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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-Jul BenJar shouted:
Rasarus, Grok, Larson and Sigmor Kiribati

19-Jul Altuswrold shouted:
Derek, Vibald, Campa and Ismael Togo

19-Jul Esieltopyinvon shouted:
Bengerd, Sven, Kent and Frithjof Netherlands

19-Jul CarlosFAF shouted:
Lester, Jaffar, Ben and Miguel Lebanon

19-Jul CarolynCen shouted:
Looking for a boyfriend

Server statistics

Alliances 58
Players: 378
Villages: 5,458
Population: 3,849,448
Last updated: 26-03-2012
Server started: 27-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 19-Mard. 26-Margrowthgrowth in %
Asterix Asterix North-Ø56056000.00%
BQ1s BQ191491400.00%
From Behind ReccosteN N-Fønix59959900.00%
1. Tattoo Tattoo Blood-S87987900.00%
Phineas PhineasAndFerb O-3ways1050105000.00%
3.1 wtf? Vortex O-3ways83983900.00%
A Dolphinsmile Blood-S62162100.00%
5. Ryde Ganzthorn North-Ø82882800.00%
7. Herrup Ganzthorn North-Ø87387300.00%
1. Sevel Ganzthorn North-Ø1062106200.00%
02-WW01-01:45 Wildhansen Blood-S65765700.00%
00-WW01-01:46 Wildhansen Blood-S80780700.00%
01Emtekongenslandsby Emtekongen Blood-S85185100.00%
Axiom Yngve Blood-S89589500.00%
Gudernes Villa jtr North-U64164100.00%
kellers 1. keller N-Fønix32432400.00%
hammershøj bonden13 North-F86486400.00%
O. Bjertparken Domptøren North-U1071107100.00%
A4 GRP Blood-S46246200.00%
E3 GRP Blood-S85385300.00%
overtaget by GRP Blood-S73273200.00%
32 Bank à Rot JM3 Blood-S86686600.00%
35 KV21 JM3 Blood-S75375300.00%
6 - WW - 0:30:25 Pärlan Blood-S72072000.00%
2.6 Tristan P** ske SM83683600.00%
25 0:39 Adorno Blood-S72772700.00%
Valdemar Smiley North-F65965900.00%
friheden friheden76976900.00%
Antequera cornsnake AFK70470400.00%
blood 01 capricorn Blood-S86586500.00%
1 Joe Jordan Ritter42242200.00%
hkb500s landsby hkb500 North-F66666600.00%
San Jose Neuro Blood-S99099000.00%
1.0 PalminBadet PalminLover SM88888800.00%
Trelleborg 14 kamn North-Ø98298200.00%
Julie 1 .. kamn North-Ø89289200.00%
Touchdown GRP Blood-S72872800.00%
Ducks2 flyttelæs Odlox Blood-S80380300.00%
Milshaken.. kamn North-Ø1026102600.00%
mins by min Bloody F74374300.00%
Hundested 1.1 Sniperdawg O-3ways77277200.00%
Alisia TheHitman Blood-S1041104100.00%
1.Hytten Ekc36036000.00%
Bibi1 Bibi SM77177100.00%
Kols Getafix Blood-S97297200.00%
Dead Ducks TheHitman Blood-S90690600.00%
02 - BP korsgaard Bloody F95795700.00%
Arnes by GRP Blood-S87687600.00%
Hvidovre 1 klyffer18618600.00%
Quantana Contessa TDD.97897800.00%