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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server started: 18-10-2010
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VillagePlayerAllianced. 21-Mard. 28-Margrowthgrowth in %
S.P.Q.R-V.S.A asturgarrote SPQR-VSA42742700.00%
S.P.Q.R-V.S.A asturgarrote SPQR-VSA30230200.00%
S.P.Q.R-V.S.A asturgarrote SPQR-VSA30230200.00%
Aldea nueva asturgarrote SPQR-VSA53753700.00%
SPQR asturgarrote SPQR-VSA66066000.00%
S.P.Q.R. asturgarrote SPQR-VSA62662600.00%
S.P.Q.R asturgarrote SPQR-VSA58158100.00%
S.P.Q.R asturgarrote SPQR-VSA70670600.00%
S.P.Q.R asturgarrote SPQR-VSA80080000.00%
S.P.Q.R asturgarrote SPQR-VSA89089000.00%
Nassío pa matá asturgarrote SPQR-VSA90790700.00%
S.P.Q.R asturgarrote SPQR-VSA72972900.00%
Si soy un fake etringito SPQR-VSA59959900.00%
Nassío pa matá etringito SPQR-VSA74674600.00%
Si soy un fake etringito SPQR-VSA74974900.00%
Si soy un fake etringito SPQR-VSA16716700.00%
Si soy un fake etringito SPQR-VSA47247200.00%
Si soy un fake etringito SPQR-VSA40340300.00%
Si soy un fake etringito SPQR-VSA15815800.00%
Si soy un fake etringito SPQR-VSA17317300.00%
S.P.Q.R. etringito SPQR-VSA59059000.00%
Si soy un fake etringito SPQR-VSA75375300.00%
Nassío pa matá etringito SPQR-VSA95195100.00%
Nassío pa matá etringito SPQR-VSA90090000.00%
Si soy un fake etringito SPQR-VSA81381300.00%
08.Ω myarma SPQR-VSA21321300.00%
07.Ω myarma SPQR-VSA47347300.00%
06.Ω myarma SPQR-VSA52752700.00%
04.Ω myarma SPQR-VSA71771700.00%
05.Ω myarma SPQR-VSA63963900.00%
09.Ω myarma SPQR-VSA42042000.00%
03.Ω myarma SPQR-VSA67067000.00%
02.vanessa myarma SPQR-VSA84984900.00%
01.lucia myarma SPQR-VSA1076107600.00%
si soy un fake hugo chavez SPQR-VSA83583500.00%
HUGO CHAVEZ4 hugo chavez SPQR-VSA71571500.00%
si soy un fake hugo chavez SPQR-VSA98898800.00%
HUGO CHAVEZ3 hugo chavez SPQR-VSA79979900.00%
VIII hugo chavez SPQR-VSA39739700.00%
SPQR-VSA hugo chavez SPQR-VSA91091000.00%
Aldea nueva hugo chavez SPQR-VSA12512500.00%
HUGO CHAVEZ1 hugo chavez SPQR-VSA64764700.00%
VII hugo chavez SPQR-VSA84084000.00%
Nassío pa matá hugo chavez SPQR-VSA96396300.00%
Aldea nueva hugo chavez SPQR-VSA16016000.00%
HUGO CHAVEZ2 hugo chavez SPQR-VSA86486400.00%
Nassío pa matá hugo chavez SPQR-VSA79779700.00%
Nassío pa matá hugo chavez SPQR-VSA1170117000.00%
SPQR-VSA hugo chavez SPQR-VSA92592500.00%
si soy un fake hugo chavez SPQR-VSA98498400.00%