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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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17-Jul RodionEvdonin19896 shouted:
Chris, Irhabar, Thorek and Connor Botswana

17-Jul KseniyaUchuwatowa977 shouted:
Anktos, Boss, Kafa and Vibald Swaziland

17-Jul FyodorPolowinkin8 shouted:
Fasim, Anog, Achmed and Eusebio Equatorial guinea

17-Jul EkaterinaKorobkova0 shouted:
Gelford, Daro, Uruk and Kafa Austria

17-Jul KobcevAleksej7 shouted:
Fraser, Gorn, Rakus and Faesul Mexico

Server statistics

Alliances 397
Players: 2,250
Villages: 21,315
Population: 13,614,232
Last updated: 05-07-2011
Server started: 16-02-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 28-Jund. 05-Julgrowthgrowth in %
Nová! garo xD54754700.00%
Oklahoma garo xD21921900.00%
guru XII. garo xD29129100.00%
Novák II. garo xD40840800.00%
Nová III. garo xD21721700.00%
guru VI. garo xD87087000.00%
guru II. garo xD1004100400.00%
Monday dead dnverts45 Gaia40140100.00%
Wensdey dead dnverts45 Gaia69669600.00%
Nová vesnice dnverts45 Gaia19019000.00%
Maja kabrnak01 Gaia43343300.00%
kabrnak01 kabrnak01 Gaia66366300.00%
01 kabrnak01 Gaia424200.00%
ondra kabrnak01 Gaia17117100.00%
Novější vesnice Vitan Gaia17417400.00%
Nejnovější Vitan Gaia10010000.00%
Nová vesnice Vitan Gaia35635600.00%
Majlinka7 Majli Gaia17017000.00%
Majlinka6 Majli Gaia28928900.00%
Majlinka4 Majli Gaia40840800.00%
Majlinka8 Majli Gaia11811800.00%
Majlinka3 Majli Gaia48048000.00%
Majlinka2 Majli Gaia52252200.00%
Majlinka5 Majli Gaia32132100.00%
Majlinka Majli Gaia64764700.00%
Vesnice:jaster popkorn A.A.20820800.00%
Galie ondrap bc23023000.00%
07 večerníček rebelky K-913513500.00%
06 hrkalka rebelky K-929529500.00%
05 švihadlo rebelky K-947247200.00%
03 kolotoč rebelky K-964764700.00%
00 puding rebelky K-942042000.00%
02 trojkolka rebelky K-971871800.00%
01 pieskovisko rebelky K-975775700.00%
04 preliezka rebelky K-962462400.00%
Deywa IV. deywa K-918118100.00%
Deywa V. deywa K-910010000.00%
Deywa I. deywa K-952452400.00%
Deywa II. deywa K-933933900.00%
Deywa III. deywa K-924024000.00%
Vesnice JJJAAA K-955055000.00%
Nová vesnice JJJAAA K-9646400.00%
Nová vesnice Magnum K-92200.00%
Kamelot Magnum K-936636600.00%
vesnice:smradov 55 machr EAdm222200.00%
Vesnice: Požerákov machr EAdm26626600.00%
Love her Marky MD27027000.00%
Fell´s Church Natusshkaaa N o E181800.00%
Ainsworth Natusshkaaa N o E30830800.00%
Nová vesnice Destro P&M434300.00%