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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 73
Players: 850
Villages: 8,532
Population: 5,377,081
Last updated: 25-03-2012
Server started: 18-12-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mard. 25-Margrowthgrowth in %
Pedra Ametista Ratinha VSF & NM20120100.00%
Vale da Morte dr.kun UNE-Nw³1011101100.00%
karateca nayarakarate NMT S90390300.00%
gringo_star gringo_star NMT -T-79479400.00%
Morpheus zio RO 489489400.00%
HT-01 Chev Chelious RO™ NOOB1006100600.00%
09. Chupa Cabra Pau na papada NMTNBRO97697600.00%
Arsenal Pmartinho NMT -T-1043104300.00%
Ferelden* Sacada NOOBS90690600.00%
0.4 †¢ємιтéяισ† Fvcd UNE NE78078000.00%
UNE Bellator UNE95795700.00%
©-Gandalf cabral UNE NE76776700.00%
UNE jogo LIMPO FLORES UNE1176117600.00%
FIELDSUPPLIER 91 Dark free RO™ NOOB87087000.00%
[1]Guaxinim Tripé♫♪ light_rider NOOBS91991900.00%
Morsa New Generation NMT S83783700.00%
[01]GONDOR Aragorn NMT S1000100000.00%
skol dezessete UNE NW¹91591500.00%
UNE FAIL azeredoalex UNE FAIL30430400.00%
0 NeverLand FoxHunter NMT -H-1046104600.00%
NMT C5 luisfjc NMT -H-87087000.00%
SAI ZICA! nekaopvh 30UNEs!59559500.00%
01 KAMIKAZE UAI NOOBS82882800.00%
Vila Oculta da Areia hellium RO™90590500.00%
Aldeia Asterix MARCELLO CESAR ID61561500.00%
Coliseu jero UNE80380300.00%
01_Nova York Cruel UNE NW¹27327300.00%
ALDEIA INICIAL Dark free RO™ NOOB88588500.00%
Cuiabá Peralta RO™ NOOB80380300.00%
01. UNE mushishi UNE-Nw81181100.00%
malandro é malandro Uziel NMT -H-87487400.00%
1.Es RO¹™ dfvilela RO™ NOOB94994900.00%
27.UNE melt UNE-Nw94594500.00%
Ç2 Spectrum RO™ NOOB90190100.00%
01KroetzLand Kroetz NMT -T-90290200.00%
Principalmente Ross RO™ NOOB96796700.00%
04 - Pato Madiba RO™ NOOB98498400.00%
01. Ignea tconti NMT -T-1018101800.00%
02-Ciclope X-MEN NMT -T-89089000.00%
P01 Pontilha NMT S89789700.00%
00.☠ Gaúcho ☠ Monta NMT -H-1057105700.00%
Raiden raiden UNE²90990900.00%
1-Bandock Dragons_Bandock74074000.00%
RO™ kauan jr RO™ NOOB86086000.00%
Aerolupo Agech NMT S95595500.00%
RO™ 2 tello RO™ NOOB78978900.00%
|20| ● Sαuяoη JuuhS2 NMT -H-99799700.00%
NMT - Fragoso Fragoso NMT S77977900.00%
UNE nerfanda UNE-Nw³95695600.00%
VIOLENT TUPAC NMT -G-1078107800.00%