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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 168
Players: 1,292
Villages: 19,274
Population: 13,532,539
Last updated: 22-05-2012
Server started: 04-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 15-Mayd. 22-Maygrowthgrowth in %
Siktir heißhunger ~K&R~no data146600.00%
Dioxinstube Mathrim FE-Deffno data144700.00%
G JM__ -=F E=-no data141500.00%
00 starti Mundl DeffClbno data139800.00%
01 Forks Cullen ~LB~no data138900.00%
01. Jack Daniel´s 6 gustl DeffClbno data138400.00%
Dorf 01 Löwenherz Pandorano data137000.00%
Hellcity Fidibo ~VvG~no data132900.00%
1.01 Vargasno data132000.00%
0006 Tom1703 {D}d{B}no data131700.00%
wj01 wejott data131500.00%
1.04. Vargasno data131400.00%
Senne 1 Sennerwald ~VvG~no data130800.00%
24 DU-Aldenrade Heldois DeffClbno data130200.00%
Ara Uronico ~VvG~no data129400.00%
Benjo Eigenheim Benikus4 N2no data128800.00%
Unkulunkulu Unkulunkulu {-CF-}no data128600.00%
Basel 01 Charly-Basel Pandorano data128300.00%
Project Chaos DeffClbno data128000.00%
00 Project Chaos Amber NVAno data127900.00%
1.07 Vargasno data127800.00%
1.08 Vargasno data127800.00%
1.27. Vargasno data127700.00%
**LvM** im Zentrum Herten **LvM**no data127600.00%
a.Augusta Treverorum DianaMCMLXXVIII {D}d{B}no data127500.00%
02 Rom steffen16j -=F E=-no data127500.00%
1.05. Vargasno data127100.00%
Project Chaos Mattel NVAno data126900.00%
1.09 Vargasno data126700.00%
1.13 Vargasno data126700.00%
1.28 Vargasno data126100.00%
1.10 Vargasno data126000.00%
1.14 Vargasno data125900.00%
1.06 Vargasno data125800.00%
02 andromeda verzeihnix ~VvG~no data125600.00%
1.20 Vargasno data125500.00%
1.11 Vargasno data125400.00%
[02] Asseria ammar666 *ww*no data125300.00%
Project Chaos Das Gesetz FightClbno data125000.00%
1.15 Vargasno data125000.00%
[1]Hope Tooy T~O~Pno data124900.00%
SALZBURG Transporter GNAno data124500.00%
~☠●19●☠~ TeutonenReiter {D}d{B}no data124200.00%
fribourg fribourg »A«no data124200.00%
ALCATRAZ LION KING {D}d{F}no data124000.00%
Blau jack data123900.00%
Krone kairo data123700.00%
1 st8v3n {D}d{B}no data123200.00%
tornors Dorf tornor {D}d{F}no data123200.00%
klimbim schnippwipp sgcno data123100.00%