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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 32
Players: 487
Villages: 6,637
Population: 4,553,759
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
32 TANGAS.- chutoman TANGAS11621344+18215.66%
lopikulo churros LEV1ATAN1311131100.00%
.SPAM Casitas Team *PKP*1308130800.00%
SPAM Big Boss PKP12921295+30.23%
45 Jess en colale! chutoman TANGAS11591256+978.37%
01 TANGUERO- chutoman TANGAS10981255+15714.30%
06 Chiquitita chutoman TANGAS11121254+14212.77%
SHOGUN-1 el shogun LEVIAT4N1248124800.00%
21 Romanita sexy chutoman TANGAS10651238+17316.24%
31 Fiebre del oro * chutoman TANGAS11461237+917.94%
29 TANGAZ- chutoman TANGAS11341237+1039.08%
10 Kila en patas- chutoman TANGAS10841237+15314.11%
19 Calzas- chutoman TANGAS11031236+13312.06%
17 TANGO- chutoman TANGAS10931235+14212.99%
05 Sindel en TANGA- chutoman TANGAS10941232+13812.61%
28 AnaE en Jeans- chutoman TANGAS10801231+15113.98%
11 Zunga- chutoman TANGAS10911226+13512.37%
18. STEVE JOBS jodita TANGAS11231217+948.37%
No Nadie .TANGAS.1217121700.00%
Metatronia PPP Metatron P P P11971213+161.34%
13 Saori en TANGA- chutoman TANGAS10741210+13612.66%
40 Maria nuda- chutoman TANGAS10991199+1009.10%
14. Calzón largo jodita TANGAS11321195+635.57%
19. Pantaleta jodita TANGAS11111195+847.56%
[01] - nekrópolis nekrodamus .TANGAS.1191119100.00%
29. jodita TANGAS11231189+665.88%
06. Bikini jodita TANGAS10791189+11010.19%
07. Culote perdido jodita TANGAS11261188+625.51%
39 Maria en camisón- chutoman TANGAS10941187+938.50%
[02] TANGAS... Millonarios TANGAS11961184-12-1.00%
09. Zunga jodita TANGAS11071183+766.87%
20. jodita TANGAS11141183+696.19%
07 Shepo en Zunga chutoman TANGAS10571182+12511.83%
17. Hilo dental jodita TANGAS11041182+787.07%
11. Calzas jodita TANGAS11211181+605.35%
12 Pantaleta- chutoman TANGAS10791180+1019.36%
26 ñeñeñe chutoman TANGAS10671178+11110.40%
AGRADECELE A ATIUS wandamandapia A.Muerte11811178-3-0.25%
03 Juan SIN Slip xD chutoman TANGAS10821176+948.69%
13. Boxer jodita TANGAS11161175+595.29%
TANGAS Russo (TANGAS)1175117500.00%
26. jodita TANGAS11331175+423.71%
32. Una Jodita jodita TANGAS11181172+544.83%
18 Chuto en BOXER- chutoman TANGAS10841171+878.03%
01. DogLand P2020 Perro7 LEVIATAN11221171+494.37%
capi loko_freddy .TANGAS.11661169+30.26%
27. jodita TANGAS11201169+494.38%
08. Calzón jodita TANGAS11061166+605.42%
TANGAS jodita TANGAS10411165+12411.91%