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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-Jul Ningalphek shouted:
Campa, Wilson, Tamkosch and Domenik Republic of korea

19-Jul Toporkbush shouted:
Thorald, Grobock, Ivan and Ugrasal Belarus

19-Jul Stanbug shouted:
Mufassa, Giores, Aila and Darmok Mexico

19-Jul Delazarnes shouted:
Delazar, Sulfock, Kerth and Vatras Ethiopia

19-Jul AschnuPn shouted:
Gunnar, Jens, Abe and Marius Guinea-bissau

Server statistics

Alliances 70
Players: 305
Villages: 2,902
Population: 1,877,923
Last updated: 25-05-2012
Server started: 25-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mayd. 25-Maygrowthgrowth in %
11111 My Little Pony TSL82382300.00%
4 My Little Pony TSL59959900.00%
3 My Little Pony TSL63563500.00%
2 My Little Pony TSL64764700.00%
111 My Little Pony TSL85485400.00%
5 My Little Pony TSL43943900.00%
1111 My Little Pony TSL87987900.00%
11 My Little Pony TSL1035103500.00%
1 My Little Pony TSL83383300.00%
99 My Little Pony TSL85085000.00%
Sally Valrosserne TSL75075000.00%
Ophelia Valrosserne TSL77977900.00%
Sophia Valrosserne TSL46046000.00%
Dymphna Valrosserne TSL68768700.00%
Sapphira Valrosserne TSL86786700.00%
Smyrna Valrosserne TSL81581500.00%
Sannah Valrosserne TSL31831800.00%
Siv Valrosserne TSL40640600.00%
Ophira Valrosserne TSL73373300.00%
Stephanie Valrosserne TSL88588500.00%
Sirene Valrosserne TSL56456400.00%
Sylvette Valrosserne TSL84584500.00%
Delphina Valrosserne TSL75675600.00%
Selene Valrosserne TSL55755700.00%
Delpha Valrosserne TSL79379300.00%
Sophie Valrosserne TSL87587500.00%
Daphne Valrosserne TSL95895800.00%
5.5 Ragnarökr Locos TSL96296200.00%
1.1 Jorvik Locos TSL1165116500.00%
3.4 Birka Locos TSL86486400.00%
5.4 Þynwald Locos TSL82882800.00%
1.5 Vinland Locos TSL90290200.00%
1.3 Miklagard Locos TSL85085000.00%
6.2 Snæfellsnes Locos TSL89389300.00%
6.1 Bessastaðir Locos TSL84484400.00%
5.1 Þingvellir Locos TSL84884800.00%
4.1 Suderøyane Locos TSL92292200.00%
2.1 Jorsal Locos TSL92692600.00%
5.3 GulaÞing Locos TSL90290200.00%
6.6 Hvammsfjörður Locos TSL95095000.00%
6.4 Mosfellsbær Locos TSL86586500.00%
6.7 Ólafsfjörður Locos TSL86686600.00%
5.2 Þingvǫll Locos TSL90990900.00%
6.5 Reykjanes Locos TSL88988900.00%
6.3 Borgarnes Locos TSL95995900.00%
1.4 Kauphang Locos TSL96396300.00%
1.2 Viken Locos TSL1001100100.00%
3.3 Brattalid Locos TSL89889800.00%
3.2 Helluland Locos TSL85185100.00%
3.1 Skrælingeland Locos TSL93793700.00%