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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 344
Players: 2,245
Villages: 20,829
Population: 12,831,889
Last updated: 17-10-2011
Server started: 25-05-2011
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 10-Octd. 17-Octgrowthgrowth in %
romulus CHAOS™8939893900.00%
The End LiQ-H4807480700.00%
Saphira Templar™242142421400.00%
dr.hamodi_1 deffence5292529200.00%
dsm2880 LiQ-T260862608600.00%
Elias TLL™-R.B2964296400.00%
mark1111 LiQ-T255692556900.00%
traviangod LiQ-Y183381833800.00%
andy1753 LiQ-T229072290700.00%
modiwow deffence6381638100.00%
Magic Stick CHAOS™9148914800.00%
Ibarra TLL™3600360000.00%
Hedgehog TLL™8538853800.00%
werdabest Fate™391343913400.00%
temp LiQ-H9025902500.00%
DarkD3vil LiQ™145571455700.00%
tosic MYTH8760876000.00%
Vidarr Dacia1183118300.00%
Nyx LiQ-G240342403400.00%
wup123 LiQ.™1049104900.00%
Beauty&TheBeast CLAN GB9273927300.00%
Instruktor Luki Templar™239372393700.00%
SigeFriend BKK™159141591400.00%
Britanny CHAOS™254232542300.00%
killa_haze CHAOS™9204920400.00%
IndianWarrior Dacia-Na8287828700.00%
Norman MYTH9424942400.00%
Farmers D.B.8371837100.00%
SonicSnake MYTH130151301500.00%
Trojan Nam42542500.00%
lazizai MYTH8794879400.00%
moeez [MOD]99299200.00%
Gunjack MYTH2106210600.00%
CrazyG0053 LIQ-A9656965600.00%
rules14 MYTH179801798000.00%
getme892 MYTH7022702200.00%
jazp TLL™1379137900.00%
Kraezy LIQ-IM550685506800.00%
mircha CHAOS™7584758400.00%
Supporter comxTeam5500.00%
Ze pingueloO77877800.00%
Piush LiQ-G155891558900.00%
haar Hegemony75075000.00%
SSeipher-n-ali ASA291322913200.00%
CallMeBigDaddy LiQ™126631266300.00%
Team eliezer LiQ-G283462834600.00%