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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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17-Dec Michaelgen shouted:
fancy web site

17-Dec LEZLIE shouted:
There is an importantoffering for your team.

17-Dec Rolandgar shouted:
Randall, Ramon, Kurt and Fadi Sierra leone

17-Dec ShermanNow shouted:
Rough mature

17-Dec BradleyMeash shouted:
Bandaro, Hernando, Olivier and Musan Eritrea

Server statistics

Alliances 344
Players: 2,245
Villages: 20,829
Population: 12,831,889
Last updated: 17-10-2011
Server started: 25-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 10-Octd. 17-Octgrowthgrowth in %
H-Hero jeeyoo GOD48648600.00%
B-Revenge jeeyoo GOD66266200.00%
D-Strength jeeyoo GOD64364300.00%
A-Peace jeeyoo GOD1025102500.00%
C-Strategy jeeyoo GOD66966900.00%
I-Justice jeeyoo GOD19119100.00%
G-Actions jeeyoo GOD42642600.00%
F-War jeeyoo GOD51451400.00%
J-Kingdom jeeyoo GOD50350300.00%
M-Ace jeeyoo GOD828200.00%
Alliance lions LIQ-B10610600.00%
[03]search light Bloodeater LIQ-B707000.00%
[01]imprerior Bloodeater LIQ-B44544500.00%
C.City UndeR ThReaD Hell Boy LIQ-B16916900.00%
B.Hall of Death Hell Boy LIQ-B31131100.00%
Albert King Hell Boy LIQ-B10310300.00%
A.Under World Hell Boy LIQ-B62162100.00%
[06] Cureless mm324lyife LIQ-B20020000.00%
[04] Careless mm324lyife LIQ-B46146100.00%
[05] Clueless mm324lyife LIQ-B43843800.00%
[07] Deathless mm324lyife LIQ-B626200.00%
[01] Blameless mm324lyife LIQ-B47647600.00%
New age ICExINVAD3R S.O.T.A.56956900.00%
Neverland carlosmube W.A.M™32132100.00%
gonna deff the fluffy W.A.M™28928900.00%
gonna kill the fluffy W.A.M™45045000.00%
peaceful land minheinhtet W.A.M™24324300.00%
06-God knows im good vH_bobby WilDHogS14814800.00%
07-Faith vH_bobby WilDHogS787800.00%
05-Gautam_ vH_bobby WilDHogS23423400.00%
03-Jai_ vH_bobby WilDHogS52552500.00%
Sâsùké bigwaay Shinobi25325300.00%
ZLoY-KoloBoK ZLoY-KoloBoK supar35235200.00%
galius E galius ROU~NE30430400.00%
galius B galius ROU~NE53653600.00%
galius D galius ROU~NE38038000.00%
Timisoara galius ROU~NE30930900.00%
galius C galius ROU~NE52152100.00%
galius A galius ROU~NE62262200.00%
[Devil] netding ROU~NE53553500.00%
[Angel] netding ROU~NE71771700.00%
[Busty] netding ROU~NE40840800.00%
[Heaven] netding ROU~NE98798700.00%
[C02] netding ROU~NE323200.00%
[C01] netding ROU~NE15815800.00%
[God] netding ROU~NE68268200.00%
[Syren] netding ROU~NE59359300.00%
[Vampire] netding ROU~NE69269200.00%
[Breast] netding ROU~NE57657600.00%
[Beauty] netding ROU~NE58058000.00%