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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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25-Mar FlintDeX shouted:
Arokkh, Grubuz, Bradley and Tempeck Malaysia

25-Mar HogarSwiva shouted:
Sebastian, Ingvar, Dan and Boss Burkina faso

25-Mar Gorokrot shouted:
Grimboll, Eusebio, Agenak and Agenak Guyana

25-Mar MariusBoavaBymn shouted:
Yokian, Tizgar, Rendell and Sinikar Belarus

25-Mar GrompelIncurgY shouted:
Mezir, Gembak, Rakus and Gnar Fiji

Server statistics

Alliances 124
Players: 1,295
Villages: 11,484
Population: 6,959,952
Last updated: 16-01-2012
Server started: 19-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 09-Jand. 16-Jangrowthgrowth in %
HSS 06 Ictus HSS NE65565500.00%
HSS 14 Ictus HSS NE202000.00%
HSS 13 Ictus HSS NE212100.00%
HSS 04 Ictus HSS NE90790700.00%
HSS 05 Ictus HSS NE81681600.00%
HSS Ictus HSS NE1001100100.00%
HSS 03 Ictus HSS NE85285200.00%
6-Wolverine Clark182 HSS NE42342300.00%
7-Vampira Clark182 HSS NE17017000.00%
3-HSS Clark182 HSS NE72272200.00%
4-HSS Clark182 HSS NE63563500.00%
5-Magneto Clark182 HSS NE61261200.00%
2-HSS Clark182 HSS NE82082000.00%
HSS Clark182 HSS NE67367300.00%
[06]HSS nempys HSS NE84884800.00%
[05]HSS nempys HSS NE68468400.00%
[12]HSS nempys HSS NE48848800.00%
[11]HSS nempys HSS NE55555500.00%
[14]WWHSS nempys HSS NE53153100.00%
[13]HSS nempys HSS NE80380300.00%
[15]HSS nempys HSS NE26826800.00%
[08]HSS nempys HSS NE62762700.00%
[07]HSS nempys HSS NE65865800.00%
[10]HSS nempys HSS NE58758700.00%
[02]HSS nempys HSS NE50250200.00%
[04]HSS nempys HSS NE80980900.00%
[09]HSS nempys HSS NE54054000.00%
[01]HSS ۩ nempys HSS NE1108110800.00%
[03]HSS nempys HSS NE84984900.00%
[RNM]#04 rodrigo99 HSS NE85685600.00%
[RNM]#05 rodrigo99 HSS NE79479400.00%
[RNM]#13 rodrigo99 HSS NE32332300.00%
[RNM]#11 rodrigo99 HSS NE54454400.00%
[RNM]#02 rodrigo99 HSS NE88888800.00%
[RNM]#15 rodrigo99 HSS NE12612600.00%
[RNM]#08 rodrigo99 HSS NE74774700.00%
[RNM]#07 rodrigo99 HSS NE69469400.00%
[RNM]#06 rodrigo99 HSS NE74374300.00%
[RNM]#14 rodrigo99 HSS NE25525500.00%
[RNM]#12 rodrigo99 HSS NE47047000.00%
[RNM]#09 rodrigo99 HSS NE68368300.00%
[RNM]#10 rodrigo99 HSS NE60560500.00%
[RNM]#03 rodrigo99 HSS NE87287200.00%
[RNM]#01 rodrigo99 HSS NE89689600.00%
caledonia jluiz jlsp14814800.00%
Nova aldeia Ricardopinga N+S+U2200.00%
trade da alde Ricardopinga N+S+U36936900.00%
Os Gladiadores Rodrigo 107 #O.W*|W™45445400.00%
Vie LaAmour R.S.62262200.00%
►╫◄ Brain Sick R.S.16816800.00%