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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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I'm seeking a developper to help me with the site. ... read more

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Server statistics

Alliances 83
Players: 928
Villages: 11,227
Population: 7,068,698
Last updated: 21-12-2011
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 14-Decd. 21-Decgrowthgrowth in %
A traidep&nuxjnh The Win78278200.00%
Antietam 03 Antietam S ~T~75175100.00%
veliki2 ivanveliki S©AppleA79279200.00%
02. Sài Gòn -Scount sheepboy S©AppleX94594500.00%
Em_01 eminem72 S -T-83283200.00%
28 T e u t o n The Win95495400.00%
[1] badboy S©AppleG83583500.00%
[a] Zerg Outpost quangtinh The Win86886800.00%
1. New village Aphrodite US-T90390300.00%
00. Ha Tay trunoO0Oolt S©AppleX87387300.00%
1 THStrojans21 S©AppleC1072107200.00%
Joker 1 what S -T-64264200.00%
1. Decolgen decolgen ©Apple-T74274200.00%
VN02 gather S©AppleX73273200.00%
. gather S©AppleX88588500.00%
04.Shy minumic DEUS-NW74374300.00%
Nhim Xinh 03 PeSu84984900.00%
6789 №02 LoveConstant The Win79079000.00%
MORDOR ramzez Deus-D82582500.00%
#07 Artemis bmw84684600.00%
D04 defdef S©AppleA94194100.00%
Kathmandu :P king_ed S -T-89989900.00%
Breta kapi -94694600.00%
01 Populux S -T-94294200.00%
09 duongdat The Win94494400.00%
neverland tinkfan Wraith-31047104700.00%
Quynh Nhu`s village Quynh Nhu NoM94594500.00%
belca`s village belca US-FU1009100900.00%
1. huynhtieuduong66966900.00%
DEUS david jonsion DEUS-NE98398300.00%
1.Đời là cái đinh alonely ©Apple-B74374300.00%
01. Apple 01 thangdien S©AppleX88888800.00%
3 superfly7777 Wraith-191291200.00%
. Lanzo S©AppleA88888800.00%
Bebestrumpf.Olimp minumic DEUS-NW93893800.00%
1 emilianosalvo S©AppleC1056105600.00%
Nhim Xinh01 PeSu88188100.00%
shekinah shekinah S ~T~90890800.00%
01 blateanu PsyCo90490400.00%
1 tinyvillage S©AppleA79879800.00%
13} ~DD-L-DF~ Wawee Wraith-199599500.00%
๙๙๙02๑A๙๙๙ mae Wraith-190090000.00%
02. Pentium tieubach S©AppleG85785700.00%
Apple Eater senkise S ~T~78978900.00%
V gauls ©Apple-B95095000.00%
01/NeiL ChiB reddeath2011 S©AppleG86086000.00%
. EN1 S©AppleC73773700.00%
defer defer60660600.00%
01 Wsza Legend88088000.00%
Stuart Oldbloodandguts S©AppleA82982900.00%