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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 73
Players: 850
Villages: 8,532
Population: 5,377,081
Last updated: 25-03-2012
Server started: 18-12-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 18-Mard. 25-Margrowthgrowth in %
11.Santa Cruz Bento Gonçalves UNE65265200.00%
10.Cruz Alta Bento Gonçalves UNE68568500.00%
08.Erechim Bento Gonçalves UNE73773700.00%
09.Uruguaiana Bento Gonçalves UNE64264200.00%
07.Caxias do Sul Bento Gonçalves UNE78078000.00%
É NÓIS UND!!! Genghis Khan UNE56256200.00%
É NÓIS CEARÁ!!! Genghis Khan UNE63863800.00%
É NÓIS BARÃO!!! Genghis Khan UNE49049000.00%
É NÓIS BEL!!! Genghis Khan UNE32132100.00%
É NÓIS UNE!!! Genghis Khan UNE60560500.00%
É NÓIS ÁICA!!! Genghis Khan UNE77777700.00%
É NÓIS VOZÃO!!! Genghis Khan UNE98198100.00%
Nova aldeia Genghis Khan UNE25925900.00%
Nova aldeia Genghis Khan UNE25625600.00%
Nova aldeia Genghis Khan UNE26526500.00%
Uia traviano UNE19319300.00%
Nova aldeia traviano UNE76676600.00%
UNE traviano UNE74574500.00%
Montanha traviano UNE97497400.00%
Cidade dos mortos traviano UNE63163100.00%
traviano da aldeia traviano UNE96496400.00%
[4] Village of War RGelati UNE87887800.00%
[1] Village of War RGelati UNE84584500.00%
[2] Village of War RGelati UNE88188100.00%
[6] Village of War RGelati UNE77377300.00%
WW Village 4 RGelati UNE717100.00%
[3] Village of War RGelati UNE71971900.00%
WW Village 5 RGelati UNE353500.00%
WW Village 3 RGelati UNE19119100.00%
[_10] Village of War RGelati UNE59359300.00%
[9] Village of War RGelati UNE57557500.00%
[8] Village of War RGelati UNE65365300.00%
WW village 1 RGelati UNE34434400.00%
WW Village 2 RGelati UNE30030000.00%
[_11] Village of War RGelati UNE23523500.00%
[7] Village of War RGelati UNE72872800.00%
[5] Village of War RGelati UNE49549500.00%
UNE RGelati UNE88788700.00%
UNE² RGelati UNE81681600.00%
ORGULHO EM SER UNE nomadepg UNE44444400.00%
ORGULHO EM SER UNE nomadepg UNE45445400.00%
ORGULHO EM SER UNE nomadepg UNE58558500.00%
ORGULHO EM SER UNE nomadepg UNE46446400.00%
ORGULHO EM SER UNE nomadepg UNE46146100.00%
ORGULHO EM SER UNE nomadepg UNE77777700.00%
ORGULHO EM SER UNE nomadepg UNE85685600.00%
ORGULHO EM SER UNE nomadepg UNE85185100.00%
ORGULHO EM SER UNE nomadepg UNE63563500.00%
ORGULHO EM SER UNE nomadepg UNE80180100.00%
ORGULHO EM SER UNE nomadepg UNE68468400.00%