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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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22-Aug Rockorub shouted:
Folleck, Grompel, Treslott and Dan Mauritius

22-Aug TornIcek shouted:
Tragak, Lee, Lars and Samuel Mongolia

22-Aug CleoMef shouted:
Dating for..

22-Aug Elbernub shouted:
Eusebio, Orknarok, Asam and Larson Qatar

22-Aug NahouseJep shouted:
Интернет магазин Панда на дом

Server statistics

Alliances 344
Players: 2,245
Villages: 20,829
Population: 12,831,889
Last updated: 17-10-2011
Server started: 25-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 10-Octd. 17-Octgrowthgrowth in %
00 A-Ha! HideHere TF50250200.00%
01 Rusty Nail K.LoRn.K55355300.00%
01 Now we are free Gladiator LIQ-A1018101800.00%
0002 Dome LiQ-G88788700.00%
[10] Lunatic Lunatic LiQ™68268200.00%
[01] Lunatic Lunatic LiQ™85385300.00%
B30 Backdraft High 5 MERCS1032103200.00%
10 Oops Whoeps MERCS99599500.00%
Manager Defender Darren LIQ-A56556500.00%
Wolverine X-men LiQ-H98398300.00%
Spawn indellible ASA58058000.00%
24 BigBaz LiQ™87487400.00%
43 BigBaz LiQ™88388300.00%
01™ aiyaya Dacia-T92392300.00%
new 1 adeoi60560500.00%
S3New omarsh3 LiQ-H62862800.00%
B3albik 7ajj 7asin LIQ-A77277200.00%
oUo oUo ABC50350300.00%
015 Owen fantastic 4 ABC-D.B.92592500.00%
亗 FIGHT03 亗 ohaya LiQ-G84584500.00%
31 wijzeheren 3wijzeheren ABC96696600.00%
29 wijzeheren 3wijzeheren ABC99999900.00%
27. New Divide (c) yummi2027 TF76576500.00%
Loading... 12% Fandangos Dacia-Na51751700.00%
j1ango jango Dacia FF66766700.00%
Chrome-S Chrome ASA80080000.00%
01•♛ ASA Team Idiot ASA78378300.00%
021 Park fantastic 4 ABC-D.B.1004100400.00%
018 Rafael fantastic 4 ABC-D.B.89589500.00%
012 O Shea fantastic 4 ABC-D.B.97197100.00%
Origins CS38 LiQ™83283200.00%
01. Forretress Forretress LiQ-T94094000.00%
Dr.Travian Dr.Travian62362300.00%
[01] New York streetfighter1035103500.00%
traps demons deffence76776700.00%
B05 Just Lose It CallMeBigDaddy LiQ™59559500.00%
50 wijzeheren 3wijzeheren ABC1012101200.00%
001 Rooney fantastic 4 ABC-D.B.91791700.00%
Black Squad C&I LiQ-G95095000.00%
LIQ robot LiQ-H1082108200.00%
Bounty0 | 0 | 0 | 0 Black Angel D.B.90390300.00%
TLL justagame TLL™-R.B38838800.00%
[002]Chief Instruktor Luki Templar™82082000.00%
AAA Instruktor Luki Templar™82882800.00%
51 wijzeheren 3wijzeheren ABC97797700.00%
亗 FIGHT02 亗 ohaya LiQ-G86786700.00%
01 touch me :P Vidarr Dacia979700.00%
A-1 moeez [MOD]81981900.00%
[01] Tar Valon CrazyG0053 LIQ-A1023102300.00%
Pinguelandia 01 Ze pingueloO77877800.00%