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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-Jun Abbaswrecy shouted:
Baldar, Alima, Reto and Grok Australia

19-Jun Sanfordphife shouted:
Givess, Ugrasal, Vibald and Brant Poland

19-Jun Kamaknouryinee shouted:
Tragak, Sinikar, Lars and Hamlar Sudan

19-Jun Kasimtosmeby shouted:
Yussuf, Luca, Tangach and Anktos Comoros

19-Jun Ashtonser shouted:
Silas, Silas, Grok and Thorald Uganda

Server statistics

Alliances 83
Players: 928
Villages: 11,227
Population: 7,068,698
Last updated: 21-12-2011
Server started: 03-01-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 14-Decd. 21-Decgrowthgrowth in %
DEUS ramzez Deus-D1337133700.00%
Wraith kenil Wraith-31301130100.00%
00 THOR Ormeny Gergely Wraith-41274127400.00%
Armani Ice I S©AppleC1266126600.00%
greybeard greybeard S -|T|-1257125700.00%
00 Stayalive Stayalive Wraith-31241124100.00%
Tennessee Ave waylon S -|T|-1239123900.00%
LaGasH GilgaMesH S -T-1235123500.00%
C3P0 siliceous S©AppleC1225122500.00%
6789 №03 LoveConstant The Win1224122400.00%
CF1 CrisFIR S *T*1221122100.00%
mim tziganu DEUS-NE1216121600.00%
01 frape S -|T|-1215121500.00%
Kanarevo brdo Darkinjo S *T*1211121100.00%
A. Dacia lupul alb Wraith-41201120100.00%
Little Ireland Irish Soldato S *T*1185118500.00%
3.I Love Vietnam Azalea S©AppleA1183118300.00%
. ampliani S©AppleC1178117800.00%
Ganges saltspring S ~T~1177117700.00%
Dragontown Bored Dragon S *T*1176117600.00%
B03 El Capo Kasperle DEUS-NE1176117600.00%
T BigDog S ~T~1175117500.00%
03.[T] Noko1174117400.00%
DOG1 maddog US-T1171117100.00%
Albert Park darkray_lugo S -|T|-1168116800.00%
A Great City Rampi S -T-1167116700.00%
1.0 Black★Magic BlackWidow S -|T|-1164116400.00%
K0 khanhanhbb S©AppleS1161116100.00%
Fist Oldbloodandguts S©AppleA1161116100.00%
01 § Stephen T&T&T&T1161116100.00%
. dorade S©AppleA1157115700.00%
B04 The Schizofrene Kasperle DEUS-NE1157115700.00%
[00]wayner* wayner_vn S©AppleX1155115500.00%
01. Death Valley HUAD S ~T~1152115200.00%
Bugatti Veiron WR*ღ Lamborghini S -T-1151115100.00%
st strekx S©AppleC1151115100.00%
The Oasis saxxymatt Wraith-11145114500.00%
kaydeenchris`s villa kaydeenchris1143114300.00%
Alpha PiperChris S - T1140114000.00%
Ames ISU The Win1138113800.00%
OddKnight Oddknight DEUS-NE1135113500.00%
aaa bacdau The Win1134113400.00%
T FreeMoon S -!T!-1134113400.00%
White lotus hahahahaha Wraith-11133113300.00%
VIỆT NAM T e u t o n The Win1132113200.00%
HR1 comateo S©AppleX1132113200.00%
T Cho_l3izZ S -T-1129112900.00%
This Place brown2buff S -T-1126112600.00%
. AnaPau S *T*1124112400.00%
001 Laurelin lolololo S©AppleC1124112400.00%