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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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My new hot project

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10 besten britischen Dating-Sites 2019

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Армянская порно клипики

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Интернет-магазин цветов

Server statistics

Alliances 124
Players: 1,295
Villages: 11,484
Population: 6,959,952
Last updated: 16-01-2012
Server started: 19-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 09-Jand. 16-Jangrowthgrowth in %
+HSS+ Grando HSS NE95895800.00%
NINHAL Grando HSS NE61161100.00%
[03]jararaka kobra HSS NE82282200.00%
[05]surukuku kobra HSS NE73973900.00%
[11]urutu kobra HSS NE30730700.00%
[07]koral kobra HSS NE50050000.00%
[10]jararakuçu kobra HSS NE30230200.00%
[09]kaiçaka kobra HSS NE32932900.00%
[08]kotiara kobra HSS NE45245200.00%
HSS kobra HSS NE98098000.00%
[06]naja kobra HSS NE64764700.00%
[04]kobra da agua kobra HSS NE76476400.00%
HSS kobra HSS NE76076000.00%
[09] Linha Vermelha FALL HSS NE49649600.00%
[11] 7 vezes FALL HSS NE44244200.00%
[10] Lado B Lado A FALL HSS NE63163100.00%
[04] Vapor Barato FALL HSS NE76976900.00%
[08] Minha Alma FALL HSS NE68068000.00%
[03] Fininho da Vida FALL HSS NE75075000.00%
[13] Cristo e Oxalá FALL HSS NE44244200.00%
[14] Me Deixa FALL HSS NE17117100.00%
[12] O Salto FALL HSS NE63463400.00%
[02] Reza Vela FALL HSS NE84084000.00%
[07] Homen Amarelo FALL HSS NE76776700.00%
[06] Hey Joe FALL HSS NE73673600.00%
HSS FALL HSS NE1064106400.00%
[05] Mar de Gente FALL HSS NE60760700.00%
[01] Rodo Cotidiano FALL HSS NE83583500.00%
zamioculcas sbastos HSS NE29629600.00%
nenúfar sbastos HSS NE87987900.00%
Bouvardia sbastos HSS NE626200.00%
Stephanotis sbastos HSS NE636300.00%
Ogígia sbastos HSS NE21221200.00%
petúnia sbastos HSS NE82082000.00%
violeta sbastos HSS NE47847800.00%
tulipa sbastos HSS NE61361300.00%
primula sbastos HSS NE73173100.00%
HSS sbastos HSS NE99399300.00%
narciso sbastos HSS NE87787700.00%
Nova aldeia tremdedeia HSS NE535300.00%
TREMDAMORTE tremdedeia HSS NE36136100.00%
TREMPROINFERNO tremdedeia HSS NE38038000.00%
TREMFUMAÇA tremdedeia HSS NE41541500.00%
TREMBALA tremdedeia HSS NE81481400.00%
TREM tremdedeia HSS NE85285200.00%
TREMDOCAPETA tremdedeia HSS NE23423400.00%
Nova aldeia tremdedeia HSS NE18418400.00%
TREMALENHA tremdedeia HSS NE57957900.00%
TREMAJATOH tremdedeia HSS NE59759700.00%
TREMAVAPOR tremdedeia HSS NE70170100.00%