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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Shout box

21-Feb VibaldChampus shouted:
Bandaro, Cole, Thorald and Wilson French southern territories

21-Feb Anktoscow shouted:
Ramirez, Mojok, Vibald and Tuwas Costa rica

21-Feb Thordirzed shouted:
Ningal, Tamkosch, Sancho and Orknarok British indian ocean territory

21-Feb Karryptophoge shouted:
Dimitar, Gamal, Inog and Rasarus Sao tome and principe

21-Feb MufassaLoalo shouted:
Thorus, Myxir, Musan and Kalesch Mauritania

Server statistics

Alliances 237
Players: 1,439
Villages: 28,617
Population: 19,527,147
Last updated: 25-03-2012
Server started: 24-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mard. 25-Margrowthgrowth in %
02 Aostatal Obsession THW85685600.00%
1 AliSabina Wallhalla DOGMA1097109700.00%
0. Basis Blondie DOGMA94994900.00%
..W001 packard DOGMA91691600.00%
[AA] Kirow Sagentbone ~ BH ~94494400.00%
Népouit Bonistar93593500.00%
20 gronk25 KHUFF1041104100.00%
A00-trulli trullixx DOGMA1065106500.00%
135 balu Jasper KHUFF91991900.00%
58 Flotter Dreier omg96196100.00%
01. ~ Nix zu holen ~ Yannis KHUFF96096000.00%
A01 Extremrelaxer TEAM97897800.00%
34. Onkel Toms Laden Zwei Missionare KHUFF1018101800.00%
A 001 Kapitän Sindbad KHUFF1032103200.00%
32: Senfwurst Bockdiewurst THW87787700.00%
29:Bratwurst Bockdiewurst THW83983900.00%
[30] Pakistan Krabbelgruppe KHUFF62762700.00%
1d Edelherz omg83783700.00%
[01] Liquidator Bluetwo THW1064106400.00%
079 | Herzegowina Fidel CastrØ KHUFF92292200.00%
Herzblut A19 Herzblut D-L97397300.00%
Herzblut A12 Herzblut D-L95895800.00%
Reusenfallen Alastor ~*P°B*~84984900.00%
01 bibertown TEAM64964900.00%
01Lüdenscheid Bochum THW86986900.00%
001 Ja-Nein Ja-Nein G~B93493400.00%
Axthausen Axtträger omg90190100.00%
Künzelsau Schraube PR76276200.00%
102 miro G~B1016101600.00%
01 miro G~B1012101200.00%
Rosen ralf3 oO88088000.00%
106 Chronic Picknicker G~B1086108600.00%
108 Moonshine Picknicker G~B1041104100.00%
[12] Psychiatry Bluetwo THW88888800.00%
049 Crazy one KHUFF90090000.00%
[45] Jever FloatingDragon KHUFF1015101500.00%
Caesaromagus Centurip1045104500.00%
105 Amnesia Haze Picknicker G~B1086108600.00%
107 Ambrosia Picknicker G~B1086108600.00%
301 Bambata Picknicker G~B1085108500.00%
311-Darwingo ingo69 G~B90690600.00%
322 Bamberg Heinrich G~B86186100.00%
5zehn Maze ~*P°B*~96196100.00%
024 Two KHUFF1046104600.00%
Renates Dörfli R.Sandhof Troja80880800.00%
(01) Heph -donald- KHUFF1053105300.00%
[13] Freakshow Bluetwo THW88088000.00%
1zehn.7 Maze ~*P°B*~89389300.00%
4zehn Maze ~*P°B*~92592500.00%
049 | Nepal™ Fidel CastrØ KHUFF97797700.00%