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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 73
Players: 850
Villages: 8,532
Population: 5,377,081
Last updated: 25-03-2012
Server started: 18-12-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mard. 25-Margrowthgrowth in %
01 Bu TØwn# xxGarixx |UNE|1102110200.00%
Pirenópolis ricardovas -49249200.00%
02- Death Word Trave RO™ NOOB97597500.00%
Fox River Sacada NOOBS1120112000.00%
UNE ligab UNE88488400.00%
HELL olha nois aqui FUSION95695600.00%
02. UNE Tungs UNE-Nw85685600.00%
04... SHE-WOLF THE KILL UNE97597500.00%
[03] El Maluko NMT -H-81581500.00%
ooo Ero-sennin 30UNEs!42842800.00%
12) NMT akirakoreama NMT S1056105600.00%
FIELDSUPPLIER 12 Dark free RO™ NOOB83583500.00%
2 Morro do Macaco takezin NMT -H-88788700.00%
Conquistada Dragons_Bandock14814800.00%
16. UNE PLZERA UNE-Nw78378300.00%
²[01]. Grandioso NMT S96996900.00%
Xaropilandia KennedY RO™ NOOB90790700.00%
|08| sodi NMTNBRO79479400.00%
|01| sodi NMTNBRO1048104800.00%
RO. ajrob RO™ NOOB88988900.00%
0 mato UNE-NW²1092109200.00%
Bon Temps Stackhouse UNE NW¹89989900.00%
NMT kleberj2 NMT -T-1102110200.00%
Amanita virosa Mosaique UNE NW¹78878800.00%
|05| ● N Most wanted NMT -H-88888800.00%
Falcão ticaracatica1249124900.00%
UNE Fringe1038103800.00%
YANDEL Yandel NMT -H-98898800.00%
02 conarga FUSION1108110800.00%
17 - UFO VON DOOM NMTNBRO84584500.00%
[02] NewbieM NewbieM |UNE|1013101300.00%
PC01 josivanepc RO™ NOOB60260200.00%
❶ (Bloqueado) Brasuca NMT -T-94494400.00%
][LANDHELL][ Demiurgo NMT -T-1124112400.00%
02. UNE PLZERA UNE-Nw84384300.00%
ZaKaH #[01] Daruh RO™ NOOB1065106500.00%
[10] eden kauan jr RO™ NOOB92592500.00%
Dom Casmurro pacificador- UNE NW¹77877800.00%
SF&TT╰_╯02 rogeriok RO™1016101600.00%
SF&TT╰_╯01 rogeriok RO™1091109100.00%
01_Noturna Verde NMT -H-80080000.00%
RO™ Thyago RO™85285200.00%
|35| sodi NMTNBRO94694600.00%
falcão ropertti1099109900.00%
1 RO™ .. Banquetes Eno RO™ NOOB1089108900.00%
Polo Sul Super Polo RO™ NOOB86586500.00%
aldeia 01 ado1 RO™81081000.00%
G3 Carboni UNE NW¹93793700.00%
ORGULHO EM SER UNE nomadepg UNE84784700.00%
God of War I Alysson070000.00%