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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Givess, Givess, Lee and Lee Bosnia and herzegovina

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Производственная СВ компания "Триада" предлагает

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международные грузоперевозки Пермь

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Реальные знакомства взрослых

Server statistics

Alliances 157
Players: 1,626
Villages: 16,048
Population: 10,036,412
Last updated: 13-09-2011
Server started: 22-06-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 06-Sepd. 13-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
Aldea CCEE xamala *MRDS*10710700.00%
Aldea de xamala xamala *MRDS*45745700.00%
dragon age gronk *MRDS*53253200.00%
Conquistada Blue Sky Recios84184100.00%
5. Recios Blue Sky Recios25825800.00%
4. Recios Blue Sky Recios20920900.00%
Aldea nueva Blue Sky Recios222200.00%
3. Recios Blue Sky Recios41541500.00%
2. Recios Blue Sky Recios78078000.00%
1. Recios Blue Sky Recios87387300.00%
ARROBI bugati Recios61561500.00%
ARITZA bugati Recios38538500.00%
TANGO EN EL TRANGO bugati Recios29529500.00%
LAIDA bugati Recios79579500.00%
LAPATZA bugati Recios66566500.00%
LAGA bugati Recios1017101700.00%
Orce Rasputin Recios87487400.00%
Huescar Rasputin Recios64764700.00%
Baza Rasputin Recios48348300.00%
El Margen Rasputin Recios28528500.00%
Cullar Baza Rasputin Recios38538500.00%
Galera Rasputin Recios77077000.00%
07 ||Recios|| GoldDShinigami Recios29629600.00%
05 ||Recios|| GoldDShinigami Recios45645600.00%
06 ||Recios|| GoldDShinigami Recios42942900.00%
13 ||Recios|| GoldDShinigami Recios181800.00%
12 ||Recios|| GoldDShinigami Recios575700.00%
03 ||Recios|| GoldDShinigami Recios96996900.00%
08 ||Recios|| GoldDShinigami Recios32232200.00%
04 ||Recios|| GoldDShinigami Recios76576500.00%
11 ||Recios|| GoldDShinigami Recios53553500.00%
10 ||Recios|| GoldDShinigami Recios89589500.00%
01 ||Recios|| GoldDShinigami Recios1046104600.00%
09 ||Recios|| GoldDShinigami Recios91891800.00%
02 ||Recios|| GoldDShinigami Recios72872800.00%
free nchi xispa_motor Recios42742700.00%
free nchi xispa_motor Recios61361300.00%
free nchi xispa_motor Recios89489400.00%
free nchi xispa_motor Recios64364300.00%
free nchi xispa_motor Recios18918900.00%
Aldea nueva xispa_motor Recios616100.00%
free nchi xispa_motor Recios17017000.00%
free nchi xispa_motor Recios55655600.00%
free nchi xispa_motor Recios57857800.00%
free nchi xispa_motor Recios13913900.00%
WMDK xispa_motor Recios56756700.00%
WMDK xispa_motor Recios33333300.00%
Mazinger z mazinger z cazearis62262200.00%
bustarcity josebustar Tigre59459400.00%
Satania abadi0n16 ESPARTAN47547500.00%