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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Aug jimmieeq18 shouted:
Fresh about bellhop as project

21-Aug VakOa shouted:
Runak, Benito, Enzo and Gnar Norway

21-Aug Justintic shouted:
Сумка в роддом

21-Aug uyoxoxcep shouted:
Clients why, explicitly lyse silastic flood contracture.

21-Aug Georgetrime shouted:
Коллекционирование — популярное хобби

Server statistics

Alliances 58
Players: 378
Villages: 5,458
Population: 3,849,448
Last updated: 26-03-2012
Server started: 27-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 19-Mard. 26-Margrowthgrowth in %
09 BBB Ranunkel North-F73873800.00%
J02 Junior GGM1135113500.00%
Hyggelussingen. Hyggespilleren57957900.00%
Solo 3 blah North-F84084000.00%
06 7:14 Adorno Blood-S86286200.00%
¤04¤ Relentless O-3ways81881800.00%
Brutus Asterix North-Ø80780700.00%
11-WW01-04:53 Wildhansen Blood-S81981900.00%
20-WW01-04:08 Wildhansen Blood-S73073000.00%
01 Ellmau A.R. Guggi *LA*85585500.00%
S. Solparken Domptøren North-U1057105700.00%
00 Blood-S Stussi Blood-S1101110100.00%
Meget Flot G-Arneee North-U1026102600.00%
Becca kamn North-Ø35835800.00%
Trelleborg 11 .+ kamn North-Ø1003100300.00%
02 Beijing CAMISO92392300.00%
you´re a hit baby Milkshaken SM85385300.00%
Lars 2 Alkymisten North-Ø1015101500.00%
City no 2. GRP Blood-S76576500.00%
SRJ 3 SRJ North-F1063106300.00%
2.0 Herberget DeeJay North-U1096109600.00%
06| Limepower O-3ways70770700.00%
GUBBI Uggi Blood-S93093000.00%
Fanen Corletrois Bloody F90890800.00%
A:NAKONDAEN jimboy67967900.00%
02 1:35:49 Fjeldaben Bloody F54754700.00%
Held og lykke :) Santa Lucia O-3ways1004100400.00%
Dortheas playground♥ ske SM88688600.00%
1. Spear Goblin AFK95895800.00%
Fogeden A. fogeden nf1054105400.00%
Ny landsby01 Sokker O-3ways80480400.00%
vorning korn 1 bonden13 North-F98198100.00%
Q. Vesterlund Domptøren North-U98498400.00%
Agermosegaard Kornbonden North-F1184118400.00%
SE min kjole alfonzo North-F1099109900.00%
Desna Getafix Blood-S86986900.00%
Carøes Landsby carøe71 North-U73873800.00%
B Machiavelli Blood-S70570500.00%
14 - Hell yeah Jap North-F86986900.00%
en kage kagemand AFK1066106600.00%
Spigrene palle666 North-U82082000.00%
Jeg gir en omgang blah North-F1081108100.00%
A Can OF Whoopass hoppe AFK1031103100.00%
De 3 musketerer min Bloody F1159115900.00%
CALI 01♔ CALI N.S73973900.00%
02 - Fusion Jap North-F86986900.00%
Dronningen Skak O-3ways92092000.00%
Apoteket RYTTERIET Blood-S1085108500.00%
C1.7º Locksley AFK1000100000.00%
SE min kjole kragen North-F97497400.00%