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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 32
Players: 487
Villages: 6,637
Population: 4,553,759
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
SPAM Conejitas Sexys (PKP)107021-1049-98.04%
♠ C NINA-ZzZz- PKP1105194-911-82.44%
02 Tulip VaKa LoKa *PKP*63183-548-86.85%
LEVIATAN puflito LEV1ATAN884401-483-54.64%
.Multi/VBKrypt.kbb baco °PKP°743372-371-49.93%
7. A youtube owenssey PKP631317-314-49.76%
SPAM destructor PKP721422-299-41.47%
04. Espartacus destructor PKP829554-275-33.17%
15. MIA ☺ Uruks hai Paketina617401-216-35.01%
SPAM DIOSESAMOR PKP851640-211-24.79%
05LEVIATAN caballeros LEVIAT4N873672-201-23.02%
SPAM DIOSESAMOR PKP746548-198-26.54%
3. Como para owenssey PKP581392-189-32.53%
#8 UPSSS PKP732547-185-25.27%
SPAM masomenos ºPKPº538360-178-33.09%
✗ ک ÞΛ м ⑦ ✗ Fakir *PKP*695522-173-24.89%
pppMexlanda meland P P P882714-168-19.05%
LEVIATAN Forest LEVI4TAN984828-156-15.85%
Aldea nueva cuquis PKP415262-153-36.87%
SPAM invit *PKP*735589-146-19.86%
SPAM. cuquis PKP777635-142-18.28%
SPAM PKP verobolro PKP800658-142-17.75%
TANGAS Osa melosa TANGAS925785-140-15.14%
SPAM. cuquis PKP754622-132-17.51%
LOS SANTOS niko bellic LEV1ATAN944827-117-12.39%
PKP Ghost Kingdom (PKP)11151005-110-9.87%
02. Destroyer destructor PKP840730-110-13.10%
SPAM Pampa PKP1012909-103-10.18%
C Tatu PKP864762-102-11.81%
LEVIATAN Brimstone LEV1ATAN929828-101-10.87%
D01 LEVIATAN puflito LEV1ATAN528435-93-17.61%
lokolameminas lokolameminas PKP462369-93-20.13%
SPAM Max Power ºPKPº779687-92-11.81%
h jac A.Muerte661570-91-13.77%
02-SPAM M.K [PKP]827737-90-10.88%
DOM gabriel03 LEV1ATAN511421-90-17.61%
04-LA CITY Roxanne W10 TANGAS925836-89-9.62%
LEVIATAN Bebe LEV1ATAN650561-89-13.69%
09 BOMBOM SUCULENTO♥ Love This! Paketina922834-88-9.54%
✗ ک ÞΛ м ⑧ ✗ Fakir *PKP*667580-87-13.04%
SPAM DIOSESAMOR PKP557473-84-15.08%
39-SPAM M.K [PKP]652569-83-12.73%
LEVIATAN. Forest LEVI4TAN700621-79-11.29%
Sindelita ♥♥♥ Don BuiTre TANGAS895817-78-8.72%
B01 LEVIATAN puflito LEV1ATAN773699-74-9.57%
✗ ک ÞΛ м ⑪ ✗ Fakir *PKP*540467-73-13.52%
SPAM thundercat *PKP*609537-72-11.82%
.LEVIATAN MM Horus LEVIAT4N532461-71-13.35%
19 LEVIATAN SuperLuis LEV1ATAN655585-70-10.69%
Aldea nueva cuquis PKP554486-68-12.27%