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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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will they update this tool

Server statistics

Alliances 73
Players: 850
Villages: 8,532
Population: 5,377,081
Last updated: 25-03-2012
Server started: 18-12-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mard. 25-Margrowthgrowth in %
[14] Neko Safado Apocalíptico UNE27327300.00%
[09] Tononi Apocalíptico UNE44444400.00%
[08] Adm.Cris Apocalíptico UNE52252200.00%
[06] Fao Apocalíptico UNE38838800.00%
N12 NEVESEVEN UNE32632600.00%
N09 NEVESEVEN UNE63763700.00%
N07 NEVESEVEN UNE63263200.00%
N06 NEVESEVEN UNE63363300.00%
N08 NEVESEVEN UNE62262200.00%
N04 NEVESEVEN UNE67667600.00%
N05 NEVESEVEN UNE66666600.00%
Nova aldeia NEVESEVEN UNE27727700.00%
N11 NEVESEVEN UNE37137100.00%
N10 NEVESEVEN UNE56556500.00%
N02 NEVESEVEN UNE82082000.00%
N01 NEVESEVEN UNE1108110800.00%
N03 NEVESEVEN UNE64464400.00%
0.k †¢ємιтéяισ† khenshin UNE26326300.00%
0.k †¢ємιтéяισ† khenshin UNE25425400.00%
0.k †¢ємιтéяισ† khenshin UNE37337300.00%
karatê pop khenshin UNE71871800.00%
nomadepg khenshin UNE71071000.00%
UNE ... khenshin UNE84684600.00%
karatê +pop khenshin UNE45045000.00%
UNE khenshin UNE1061106100.00%
Mitsurugi-R y u khenshin UNE48048000.00%
UNE . khenshin UNE81081000.00%
Mitsurugi-R y u khenshin UNE87987900.00%
UNE .. khenshin UNE78578500.00%
nomadepg khenshin UNE85285200.00%
UNE h_borchardt UNE71471400.00%
(18) DE h_borchardt UNE46546500.00%
(10) DE h_borchardt UNE85585500.00%
(08) Aßlar DE h_borchardt UNE88088000.00%
(01) Muchen DE h_borchardt UNE98098000.00%
(09) DE h_borchardt UNE85685600.00%
(15) DE h_borchardt UNE68168100.00%
(13) DE h_borchardt UNE88088000.00%
(12) DE h_borchardt UNE12712700.00%
(03) DE h_borchardt UNE86186100.00%
(19) DE h_borchardt UNE36936900.00%
(20) DE h_borchardt UNE28228200.00%
(14) DE h_borchardt UNE76176100.00%
(17) DE h_borchardt UNE57857800.00%
(16) DE h_borchardt UNE58758700.00%
(11) DE h_borchardt UNE89389300.00%
(05) Hamburg DE h_borchardt UNE81581500.00%
(04) Duesseldorf h_borchardt UNE84684600.00%
(07) Leipzig DE h_borchardt UNE81681600.00%
(06) Cologne DE h_borchardt UNE80580500.00%