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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 644
Players: 6,153
Villages: 48,072
Population: 33,405,130
Last updated: 09-02-2010
Server started: 19-11-2008
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 02-Febd. 09-Febgrowthgrowth in %
[3.7] Dinas Revenge Lord Honk PADA93293200.00%
[3.5] Isla del Dina Lord Honk PADA96296200.00%
benmop der depp Kampfstern ~BRoT~96896800.00%
02.Mag Mell Aratharn -=BFR=-89889800.00%
10 Donnerwalze Lazazar PADA90290200.00%
01 Donnerkuppel Lazazar PADA92492400.00%
[01]WeizenBrot maxmor ~BRoT~1087108700.00%
Rektum I Sohn des Norb ~BRoT~83483400.00%
007-a Insane&Crazy PADA-O94194100.00%
007-b Insane&Crazy PADA-O1001100100.00%
oo7-3 Insane&Crazy PADA-O1049104900.00%
Römer 1 kivi51651600.00%
Fake you Eisbär99999 -[AIe]-N98798700.00%
|1N| Gosdorf alex18m -[AIe]-N66266200.00%
Vindobona 107 Caesar75675600.00%
015 Mahlow firstgate24 ~BRoT~97297200.00%
024 Rammstadt firstgate24 ~BRoT~1044104400.00%
-2 BenMop ~BRoT~1016101600.00%
16 Burg Rheinfels sunny PADA1059105900.00%
10 Plattenburg sunny PADA1098109800.00%
The END JamieFraser -[AIe]-N70270200.00%
24 Windsbach rezatstätter PADA99699600.00%
23 Ansbach rezatstätter PADA1030103000.00%
09 DaWeed -[AIe]-N93193100.00%
Berlin..27. Trojana -[AIe]-N99499400.00%
15 Donnerknispel Lazazar PADA80380300.00%
Fake you Eisbär99999 -[AIe]-N92292200.00%
Fake you Eisbär99999 -[AIe]-N1032103200.00%
|1N| Saßbach alex18m -[AIe]-N1042104200.00%
Rom 007 Caesar86586500.00%
001 Guben firstgate24 ~BRoT~1260126000.00%
008 Eisenberg firstgate24 ~BRoT~1000100000.00%
-1 BenMop ~BRoT~95495400.00%
02 Würzburg sunny PADA1091109100.00%
08 Leuchtenberg sunny PADA1077107700.00%
01 Watzmann grisu PADA1087108700.00%
Lange nacht 30@ Asterixocellix 1459659600.00%
Teutonenlager Vollgas KP88188100.00%
[5.3] Atfararthing Lord Honk PADA95595500.00%
20.Briefine Aratharn -=BFR=-71971900.00%
01 Vlotho * Twelle PADA1063106300.00%
ka 27@ Asterixocellix 1486886800.00%
Gnothi seauton 1 Asterixocellix 141006100600.00%
The END JamieFraser -[AIe]-N71771700.00%
The END JamieFraser -[AIe]-N73673600.00%
|1N| Auf ex alex18m -[AIe]-N99099000.00%
028 Dark Death firstgate24 ~BRoT~1070107000.00%
09 Milseburg sunny PADA1109110900.00%
The END JamieFraser -[AIe]-N78578500.00%
019 flintstone ~BRoT~1049104900.00%