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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 129
Players: 1,851
Villages: 24,056
Population: 15,018,460
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
01 - Buchannan s pinguimtt1498149800.00%
Brekinha Brekinha -@OFF@-1467146700.00%
FORÇA NE tarecomz [SVPPB]1354135400.00%
DR Sir Codorna DR-FX1332133200.00%
01 - Caer Cadarn Eadred µDRµ1324132400.00%
[01] Trustland Trust Råd¹1324132400.00%
01 Ι?m Φld FarmpartΨ MyKowskysStyle P&W™FMA1324132400.00%
Anox marciel41 °SVPPB°1321132100.00%
AAA Pola DR-FX¹1305130500.00%
1 - Hadelard Hadelard µDRµ1303130300.00%
01 OFF - uniao ANIMAL OFF1302130200.00%
frango3 Cap frango1299129900.00%
DR - 01 Papai ^DR^1293129300.00%
1 meu Loscar $VPPB$1282128200.00%
1.0 CURITIBA FREJAT -@OFF@-1275127500.00%
[01] wood !P&W!1274127400.00%
04LoveandHate** Sibilla1273127300.00%
02Between guardião OFF1272127200.00%
Vai Que... BIÉ ^DR^1271127100.00%
rose_tiago rose_tiago !P&W!1268126800.00%
001SVPPB Pegazus -SVPPB-1264126400.00%
02 AjaxPA °SVPPB°1262126200.00%
-@OFF@- Dragao black -@OFF@-1254125400.00%
THIS IS SPARTA! Feikasso °SVPPB°1253125300.00%
F&N0N fenon P&W* MAD1248124800.00%
Célula Mater senna. OFF1243124300.00%
Negatron Darknesfall [SVPPB]1239123900.00%
02.Massilia le phoceen CagõesDR1237123700.00%
WW Fuga ao Fisco Pax&Gostosão DR&CG WW1235123500.00%
1 Antonio42 -SVPPB-1233123300.00%
HANDRACON I sahla P&W* MAD1233123300.00%
11 - Not Found palmasbr !P&W!1232123200.00%
kerote [1] kerote P&W™1231123100.00%
[00] Zabaleta Risada µDRµ1231123100.00%
[01] Arya_ foxred P&W ACM1229122900.00%
Alexandria Folião P&W™FMA1229122900.00%
13 - No Stress palmasbr !P&W!1228122800.00%
Kadaphy [1] matu P&W™1227122700.00%
Campeões ????? Shigueo $VPPB$1222122200.00%
01 Xuxuzinho mafagafinha OFF - ON1221122100.00%
12 - Lack Clay palmasbr !P&W!1221122100.00%
[01] Cp9_Kalifa Prostyle (SVPPB)1220122000.00%
1 - Damn Traps palmasbr !P&W!1219121900.00%
Mais uma dose Taniroca #SVPPB#1219121900.00%
03 PingaLoca -@OFF@-1218121800.00%
01. Fênix jlsb1965 DR-FX¹1218121800.00%
ALFA VERZANI Imperio Verzani °SVPPB°1215121500.00%
FusiON 5 Gledson. OFF - ON1213121300.00%
COMBO 01 Broown !P&W!1212121200.00%
THIS IS SPARTA! Franguito °SVPPB°1210121000.00%