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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 243
Players: 1,556
Villages: 13,303
Population: 8,500,367
Last updated: 07-11-2011
Server started: 05-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 31-Octd. 07-Novgrowthgrowth in %
Paramountovo Paramount =TT=72372300.00%
Paramount jr. Paramount =TT=81581500.00%
Paramount Paramount =TT=1109110900.00%
asterix roman69 =TT=96896800.00%
ututatis roman69 =TT=22922900.00%
idefix roman69 =TT=45645600.00%
obelix roman69 =TT=68868800.00%
Dragov 4 Azurovej.Drak Ocelot38138100.00%
Dragov 3 Azurovej.Drak Ocelot39439400.00%
Dragov 2 Azurovej.Drak Ocelot51551500.00%
Dragov Azurovej.Drak Ocelot82382300.00%
Džina9 Džina Ocelot17517500.00%
Džina Džina Ocelot1024102400.00%
Džina8 Džina Ocelot40640600.00%
Džina7 Džina Ocelot54354300.00%
Džina5 Džina Ocelot60260200.00%
Džina6 Džina Ocelot78978900.00%
Džina4 Džina Ocelot91391300.00%
Džina3 Džina Ocelot93793700.00%
Džina2 Džina Ocelot78778700.00%
Džina1 Džina Ocelot77877800.00%
Vrch 10 Pedro2 Ocelot87287200.00%
Vrch 5 Pedro2 Ocelot84984900.00%
Vrch 8 Pedro2 Ocelot82782700.00%
Vrch 9 Pedro2 Ocelot78578500.00%
Vrch 7 Pedro2 Ocelot85185100.00%
Vrch 12 Pedro2 Ocelot70170100.00%
Vrch 11 Pedro2 Ocelot80180100.00%
Vrch 18 Pedro2 Ocelot787800.00%
Vrch 14 Pedro2 Ocelot52852800.00%
Vrch 13 Pedro2 Ocelot55155100.00%
Vrch 17 Pedro2 Ocelot757500.00%
Vrch 15 Pedro2 Ocelot47347300.00%
Vrch 6 Pedro2 Ocelot83883800.00%
Vrch 4 Pedro2 Ocelot87887800.00%
Vrch 16 Pedro2 Ocelot60760700.00%
Vrch Pedro2 Ocelot55255200.00%
Vrch 3 Pedro2 Ocelot91391300.00%
2.1 Chmelová víska vasil Ocelot30030000.00%
1.9 Chmelové Lány vasil Ocelot50250200.00%
1.8 Léčebna chlastu vasil Ocelot52552500.00%
1.5 Hospoda u přátel vasil Ocelot86686600.00%
1.7 Přátelé u piva vasil Ocelot52652600.00%
1.4 Pivovar vasil Ocelot64764700.00%
Nová vesnice vasil Ocelot20020000.00%
1.6 Pivnice vasil Ocelot71071000.00%
1.3 Pivní město vasil Ocelot61061000.00%
1.2 Pivní sklad vasil Ocelot84584500.00%
1.1 Pivní vesnice vasil Ocelot54954900.00%
Luciynka :o) luciynka StV62862800.00%