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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 644
Players: 6,153
Villages: 48,072
Population: 33,405,130
Last updated: 09-02-2010
Server started: 19-11-2008
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 02-Febd. 09-Febgrowthgrowth in %
[01] AdB zhe-falk ~U-D~1488148800.00%
~OUT~ kibatoka ~ OUT ~1474147400.00%
Hubertusburg Lorius PADA1423142300.00%
Augusta Praetoria Mary1 XXL!1384138400.00%
Kassandras Dorf Kassandra I. S-W-C1355135500.00%
Siebnen Martinus AIe-Wing1353135300.00%
01 orlando orlando DRvA1350135000.00%
-01- 8 Uhr FordFiesta *1001*1349134900.00%
Akkon Scuba U*A*I1346134600.00%
Charles de Gauls Dor Charles de Gaul ~NW~1335133500.00%
St. Pièrre du Lac lavande DRO-WP1335133500.00%
Berlin jack_851329132900.00%
1 Aufbruch Marcusgf ~BRoT~1327132700.00%
01 Alexandersheim alex 1 KP1327132700.00%
Heiligenwald Widder ~ OUT ~1322132200.00%
Altglienicke hektik ¥1318131800.00%
Saldenfeld saldix TABU1317131700.00%
TH01 rotklei MDCL1317131700.00%
Halle Saale nicoxxl PADA-OGM1316131600.00%
Hasalaaha Ragus1312131200.00%
01Wetten daß!?! Busch -=PMWP=-1312131200.00%
Philippe´s Dorf Philippe Pangaea1307130700.00%
01 - Sinzig Leon_Kennedy BW1302130200.00%
Coruscant dash rendar -=PMWP=-1301130100.00%
Heavens Place 1 atze1968 D-A-S1301130100.00%
[1.0] Rom Arya XXL!1299129900.00%
Jupiter coupeTHOR M & Ms1299129900.00%
mexiko 1 Kasy73 *21ST*1296129600.00%
Home of Roses Rose1961 ROP1295129500.00%
asd sped * 1001 *1295129500.00%
Atlantis Yashid Ho-RDM1293129300.00%
Neues Dorf malu AsT1292129200.00%
GE-Buer chlodwig -=PMWP=-1291129100.00%
Thysora Aquaristikus XXL!1290129000.00%
01 O - Dorf Willi-Winfried XXL²1288128800.00%
wolle71 02 wolle71 -=PMWP=-1288128800.00%
A Stuttgart Pirocan MDCL1288128800.00%
01 Gratis dorf theabuddy -=PMWP=-1287128700.00%
rose vergil Pangaea1287128700.00%
]02[ Big Attack smacksmash *BsW*1286128600.00%
HB-Hemelingen mic84-1 DRO-WP1285128500.00%
Tampere Lori ~*R-S*~1285128500.00%
* a OUT a * Ultimus Ratius ~ OUT ~1283128300.00%
OUT Forpus ~ OUT ~1283128300.00%
[01.0]SUNblocker Nathar Katana1282128200.00%
Whisky Trail Victorius9 *21ST*1282128200.00%
Schloß knabberer PADA1282128200.00%
Dorf Geromanus Oberon *1001*1277127700.00%
persien leoni XXL!1277127700.00%
1.0 DonHops KP1277127700.00%