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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 162
Players: 1,145
Villages: 17,632
Population: 10,447,685
Last updated: 19-09-2011
Server started: 14-10-2010
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 12-Sepd. 19-Sepgrowthgrowth in %
Luisss TKO*CI1100.00%
warcrier TKO*CI2200.00%
JohnAdams TKO*CI3300.00%
Raistlin TR!~RED~4400.00%
Sir Leo TKO*CI5500.00%
hanguk44 TR!-UMPH6600.00%
Vanya TKO*ZO7700.00%
ninokid TKO*CI8800.00%
Rogue BOA9900.00%
Insane TR!-MaD101000.00%
madison LONERS111100.00%
nighthawk TR!-UMPH121200.00%
Atrotos TR!-BULO131300.00%
headafix TR!-RED141400.00%
clavius BOA151500.00%
Big Iron TKO*CI161600.00%
ujwl TR!-FR171700.00%
cerak TR!~RED~181800.00%
Arawn TR!-TKO191900.00%
the teutonian LONERS202000.00%
Asclepius LONERS212100.00%
Makeshift TR!-XO222200.00%
Pumpkin TR!~RED~232300.00%
Vincent Vega TR!-FR242400.00%
frodo TR!-BULO252500.00%
D3P TR!-XO262600.00%
CCCP TR!-TKO272700.00%
macdeath TKO*CI282800.00%
tiblit TR!-RED292900.00%
DigitalReaper TR!-TR?303000.00%
Karlarn TR!-TR?313100.00%
Sarah TR!-XO323200.00%
markjohnston TR!-RED333300.00%
burnslider TR!-BULO343400.00%
bubba LONERS353500.00%
Ares TR!-TKO363600.00%
Stefenator TR!-LULZ373700.00%
tofu TKO*ZO383800.00%
crystal LONERS393900.00%
Brm stirs Dani TR!-FR404000.00%
bijan TR!-RED414100.00%
portloko TR!-AD424200.00%
IpaqAustin TR!-XO434300.00%
los gaat loos TR!-UMPH444400.00%
Plybuf TR!-XO454500.00%
djchill TR!-LULZ464600.00%
krusty TR!-UMPH474700.00%
Brest LONERS484800.00%
McNuggets T-BOOBs494900.00%
Maelius TR!-XO505000.00%