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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 243
Players: 1,556
Villages: 13,303
Population: 8,500,367
Last updated: 07-11-2011
Server started: 05-11-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 31-Octd. 07-Novgrowthgrowth in %
X011 Hamoun Ocelot66166100.00%
X005 Hamoun Ocelot71171100.00%
X015 Hamoun Ocelot33733700.00%
X009 Hamoun Ocelot68868800.00%
X014 Hamoun Ocelot61761700.00%
X008 Hamoun Ocelot69369300.00%
X012 Hamoun Ocelot82182100.00%
X000 Hamoun Ocelot1018101800.00%
X003 Hamoun Ocelot97497400.00%
X013 Hamoun Ocelot78178100.00%
Kata Dori Mike_cz Ocelot83283200.00%
Hara Mike_cz Ocelot16316300.00%
Doshu Mike_cz Ocelot32132100.00%
Obi Mike_cz Ocelot25025000.00%
Omote Mike_cz Ocelot82082000.00%
Mae Mike_cz Ocelot77777700.00%
Rjotetori Mike_cz Ocelot40840800.00%
Ura Mike_cz Ocelot56256200.00%
Rei Mike_cz Ocelot76376300.00%
Šinden Mike_cz Ocelot62562500.00%
Suwari-waza Mike_cz Ocelot64764700.00%
Seiza Mike_cz Ocelot72372300.00%
Kaiten-nage Mike_cz Ocelot82982900.00%
Hombu Dojo Mike_cz Ocelot90490400.00%
Hidari Mike_cz Ocelot94994900.00%
Atemi Mike_cz Ocelot1014101400.00%
Geri Mike_cz Ocelot99799700.00%
Aikikai Mike_cz Ocelot87887800.00%
Q Moulov Varm KokoDef97697600.00%
Velký Moulov Varm KokoDef96796700.00%
Horní Moulov Varm KokoDef96096000.00%
Zase Moulov Varm KokoDef86686600.00%
Dolní Moulov Varm KokoDef99899800.00%
Welký Moulov Varm KokoDef1006100600.00%
R Moulov Varm KokoDef97697600.00%
A Moulov Varm KokoDef38038000.00%
X Moulov Varm KokoDef17117100.00%
T Moulov Varm KokoDef1006100600.00%
B Moulov Varm KokoDef27327300.00%
Universální Moulov Varm KokoDef46046000.00%
O Moulov Varm KokoDef56856800.00%
I Moulov Varm KokoDef69669600.00%
Pitomý Moulov Varm KokoDef85285200.00%
E Moulov Varm KokoDef95695600.00%
C Moulov Varm KokoDef555500.00%
Nový Moulov Varm KokoDef96996900.00%
Starý Moulov Varm KokoDef87887800.00%
Moulov Varm KokoDef96696600.00%
Nová vesnice Pinokio CP777700.00%
Nová vesnice Pinokio CP27227200.00%