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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 70
Players: 305
Villages: 2,902
Population: 1,877,923
Last updated: 25-05-2012
Server started: 25-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mayd. 25-Maygrowthgrowth in %
selv tak :) jimmik TSL96596500.00%
X captian america TSL94094000.00%
Stephanie Valrosserne TSL88588500.00%
Hæk 02 Chaos TSL93293200.00%
11111 My Little Pony TSL82382300.00%
vinballon 25l# mjøld TSL84484400.00%
1.2 Viken Locos TSL1001100100.00%
Eggbeater trondk TSL34934900.00%
selv tak ilm :-) HH1 TSL99599500.00%
1,3 BirraMorretti Æselspark TSL89289200.00%
3.1 Skrælingeland Locos TSL93793700.00%
5.5 Ragnarökr Locos TSL96296200.00%
.3. The Backyard Hunden2000 TSL93993900.00%
1111 My Little Pony TSL87987900.00%
1.1 D 7:04:16 HH1 TSL85685600.00%
Delpha Valrosserne TSL79379300.00%
lidt mjøld # mjøld TSL83383300.00%
1.1 F 6:38:19 HH1 TSL89389300.00%
1.1 Jorvik Locos TSL1165116500.00%
111 My Little Pony TSL85485400.00%
Hæk 02 Hunden2000 TSL84584500.00%
7,0 VodkaCola Æselspark TSL85085000.00%
The Dino trondk TSL33333300.00%
1.1 C 7:01:37 HH1 TSL85885800.00%
Ophelia Valrosserne TSL77977900.00%
Totalt Kaos Chaos TSL51651600.00%
11 My Little Pony TSL1035103500.00%
1.1 E 6:56:31 HH1 TSL86986900.00%
Mere mjøld# mjøld TSL85285200.00%
1.6 St. Hallvard Locos TSL93993900.00%
1.1 B 6:56:19 HH1 TSL85285200.00%
Pure Electron trondk TSL41141100.00%
6,0 Galliano, nejtak Æselspark TSL90190100.00%
.2. Minotausletten Hunden2000 TSL99199100.00%
Daphne Valrosserne TSL95895800.00%
1 My Little Pony TSL83383300.00%
4.1 Suderøyane Locos TSL92292200.00%
Still waiting? Æselspark TSL1098109800.00%
selv tak ilm :-) HH1 TSL1094109400.00%
1.1 A 6:59:06 HH1 TSL93093000.00%
selv tak .) mjøld TSL69269200.00%
ny mjød# mjøld TSL85285200.00%
mjøld gemmested# mjøld TSL87487400.00%
cafe later mjøld TSL1014101400.00%
.1. Ironforge Hunden2000 TSL55255200.00%
EL PSYCHO trondk TSL53353300.00%
99 My Little Pony TSL85085000.00%
2.1 Jorsal Locos TSL92692600.00%
F. SimSaLa Blå Hund TSL73373300.00%
03. Raguel Siameser TSL85185100.00%