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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 644
Players: 6,153
Villages: 48,072
Population: 33,405,130
Last updated: 09-02-2010
Server started: 19-11-2008
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 02-Febd. 09-Febgrowthgrowth in %
[5.2] Gerda Flash -=PMWP=-97897800.00%
[6.2] Lingen Flash -=PMWP=-89489400.00%
[2.7] Casus Belli Flash -=PMWP=-77477400.00%
[4.3] Ohio Flash -=PMWP=-99299200.00%
[2.1] Hawaii Flash -=PMWP=-1052105200.00%
[3.3] Rösli Flash -=PMWP=-96996900.00%
[5.3] Trudi Flash -=PMWP=-1019101900.00%
[6.3] Ramsel Flash -=PMWP=-96096000.00%
[x.2] Hilde Flash -=PMWP=-91291200.00%
[4.5] Bad Meingarten Flash -=PMWP=-94294200.00%
[3.1] Monaco Flash -=PMWP=-85185100.00%
[3.2] Fränzi Flash -=PMWP=-1010101000.00%
[0.2] YowzaBowsa Flash -=PMWP=-87587500.00%
[6.1] Costa Rica Flash -=PMWP=-78278200.00%
[4.4] Valos Cor Flash -=PMWP=-80880800.00%
[4.6] Balkonien Flash -=PMWP=-84584500.00%
[2.5] Malta Flash -=PMWP=-61161100.00%
[1.2] Neuer Schorf Flash -=PMWP=-67967900.00%
[2.6] KataKutta Flash -=PMWP=-59559500.00%
[2.3] Neuer Torf Flash -=PMWP=-73773700.00%
[0.1] Hölle Flash -=PMWP=-43743700.00%
[4.2] Entenhausen Flash -=PMWP=-52752700.00%
[1.4] Lünne Flash -=PMWP=-48848800.00%
[4.1] Kanada Flash -=PMWP=-44344300.00%
[2.9] Suporf Flash -=PMWP=-131300.00%
[x.3] Waldkraut Flash -=PMWP=-98498400.00%
[1.5] Schoko-Island Flash -=PMWP=-1048104800.00%
[1.3] Looapien Flash -=PMWP=-93493400.00%
[6.4] Baccum Flash -=PMWP=-95995900.00%
[5.1] Hannelöri Flash -=PMWP=-1052105200.00%
Piteå Nickolonien -=PMWP=-62462400.00%
Borås Nickolonien -=PMWP=-59059000.00%
berx Nickolonien -=PMWP=-76576500.00%
Skåne Nickolonien -=PMWP=-87487400.00%
Örebro Nickolonien -=PMWP=-81281200.00%
Kiruna Nickolonien -=PMWP=-95195100.00%
derx Nickolonien -=PMWP=-67167100.00%
Ystad Nickolonien -=PMWP=-59659600.00%
Västerås Nickolonien -=PMWP=-68568500.00%
cerx Nickolonien -=PMWP=-68668600.00%
Alingsås Nickolonien -=PMWP=-70570500.00%
ܓܨbrigadܓ Nickolonien -=PMWP=-848400.00%
ܓܨsegerܓ Nickolonien -=PMWP=-343400.00%
ܓܨhej hejܓ Nickolonien -=PMWP=-10410400.00%
ܓܨtack så mycketܓ Nickolonien -=PMWP=-24024000.00%
Uppsala Nickolonien -=PMWP=-97797700.00%
Falun Nickolonien -=PMWP=-92692600.00%
Tylosand Nickolonien -=PMWP=-1018101800.00%
Lund Nickolonien -=PMWP=-1066106600.00%
Halmstad Nickolonien -=PMWP=-98098000.00%