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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-May Warrennix shouted:
Гороскопы 2019 -2020 года

19-May SinikarRew shouted:
Tjalf, Rathgar, Umbrak and Orknarok Brazil

19-May GornHum shouted:
Jerek, Gorok, Nafalem and Brenton Timor-leste

19-May AshtonAnend shouted:
Mortis, Konrad, Snorre and Karmok French polynesia

19-May ShawnAdepeseat shouted:
Gorn, Luca, Connor and Torn Iceland

Server statistics

Alliances 126
Players: 1,531
Villages: 15,259
Population: 9,353,437
Last updated: 28-03-2012
Server started: 18-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 21-Mard. 28-Margrowthgrowth in %
la_rabia last time W LA LUZ36036000.00%
SliPkNoT last time W LA LUZ13713700.00%
Presencia Cero last time W LA LUZ15115100.00%
Los Reyes Conquistan rusiasas ADD30230200.00%
SánchezValverde jose francisco *KTW61461400.00%
Ticoland tiquitin F.F.28328300.00%
09. El Rincon el_cid DW LaLuz62162100.00%
04. Elisabeth el_cid DW LaLuz80580500.00%
08. Belchica el_cid DW LaLuz70670600.00%
05. Principal el_cid DW LaLuz79079000.00%
12. Armando el_cid DW LaLuz33133100.00%
13. Frankfurt el_cid DW LaLuz18318300.00%
07. Chiringuito el_cid DW LaLuz69369300.00%
06. La Casa del Loco el_cid DW LaLuz77077000.00%
11. Excelsior el_cid DW LaLuz25425400.00%
10. Bar Eucaliptus el_cid DW LaLuz52752700.00%
14. El Rincon el_cid DW LaLuz68468400.00%
03. La Oveja Negra el_cid DW LaLuz86286200.00%
02. El 66 el_cid DW LaLuz91691600.00%
01. La Cucaracha el_cid DW LaLuz89689600.00%
Aldea nueva 2 Faqu94 DW LaLuz60460400.00%
Aldea nueva 4 Faqu94 DW LaLuz26626600.00%
Aldea nueva 3 Faqu94 DW LaLuz38538500.00%
Aldea nueva 1 Faqu94 DW LaLuz50150100.00%
Olimpia Faqu94 DW LaLuz70270200.00%
Kaura Faqu94 DW LaLuz72472400.00%
Zea Faqu94 DW LaLuz73873800.00%
Atenea Faqu94 DW LaLuz87387300.00%
Ares Faqu94 DW LaLuz1102110200.00%
Godella la bella joseah1969 DW LaLuz87787700.00%
.. joseah1969 DW LaLuz40640600.00%
..... joseah1969 DW LaLuz171700.00%
.... joseah1969 DW LaLuz15815800.00%
... joseah1969 DW LaLuz22422400.00%
. joseah1969 DW LaLuz61961900.00%
Aldea H khazkuoa incasi DW LaLuz46646600.00%
Aldea L jack sparrou incasi DW LaLuz12112100.00%
Aldea I cheyen incasi DW LaLuz25925900.00%
Aldea nueva incasi DW LaLuz606000.00%
Aldea K Mohicano incasi DW LaLuz20320300.00%
Aldea E omaticaya incasi DW LaLuz66366300.00%
Aldea J Galeón incasi DW LaLuz29629600.00%
Aldea F cheroki incasi DW LaLuz60260200.00%
Aldea G Naby incasi DW LaLuz56156100.00%
Aldea C Chipchas incasi DW LaLuz81981900.00%
Aldea D Maya incasi DW LaLuz75075000.00%
Aldea A Azteca incasi DW LaLuz1095109500.00%
Aldea B Inca incasi DW LaLuz86586500.00%
Hebron pablo37 juntos74974900.00%
Bersilia orlando reynaga LG44344300.00%