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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 126
Players: 1,531
Villages: 15,259
Population: 9,353,437
Last updated: 28-03-2012
Server started: 18-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 21-Mard. 28-Margrowthgrowth in %
Jander Jagrande DW LaLuz97097000.00%
Jandorpolis Jagrande DW LaLuz1122112200.00%
ruben (8) ruben DW LaLuz484800.00%
ruben (5) ruben DW LaLuz41041000.00%
ruben (1) ruben DW LaLuz95095000.00%
ruben (6) ruben DW LaLuz31831800.00%
ruben (7) ruben DW LaLuz23223200.00%
ruben (3) ruben DW LaLuz47447400.00%
ruben (4) ruben DW LaLuz49649600.00%
ruben (2) ruben DW LaLuz73773700.00%
ArubenAR ruben DW LaLuz84584500.00%
5.Montgomery Burns NeddFlanders DW LaLuz73873800.00%
8. El Badulakke NeddFlanders DW LaLuz43043000.00%
4.Carl y Lenny NeddFlanders DW LaLuz76376300.00%
2.Bar de Moe NeddFlanders DW LaLuz80880800.00%
7.Jefe Wiggum NeddFlanders DW LaLuz61961900.00%
9. Sita Carapapel NeddFlanders DW LaLuz555500.00%
6.Willie eljardinero NeddFlanders DW LaLuz55355300.00%
3.Barney Gumble NeddFlanders DW LaLuz75875800.00%
1.Homer Simpson NeddFlanders DW LaLuz83683600.00%
teutateland 12 Teutates DW LaLuz44744700.00%
Teutateland 03 Teutates DW LaLuz63363300.00%
Teutateland 05 Teutates DW LaLuz65465400.00%
Teutateland 09 Teutates DW LaLuz39439400.00%
Teutateland 08 Teutates DW LaLuz44944900.00%
Teutateland 06 Teutates DW LaLuz57257200.00%
Teutateland 01 Teutates DW LaLuz67967900.00%
Teutateland 10 Teutates DW LaLuz32832800.00%
Teutateland 02 Teutates DW LaLuz65465400.00%
Teutateaux Teutates DW LaLuz99799700.00%
Teutateland 04 Teutates DW LaLuz64364300.00%
Teutateland 11 Teutates DW LaLuz71671600.00%
Teutateland 07 Teutates DW LaLuz58358300.00%
Naranja Skizoo DW LaLuz19719700.00%
Cereza Skizoo DW LaLuz26726700.00%
Pera Skizoo DW LaLuz38238200.00%
Manzana Skizoo DW LaLuz34834800.00%
Fresa Skizoo DW LaLuz44944900.00%
Lima Skizoo DW LaLuz191900.00%
Kiwi Skizoo DW LaLuz989800.00%
Melocotón Skizoo DW LaLuz55155100.00%
Melón Skizoo DW LaLuz68768700.00%
Plátano [#0] Skizoo DW LaLuz1198119800.00%
rovertus acuarius rovertusfanta DW LaLuz24224200.00%
rovertus coca cola rovertusfanta DW LaLuz41441400.00%
rovertus pepsi rovertusfanta DW LaLuz27027000.00%
rovertus kas rovertusfanta DW LaLuz35535500.00%
rovertus fanta rovertusfanta DW LaLuz93693600.00%
Moros tribe Almoro ALIADOS30730700.00%
4 es lo que pachita INFIAR @41741700.00%