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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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14-Dec IljaBuG shouted:
Varek, Wenzel, Josh and Hogar Palestinian territory, occupie

14-Dec Diegoer shouted:
Renwik, Bradley, Bernado and Stejnar Denmark

14-Dec Treslottjum shouted:
Raid, Bengerd, Xardas and Tragak Hungary

14-Dec TragakFum shouted:
Ur-Gosh, Gembak, Yugul and Jose Gibraltar

14-Dec Anogea shouted:
Charles, Gamal, Kor-Shach and Varek Islamic republic of iran

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Alliances 126
Players: 1,531
Villages: 15,259
Population: 9,353,437
Last updated: 28-03-2012
Server started: 18-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 21-Mard. 28-Margrowthgrowth in %
11-AARVSHÂå requesquian SPQR-VSA57657600.00%
08-AARVSHÂå requesquian SPQR-VSA50750700.00%
05-AARVSHÂå requesquian SPQR-VSA69169100.00%
10-AARVSHÂå requesquian SPQR-VSA37337300.00%
07-AARVSHÂå requesquian SPQR-VSA59859800.00%
09-AARVSHÂå requesquian SPQR-VSA55455400.00%
04-AARVSHÂå requesquian SPQR-VSA70370300.00%
03-AARVSHÂå requesquian SPQR-VSA65965900.00%
01-Nassío pa matá requesquian SPQR-VSA94794700.00%
06-AARVSHÂå requesquian SPQR-VSA65165100.00%
02-AARVSHÂå requesquian SPQR-VSA70870800.00%
05.Despacito.... manchu SPQR-VSA68468400.00%
03.Nassío pa matá manchu SPQR-VSA70670600.00%
13...que ganamos manchu SPQR-VSA36436400.00%
04.Aldea de Resurgir manchu SPQR-VSA65765700.00%
09. No se... manchu SPQR-VSA59759700.00%
08...por su regalo manchu SPQR-VSA58458400.00%
12.Seguro..... manchu SPQR-VSA50450400.00%
06... Y buena letra. manchu SPQR-VSA61861800.00%
11. Resistiremos manchu SPQR-VSA57357300.00%
10. Hasta cuando manchu SPQR-VSA60860800.00%
07.Viva Rey..... manchu SPQR-VSA60960900.00%
02.Nassío pa matá manchu SPQR-VSA86286200.00%
01.Nassío pa matá manchu SPQR-VSA85885800.00%
Aldea de Canarion 31 sir estufeto SPQR-VSA93293200.00%
Aldea de Budapest sir estufeto SPQR-VSA94794700.00%
Aldea de Juansanchez sir estufeto SPQR-VSA83883800.00%
Aldea de Martinetx sir estufeto SPQR-VSA89689600.00%
Aldea de Sergi sir estufeto SPQR-VSA18018000.00%
Aldea de Tango84 sir estufeto SPQR-VSA84384300.00%
Aldea de Tinieblas sir estufeto SPQR-VSA36036000.00%
Aldea de Radulf sir estufeto SPQR-VSA90390300.00%
Aldea de Manchu sir estufeto SPQR-VSA70970900.00%
Aldea de Ramonet sir estufeto SPQR-VSA12212200.00%
Aldea El rey lagarto sir estufeto SPQR-VSA75475400.00%
Aldea de Pichoto69 sir estufeto SPQR-VSA71671600.00%
Aldea de Capdefava sir estufeto SPQR-VSA75075000.00%
Aldea de Jajama sir estufeto SPQR-VSA48248200.00%
Aldea Soldado Ryan sir estufeto SPQR-VSA50250200.00%
Aldea de Wasu sir estufeto SPQR-VSA86786700.00%
Aldea de Pivivi sir estufeto SPQR-VSA1026102600.00%
We Will Rise! Ximeth SPQR-VSA19819800.00%
05 AARVSHÂå Ximeth SPQR-VSA53653600.00%
03 AARVSHÂå Ximeth SPQR-VSA69669600.00%
04 AARVSHÂå Ximeth SPQR-VSA63163100.00%
07 AARVSHÂå Ximeth SPQR-VSA24524500.00%
06 AARVSHÂå Ximeth SPQR-VSA36936900.00%
08 AARVSHÂå Ximeth SPQR-VSA19919900.00%
02 AARVSHÂå Ximeth SPQR-VSA69769700.00%
01 AARVSHÂå Ximeth SPQR-VSA78178100.00%