocio X VirgilDant1 Krgando46446400.00%
Reino X VirgilDant1 Krgando91591500.00%
Reino X VirgilDant1 Krgando1022102200.00%
Mamba greg thomson Krgando10610600.00%
Mamba greg thomson Krgando15315300.00%
Mamba greg thomson Krgando19219200.00%
Goddard greg thomson Krgando65865800.00%
Wichita greg thomson Krgando1064106400.00%
Maize greg thomson Krgando64064000.00%
Mamba greg thomson Krgando454500.00%
Rose Hill greg thomson Krgando35035000.00%
Mulvane greg thomson Krgando37137100.00%
Colwich greg thomson Krgando60660600.00%
Eastborough greg thomson Krgando39539500.00%
Hesston greg thomson Krgando54154100.00%
Butler greg thomson Krgando74874800.00%
Sedgwick greg thomson Krgando69569500.00%