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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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23-Aug Aristarhdax shouted:
Юлдуз усмонова порно фото

23-Aug romward shouted:
I hate black animals

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23-Aug rebekahhi3 shouted:
Daily updated super sexy photo galleries

Server statistics

Alliances 644
Players: 6,153
Villages: 48,072
Population: 33,405,130
Last updated: 09-02-2010
Server started: 19-11-2008
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 02-Febd. 09-Febgrowthgrowth in %
marie -=PMWP=-1100.00%
sunny PADA2200.00%
Twelle PADA3300.00%
stabeel PADA4400.00%
Silentbob -=PMWP=-5500.00%
Elbsurfer Katana6600.00%
Jochen_dr3i -=PMWP=-7700.00%
FFF2 KP8800.00%
Superwoman ¥9900.00%
Tecumseh PADA101000.00%
Destroyer99 ¥111100.00%
SkaMac Katana121200.00%
Dragar Katana141400.00%
Cartown * 1001 *151500.00%
Adi IB161600.00%
OmaWetterwachs Katana171700.00%
Wolverin #BsW#181800.00%
zacharel KP191900.00%
Meat Loaf ~FL~202000.00%
MisterX IB212100.00%
Mordrod Katana222200.00%
Winnie Pooh -[AIe]-N232300.00%
platon -=PMWP=-242400.00%
Amare ¥252500.00%
Gul Dan -[AIe]-O262600.00%
Lazazar PADA272700.00%
dark-t BSW282800.00%
Flori82 ~BRoT~292900.00%
leoni XXL!303000.00%
cooli ~NW~313100.00%
Tatanka ~NW~323200.00%
schaan XXL!333300.00%
aivengo1 DbS343400.00%
telejoker Pangaea353500.00%
Nathar Katana363600.00%
Orgetorix DRO-WP373700.00%
astuob ~FL~383800.00%
hatschi -=PMWP=-393900.00%
Raubritter ~FL~404000.00%
Rabe ¥414100.00%
ossipro KP424200.00%
powermann DRvA434300.00%
goki * 1001 *444400.00%
Kytta PADA454500.00%
zappelfry *BsW*464600.00%
chlodwig -=PMWP=-474700.00%
Lord Honk PADA484800.00%
Roy Bär PADA494900.00%
haeven07 XXL!505000.00%