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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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20-Mar HamidSaisk shouted:
Gancka, Kalan, Bradley and Fadi Turkmenistan

20-Mar Givessactioma shouted:
Yokian, Nemrok, Hjalte and Bozep Myanmar

20-Mar KaffuPof shouted:
Surus, Altus, Bernado and Ugo Maldives

20-Mar KennethTof shouted:
buy cc

20-Mar Professionalncj shouted:

Server statistics

Alliances 162
Players: 1,145
Villages: 17,632
Population: 10,447,685
Last updated: 19-09-2011
Server started: 14-10-2010
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 12-Sepd. 19-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
EmmaevaZ TKO*ST145301453000.00%
LAFIR TKO*ST130891308900.00%
dumb dumb T-DMW194751947500.00%
fazz T-BOOBs149111491100.00%
toopchi TR!-FR218482184800.00%
Sanneg TR!-BULO5299529900.00%
vita TR!-BULO125881258800.00%
Son of Xab T-BOOBs225022250200.00%
hanguk44 TR!-UMPH526065260600.00%
the teutonian LONERS397813978100.00%
Dani TR!-BULO195811958100.00%
Tarkus TKO*ST189241892400.00%
dabydaby TKO*ST6562656200.00%
littlearty TR!~RED~151511515100.00%
spark TKO*ST155151551500.00%
davpa TR!-LULZ3815381500.00%
Aikzhou TR!~RED~156281562800.00%
sou TR!-RED200882008800.00%
BOERTJIE T-BOOBs211972119700.00%
Sten BOA179591795900.00%
breman TR!~RED~161471614700.00%
turtle_cub TR!-TR?8881888100.00%
Hades TKO*CI304913049100.00%
Penalista TR!-RED140271402700.00%
The Joker T-BOOBs236502365000.00%
CCCP TR!-TKO380463804600.00%
dragon TR!-BULO141101411000.00%
Kidmik TR!-XO6121612100.00%
FLY TR!-MaD180791807900.00%
pboavida TR!-BULO8895889500.00%
polyrain TKO*TMH4174417400.00%
Damon Wise.Xab2 T-BOOBs153201532000.00%
hotdog TR!~RED~216692166900.00%
Emain Macha TR!-BULO168191681900.00%
Travian961 LONERS8393839300.00%
yukithesnowman TR!~RED~146321463200.00%
ladydragon T-BOOBs505000.00%
lillelove TR!~RED~110161101600.00%
WeirD TR!~RED~8840884000.00%
Bub bubbles116791167900.00%
scooberama TR!~RED~218322183200.00%
Mr. SideWinder TR!-UMPH7486748600.00%
Prince Philipp TR!~RED~203432034300.00%
Clover T-BOOBs8800.00%
cerak TR!~RED~406624066200.00%
Virtus TR!~RED~7806780600.00%
Ulf TR!~RED~146371463700.00%