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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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19-Oct Masonsn shouted:
Pavel, Innostian, Sanuyem and Trompok Netherlands antilles

19-Oct Umbrakei shouted:
Esiel, Milten, Jose and Roland Kazakhstan

19-Oct Garretorand shouted:
интим белла

19-Oct ThoraldSr shouted:
Will, Ivan, Umul and Kaelin Kenya

19-Oct Loan shouted:

Server statistics

Alliances 134
Players: 1,337
Villages: 18,028
Population: 11,428,514
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
02. Basta Pasta girasole EF-????82582500.00%
08. Ho bisogno di te girasole EF-????1011101100.00%
07. Sempre di più girasole EF-????1024102400.00%
14. Se vuoi girasole EF-????1016101600.00%
10. Stammi vicino girasole EF-????1052105200.00%
15. Fare l`amore girasole EF-????1019101900.00%
04. Irraggiungibile girasole EF-????85085000.00%
13. Chiàro girasole EF-????1005100500.00%
33. girasole EF-????72172100.00%
05. Là girasole EF-????1052105200.00%
12.Piccola e Fragile girasole EF-????1049104900.00%
18. Tutto si impara girasole EF-????1034103400.00%
34. girasole EF-????72972900.00%
16. ...Allora girasole EF-????1005100500.00%
17. Spegni la luce girasole EF-????1034103400.00%
36. girasole EF-????55855800.00%
35. girasole EF-????59659600.00%
38. girasole EF-????53253200.00%
20. Blood of Fold girasole EF-????1029102900.00%
19. Solar Flare girasole EF-????1015101500.00%
24. Hearts of Three girasole EF-????1013101300.00%
23. The Hanging Tree girasole EF-????1009100900.00%
39. girasole EF-????43943900.00%
21. Thief of Time girasole EF-????1005100500.00%
37. girasole EF-????52252200.00%
26. Dream On girasole EF-????1008100800.00%
Нов град girasole EF-????42942900.00%
25. Night Watch girasole EF-????91791700.00%
22. Love To Hate You girasole EF-????99199100.00%
29. Waste of Time girasole EF-????88788700.00%
41. girasole EF-????33133100.00%
40. girasole EF-????46446400.00%
Нов град girasole EF-????747400.00%
31. girasole EF-????93393300.00%
Нов град girasole EF-????24824800.00%
Нов град girasole EF-????15915900.00%
42 girasole EF-????676700.00%
28. East of Eden girasole EF-????1021102100.00%
27. Small Gods girasole EF-????93893800.00%
32. girasole EF-????82582500.00%
30. Without Saphire girasole EF-????90590500.00%
09. Cosi celeste girasole EF-????1062106200.00%
06. Baci & Abbracci girasole EF-????1055105500.00%
07 gogicc EF-????18518500.00%
06 gogicc EF-????32732700.00%
04 gogicc EF-????50450400.00%
05 gogicc EF-????39639600.00%
Нов град gogicc EF-????303000.00%
02 gogicc EF-????74474400.00%
03 gogicc EF-????60060000.00%