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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 58
Players: 378
Villages: 5,458
Population: 3,849,448
Last updated: 26-03-2012
Server started: 27-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 19-Mard. 26-Margrowthgrowth in %
Alice Kalle North-Ø1294129400.00%
1.00 Bryant CoachC North-Ø1279127900.00%
FCK København nexus North-U1278127800.00%
01 Lille Fredby Bmold North-U1277127700.00%
01 PoP PoP Popequi North-Ø1251125100.00%
arthos town arthos Blood-S1251125100.00%
Tigerdyret charming TIL1232123200.00%
Ferb PhineasAndFerb O-3ways1231123100.00%
Atraktive Appelsiner cirkelline TIL1228122800.00%
Koekoek $ no stress North-F1226122600.00%
Z1 Blood on Blood Youngblood Blood-S1224122400.00%
Ravenstown Basse54 North-U1199119900.00%
lego Anix N-Fønix1189118900.00%
Agermosegaard Kornbonden North-F1184118400.00%
Rom Romeren North-U1184118400.00%
Anderup Droopy North-F1182118200.00%
SE min kjole Wicked dude North-F1175117500.00%
23 Den bedste kop DonSvende AFK1174117400.00%
2 meb Blood-S1172117200.00%
R Spice North-Ø1171117100.00%
jeg vil ha øl capricorn Blood-S1169116900.00%
Gravøllet palle666 North-U1168116800.00%
Bb Darktime North-F1168116800.00%
A. Vindelevgaard Domptøren North-U1163116300.00%
01| Limepower O-3ways1159115900.00%
De 3 musketerer min Bloody F1159115900.00%
HQ FIDDLER Blood-S1155115500.00%
01. Sultanen (L) HIF tjabygg Blood-S1151115100.00%
Alpha Alf Blood-S1150115000.00%
her er onkel stewart porta Blood-S1148114800.00%
01 Ahorn Stig Blood-S1147114700.00%
00 Blood JM3 Blood-S1147114700.00%
1flottenheim Slemajt North-F1145114500.00%
aAa maricon1144114400.00%
02. landsby Dotex Blood-S1143114300.00%
1.01 Arne And Blood-S1140114000.00%
00 Abraham Lincoln Sloth4 Blood-S1139113900.00%
THOR valhalla North-Ø1137113700.00%
J02 Junior GGM1135113500.00%
2.hades. mamma mia Blood-S1134113400.00%
0.1North WTF kkm96 Blood-S1134113400.00%
00Palads Emtekongen Blood-S1133113300.00%
A Can Of Whoopass highnisch AFK1130113000.00%
Odense leifjimmy North-Ø1129112900.00%
Jyske Bank iso North-U1129112900.00%
02 ♥ Loqi Blood-S1127112700.00%
Ny landsby G-Arneee North-U1123112300.00%
1 Citadel ♍ ReccosteN N-Fønix1112111200.00%
02 mini-stryhn Blood-S1112111200.00%
landsby Hango North-Ø1110111000.00%