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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 124
Players: 1,295
Villages: 11,484
Population: 6,959,952
Last updated: 16-01-2012
Server started: 19-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 09-Jand. 16-Jangrowthgrowth in %
HSS Voltamos HSS NE83783700.00%
B ninho_01 HSS NE95095000.00%
[03] Fininho da Vida FALL HSS NE75075000.00%
Bornéu Guardião HSS NE83383300.00%
COMPLEXO DO ALEMÃO dersao10 HSS NE58458400.00%
Gula Borba Gatto HSS NE88588500.00%
Gai and_maf HSS NE85285200.00%
TREM tremdedeia HSS NE85285200.00%
Kakashi and_maf HSS NE78578500.00%
narciso sbastos HSS NE87787700.00%
04.* zuco HSS NE41641600.00%
14.* zuco HSS NE99499400.00%
Kushina and_maf HSS NE92892800.00%
HSS kunha HSS NE78678600.00%
23.* zuco HSS NE98298200.00%
22.** zuco HSS NE90390300.00%
Jiraiya and_maf HSS NE91591500.00%
HSS kobra HSS NE76076000.00%
[03] Voltamos HSS NE1043104300.00%
NINHAL Grando HSS NE61161100.00%
Alcatraz Guardião HSS NE92592500.00%
21.** zuco HSS NE63663600.00%
Kurenai and_maf HSS NE81381300.00%
HSS Lawliets HSS NE57557500.00%
[02] Reza Vela FALL HSS NE84084000.00%
02.* zuco HSS NE1031103100.00%
HSS Guardião HSS NE91991900.00%
[02] Voltamos HSS NE93693600.00%
Minato and_maf HSS NE96296200.00%
[20] Voltamos HSS NE54954900.00%
Shikamaru and_maf HSS NE84584500.00%
HSS - kunha HSS NE97897800.00%
HSS-1 Lawliets HSS NE86886800.00%
26.* zuco HSS NE79179100.00%
01.* zuco HSS NE49349300.00%
MORRO DOS MACACOS dersao10 HSS NE86186100.00%
[16] Voltamos HSS NE1002100200.00%
HSS Guardião HSS NE86486400.00%
[15] Voltamos HSS NE85585500.00%
Avareza Borba Gatto HSS NE1002100200.00%
[06] Voltamos HSS NE1079107900.00%
[09] Voltamos HSS NE84484400.00%
Hinata and_maf HSS NE96096000.00%
A ninho_01 HSS NE1140114000.00%
Ino and_maf HSS NE93793700.00%
01 - Rei dos Reis rOberto! HSS NE88588500.00%
+HSS+ Grando HSS NE95895800.00%
HSS kobra HSS NE98098000.00%
[01] Rodo Cotidiano FALL HSS NE83583500.00%
HSS sbastos HSS NE99399300.00%