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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-Jun VolkarOvado shouted:
Zarkos, Brant, Owen and Hamil United states minor outlying i

19-Jun Abbaswrecy shouted:
Baldar, Alima, Reto and Grok Australia

19-Jun Sanfordphife shouted:
Givess, Ugrasal, Vibald and Brant Poland

19-Jun Kamaknouryinee shouted:
Tragak, Sinikar, Lars and Hamlar Sudan

19-Jun Kasimtosmeby shouted:
Yussuf, Luca, Tangach and Anktos Comoros

Server statistics

Alliances 237
Players: 1,439
Villages: 28,617
Population: 19,527,147
Last updated: 25-03-2012
Server started: 24-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mard. 25-Margrowthgrowth in %
0X WorldsApart mbgermany THW89389300.00%
1.1 -Wildsau- THW87587500.00%
1.00 Nockenwelle Hacksaw KHUFF1033103300.00%
037 | Salomonen™ Fidel CastrØ KHUFF95695600.00%
028 | Nicaragua™ Fidel CastrØ KHUFF87887800.00%
001 | Kuba™ Fidel CastrØ KHUFF1021102100.00%
014 | Uruguay™ Fidel CastrØ KHUFF83083000.00%
B01 Dragon FloatingDragon KHUFF1037103700.00%
C01 Dragon -SP- FloatingDragon KHUFF1003100300.00%
13 Big Block Superbee KHUFF85385300.00%
THW metalmade THW65965900.00%
THW metalmade THW76676600.00%
THW metalmade THW82082000.00%
THW metalmade THW81181100.00%
THW metalmade THW80180100.00%
Britischen Jungferni Bonnie and Clyd THW1004100400.00%
Jarvis-Insel Bonnie and Clyd THW71271200.00%
Kokosinseln Bonnie and Clyd THW1029102900.00%
Tokelau Bonnie and Clyd THW1047104700.00%
017 Two KHUFF86786700.00%
010 Two KHUFF95895800.00%
49 Guinea pig zwirbli KHUFF1098109800.00%
030 Broncos Stall one KHUFF1000100000.00%
2.9 Blinker Hacksaw KHUFF1070107000.00%
2.0 Kurbelwelle Hacksaw KHUFF1093109300.00%
015 | Venezuela™ Fidel CastrØ KHUFF94494400.00%
024 | Haiti™ Fidel CastrØ KHUFF76976900.00%
026 | Jamaika™ Fidel CastrØ KHUFF93793700.00%
025 | Honduras™ Fidel CastrØ KHUFF93393300.00%
13 Dragon FloatingDragon KHUFF1055105500.00%
A01 Nörten !PD! FloatingDragon KHUFF1027102700.00%
01 Avenger Superbee KHUFF93993900.00%
05 Catalina Superbee KHUFF75275200.00%
THW metalmade THW79379300.00%
THW metalmade THW79079000.00%
Adelieland Bonnie and Clyd THW91491400.00%
002 Two KHUFF91391300.00%
13 Tschodia Tschodia KHUFF99699600.00%
013 | Trinidad™ Fidel CastrØ KHUFF80380300.00%
THW metalmade THW99199100.00%
THW metalmade THW89589500.00%
THW metalmade THW82582500.00%
Ashmore Bonnie and Clyd THW90690600.00%
Gibralta Bonnie and Clyd THW92392300.00%
01tes Uhtred THW1002100200.00%
032 | Kanada™ Fidel CastrØ KHUFF71671600.00%
12 Bonneville Superbee KHUFF86386300.00%
THW metalmade THW1018101800.00%
Funny 01 Funnyland KHUFF98698600.00%
2.1 Bremslicht Hacksaw KHUFF1082108200.00%