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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server started: 25-05-2011
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VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mayd. 25-Maygrowthgrowth in %
rrr Off charge Dolly Parton Offline1384138400.00%
qq Off course Dolly Parton Offline1359135900.00%
ppp Off-black Dolly Parton Offline1341134100.00%
ooo Off the peg Dolly Parton Offline1322132200.00%
H1 Platon TSL1320132000.00%
holgerdanskes holgerdanske d.g.g1256125600.00%
ll Off-white Dolly Parton Offline1256125600.00%
06 Office Dolly Parton Offline1254125400.00%
#1 Bill&Ben LST1233123300.00%
nn Off season Dolly Parton Offline1233123300.00%
jj Off-hand Dolly Parton Offline1226122600.00%
mm Off-peak Dolly Parton Offline1219121900.00%
07 Offer Dolly Parton Offline1219121900.00%
09 Offspring Dolly Parton Offline1215121500.00%
kk Off balance Dolly Parton Offline1215121500.00%
08 Officer Dolly Parton Offline1214121400.00%
01 Offshore Dolly Parton Offline1210121000.00%
ii Off-colour Dolly Parton Offline1209120900.00%
Sooner is better! suerte Offline1204120400.00%
gg Offbeat Dolly Parton Offline1198119800.00%
bb Offstage Dolly Parton Offline1188118800.00%
Taras landsby Tara1188118800.00%
River marvis Legion1187118700.00%
Albani Kalle Offline1185118500.00%
fff Offshoot Dolly Parton Offline1182118200.00%
aa Offender Dolly Parton Offline1179117900.00%
dd Offchance Dolly Parton Offline1179117900.00%
hh Off beat Dolly Parton Offline1178117800.00%
I lige måde Kain Offline1171117100.00%
02 psyksterbabe Brannigan Offline1167116700.00%
1.1 Jorvik Locos TSL1165116500.00%
Tak for nu Gran Offline1161116100.00%
1.0 Musica TSL1156115600.00%
Sooner is better! Bevier Offline1155115500.00%
ee Offset Dolly Parton Offline1155115500.00%
01-01 pfgizmo84 LST1142114200.00%
tt Off autumn Dolly Parton Offline1130113000.00%
Opbakning Siameser TSL1125112500.00%
Kanelsnegl PalminShaken Offline1124112400.00%
Offline!! Mine Helte Udfordringen Offline1121112100.00%
01. Rottereden Kloakrotterne Offline1113111300.00%
Maxit legend1109110900.00%
PSYK ER GUD Hr.Bjørn Offline1108110800.00%
#01 Orla Offline1106110600.00%
landsby Hango Offline1100110000.00%
tak for spillet bowling Sooner!1100110000.00%
. saruman Offline1098109800.00%
Still waiting? Æselspark TSL1098109800.00%
selv tak ilm :-) HH1 TSL1094109400.00%
2 KomBareAn DennisTheMenace Offline1091109100.00%