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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Givess, Givess, Lee and Lee Bosnia and herzegovina

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Производственная СВ компания "Триада" предлагает

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международные грузоперевозки Пермь

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Реальные знакомства взрослых

Server statistics

Alliances 344
Players: 2,245
Villages: 20,829
Population: 12,831,889
Last updated: 17-10-2011
Server started: 25-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 10-Octd. 17-Octgrowthgrowth in %
2.Crolly GhostsReloaded Dacia SF74574500.00%
a05 gerula Dacia SF59859800.00%
SYN gerula Dacia SF1022102200.00%
sb10 gerula Dacia SF55655600.00%
a01 gerula Dacia SF96396300.00%
b07 gerula Dacia SF63663600.00%
sb06 gerula Dacia SF62562500.00%
b04 gerula Dacia SF51951900.00%
sb11 gerula Dacia SF54454400.00%
b09 gerula Dacia SF57857800.00%
b03 gerula Dacia SF68168100.00%
a08 gerula Dacia SF81081000.00%
b02 gerula Dacia SF90890800.00%
992.City of angels Jumper BGF16116100.00%
City of Ruse Jumper BGF60260200.00%
1.Rivertown Jumper BGF77277200.00%
2.Sunshine Jumper BGF78778700.00%
5.The Cross Jumper BGF85185100.00%
3.Skydive Jumper BGF79979900.00%
6.Home,sweet home Jumper BGF58258200.00%
4.Sunny Beach Jumper BGF70170100.00%
8.The beach Jumper BGF64664600.00%
7.Welcome :) Jumper BGF70470400.00%
9.Varna city Jumper BGF54754700.00%
991.Strong tower Jumper BGF35535500.00%
99.The Stand Jumper BGF50650600.00%
rama ram1 MISSILE40640600.00%
TRRINDA ram1 MISSILE202000.00%
New village kitty cat Dacia-E4400.00%
)7- unbelievable kitty cat Dacia-E17917900.00%
)1-cutie`s village kitty cat Dacia-E81981900.00%
)6-gorgeous kitty cat Dacia-E25125100.00%
)5-handsome kitty cat Dacia-E39139100.00%
)4-awesome kitty cat Dacia-E47447400.00%
)3-sexy kitty cat Dacia-E60260200.00%
)2-beauty kitty cat Dacia-E74474400.00%
gaul land jxx LIQ-B20120100.00%
PASARGOD Ali Daraie LIQ-B21521500.00%
Live 2 kibitzer LIQ-B27627600.00%
Live 1 kibitzer LIQ-B16016000.00%
Live 3 kibitzer LIQ-B10710700.00%
Live kibitzer LIQ-B66766700.00%
Söderkulla Sherzadking W.F.H11211200.00%
Lindängen Sherzadking W.F.H12712700.00%
Gullvik Sherzadking W.F.H18018000.00%
Hermodsdal Sherzadking W.F.H77577500.00%
joppie?s 2 Joppie W.A.M™11711700.00%
Joppie`s Joppie W.A.M™38138100.00%
Andrews Vilage andrewsfigueira NOOO69969900.00%
黑暗之星 nightstar Starz34734700.00%