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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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17-Sep gretati11 shouted:
New sexy website is available on the web

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New hot project galleries, daily updates

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My new hot project

17-Sep JamesQuism shouted:
10 besten britischen Dating-Sites 2019

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Enjoy daily galleries

Server statistics

Alliances 70
Players: 305
Villages: 2,902
Population: 1,877,923
Last updated: 25-05-2012
Server started: 25-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mayd. 25-Maygrowthgrowth in %
1 TSL 2 fiol fiol TSL65265200.00%
1 TSL 2 fiol fiol TSL66466400.00%
1 TSL 2 fiol fiol TSL64264200.00%
1 TSL 2 fiol fiol TSL62962900.00%
1 TSL 2 fiol fiol TSL51851800.00%
1 TSL 2 fiol fiol TSL69369300.00%
1 TSL 2 fiol fiol TSL92892800.00%
1 TSL 2 fiol fiol TSL54654600.00%
1 TSL 2 fiol fiol TSL70970900.00%
1 TSL 2 fiol fiol TSL74174100.00%
1 TSL 2 fiol fiol TSL66866800.00%
i lige måde fiol TSL70970900.00%
Thyra dypperNEW TSL82082000.00%
Gorm dypperNEW TSL82282200.00%
Loke dypperNEW TSL82182100.00%
Leif den Lykkelige dypperNEW TSL89989900.00%
Einar Tambeskælver dypperNEW TSL86186100.00%
Midgaard dypperNEW TSL69669600.00%
Leivur Øssurson dypperNEW TSL70270200.00%
Magnus Heinason dypperNEW TSL69469400.00%
Bostedet dypperNEW TSL676700.00%
Ny landsby dypperNEW TSL57057000.00%
Erik den Røde dypperNEW TSL66966900.00%
Svend Tveskæg dypperNEW TSL73173100.00%
Munin dypperNEW TSL66366300.00%
Ny landsby dypperNEW TSL32032000.00%
Lodbrok Ragnar dypperNEW TSL60560500.00%
Estridssøn, Svend dypperNEW TSL62762700.00%
Mjølner dypperNEW TSL67567500.00%
Uffe hin Spage dypperNEW TSL74974900.00%
Valhalla dypperNEW TSL79079000.00%
Thor dypperNEW TSL68868800.00%
Valdemar Atterdag dypperNEW TSL74774700.00%
Hugin dypperNEW TSL76976900.00%
Harald Blåtand dypperNEW TSL82782700.00%
Lavard, Knud dypperNEW TSL67467400.00%
Ethelred dypperNEW TSL73273200.00%
Ny landsby Nikodrengen TSL39439400.00%
The Hut Nikodrengen TSL61161100.00%
Stardust Nikodrengen TSL58558500.00%
Moondust Nikodrengen TSL60060000.00%
Frogtoes Nikodrengen TSL60960900.00%
Miracle Nikodrengen TSL55155100.00%
The Witch?s anger Nikodrengen TSL64464400.00%
Endnu en landsby Nikodrengen TSL61761700.00%
Magic Nikodrengen TSL64864800.00%
00 RUNE SHOW Nikodrengen TSL70370300.00%
Landsby Nikodrengen TSL69869800.00%
Gammel landsby Nikodrengen TSL60960900.00%
Spider Nikodrengen TSL58558500.00%