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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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26-Jun RasulPomma shouted:
Benito, Anog, Kurt and Finley Seychelles

26-Jun YorikBoopfloom shouted:
Tjalf, Frillock, Harek and Pedar Benin

26-Jun Norrishag shouted:
Zakosh, Barrack, Agenak and Javier Kyrgyzstan

26-Jun AshtonHonmErm shouted:
Abe, Frillock, Tempeck and Roy Brazil

26-Jun WilliamTracy shouted:
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Server statistics

Alliances 162
Players: 1,145
Villages: 17,632
Population: 10,447,685
Last updated: 19-09-2011
Server started: 14-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 12-Sepd. 19-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
Huugge bubble castle Zub bubble1272127200.00%
cy87 cy87 TR!-RED1231123100.00%
BigTata BigTata TKO*FS1199119900.00%
1.1 No Name Face bluekaracter T-DMW1182118200.00%
Z zxz250 T-BOOBs1180118000.00%
Bic`s Tower Bic TR!-XO1165116500.00%
Old Haven Frasier TR!-LULZ1161116100.00%
01 xiaogou`s village xiaogou TR!-AD1157115700.00%
★Caprica baylis TR!-MaD1157115700.00%
1 strong LONERS1157115700.00%
Death valley john T-DMW1157115700.00%
SWU Damon Wise.Xab2 T-BOOBs1156115600.00%
Equinox gibjl T-BOOBs1154115400.00%
Bucuresti mutulica1984 TR!-XO1153115300.00%
Kampung Travian#01 x2x TR!-BULO1150115000.00%
TR! silent lake xhulio TR!-XO1146114600.00%
SWU-LUX Karen Wise T-BOOBs1145114500.00%
01. Atlantis I kke-2100 T-BOOBs1143114300.00%
BaBOOM1 breman TR!~RED~1135113500.00%
C Luisss TKO*CI1134113400.00%
0-C/D Manayunk buford1132113200.00%
15 sha1417 LONERS1129112900.00%
Tar Valon redoctober91 TKO*ST1126112600.00%
barclay central barclayman TR!~RED~1125112500.00%
KENJIS JOURNEY kenji27BOA TR!-BULO1125112500.00%
tze pikajul TKO*ZO1125112500.00%
Aralia is a Goddess Grozoth1122112200.00%
M1 Raistlin TR!~RED~1121112100.00%
Snoopy snoopy TR!-AD1118111800.00%
gaspode dog111 TKO*ZO1118111800.00%
Iwo Jima Kamikazi LONERS1117111700.00%
Saratoga Kimbo_ LONERS1113111300.00%
Valley of the Frog Toadfrog TR!-BULO1113111300.00%
01-Raatteen tie 1333-74-0 TKO*CI1110111000.00%
TR! Son of Xab T-BOOBs1110111000.00%
TR! - Villa10 adi TR!-BULO1108110800.00%
SWU-LUX Damon Wise.Xab2 T-BOOBs1107110700.00%
IceVillage dany_77 T-*KOE*1106110600.00%
00 CDC clavius BOA1102110200.00%
Dog01town redddog TR!-MaD1097109700.00%
Alphabet spark TKO*ST1095109500.00%
miaw0 hermes TR!-AD1095109500.00%
White House random blonde TR!-LULZ1094109400.00%
04 xiaozu xiaogou TR!-AD1093109300.00%
Avrig nitalc TR!~RED~1092109200.00%
------ chickz T-DMW1092109200.00%
{TR!}013* John86 TR!-MaD1092109200.00%
Mhel1- TR-X mhel TR!-XO1090109000.00%
Panoramix ivanrwp T-BOOBs1089108900.00%
BaBOOM6 breman TR!~RED~1088108800.00%