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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 134
Players: 1,337
Villages: 18,028
Population: 11,428,514
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 05-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
Ελλάδα Trussardi BBR-WL1501150100.00%
плъхчо го няма Дилани A&H1488148800.00%
154 sensi & БецкатА Angels1447144700.00%
05 нестинари римляни FREАKS1351135100.00%
02 WOT ashaman BBR-WAR1346134600.00%
Симеоновец kiril4ooo20 BBR-WAR1321132100.00%
01.Thessaloniki Trussardi BBR-WL1302130200.00%
02.Athens Trussardi BBR-WL1286128600.00%
01.БЕЛИЗ BakstoN SoW- БМ1278127800.00%
02.ali baba shexerizada FREAKS 11261126100.00%
03.Megara Trussardi BBR-WL1247124700.00%
01.BBR Evil BBR-WL1244124400.00%
01-Madreco Madreco SoW-OГ1242124200.00%
01(ړײ) NG и ФИКУСА PaPaRAzZi FUN1237123700.00%
08 блестяща усмивка римляни FREАKS1233123300.00%
001. Хан Аспарух G.M.G. SoW-OГ1231123100.00%
01.ДОН КИХОТ don bidon BBR-RP1225122500.00%
BOMBA 01 PATRONA FUN1223122300.00%
03.☠☠☠ Пукни Тук ☠☠☠ Илюзионистът N.G.WAR1217121700.00%
06 адрес 4000 римляни FREАKS1216121600.00%
31 VIVI FREАKS1209120900.00%
Пир горой Froggy Command1208120800.00%
02 сираче римляни FREАKS1208120800.00%
10 gega3 SH0W 41208120800.00%
Сталинград centurion RESPEKT1206120600.00%
04.Tripoli Trussardi BBR-WL1206120600.00%
moodleland9.p9 moodle FUN1205120500.00%
34 уют римляни FREАKS1202120200.00%
35 приказни римляни FREАKS1202120200.00%
19 мармалад с маска римляни FREАKS1201120100.00%
f___01 f---1 NoMercy1200120000.00%
03 усойка римляни FREАKS1200120000.00%
1borisov dsa956 Command1199119900.00%
07 тихо утро римляни FREАKS1197119700.00%
15 по-ясен ден римляни FREАKS1197119700.00%
04 откритието римляни FREАKS1196119600.00%
13 пауза римляни FREАKS1195119500.00%
[1] Sweat BBR-ZVQR1193119300.00%
05.Halkidiki Trussardi BBR-WL1192119200.00%
22 пожар от вода римляни FREАKS1191119100.00%
21 VIVI FREАKS1190119000.00%
30 страст римляни FREАKS1190119000.00%
01 FREAKS joko FREАKS1189118900.00%
Pg up Pg up N.G.-SS1189118900.00%
*01* Happy SoW-OГ1189118900.00%
36 дни римляни FREАKS1188118800.00%
25 отработване римляни FREАKS1188118800.00%
16 търпение римляни FREАKS1187118700.00%
17 цел римляни FREАKS1184118400.00%
17 VIVI FREАKS1184118400.00%