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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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17-Jul RodionEvdonin19896 shouted:
Chris, Irhabar, Thorek and Connor Botswana

17-Jul KseniyaUchuwatowa977 shouted:
Anktos, Boss, Kafa and Vibald Swaziland

17-Jul FyodorPolowinkin8 shouted:
Fasim, Anog, Achmed and Eusebio Equatorial guinea

17-Jul EkaterinaKorobkova0 shouted:
Gelford, Daro, Uruk and Kafa Austria

17-Jul KobcevAleksej7 shouted:
Fraser, Gorn, Rakus and Faesul Mexico

Server statistics

Alliances 196
Players: 1,854
Villages: 20,719
Population: 13,015,452
Last updated: 26-03-2012
Server started: 08-09-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 19-Mard. 26-Margrowthgrowth in %
09.Neron Khuber WOLVESBG61561500.00%
11.Otho Khuber WOLVESBG28828800.00%
10.Galba Khuber WOLVESBG30430400.00%
03.Tullus Hostilius Khuber WOLVESBG1042104200.00%
05Tarquinius Priscus Khuber WOLVESBG1024102400.00%
06.Servius Tullius Khuber WOLVESBG94094000.00%
13.Cicero Khuber WOLVESBG26526500.00%
12. Vitelius Khuber WOLVESBG28328300.00%
14.Tit Khuber WOLVESBG30630600.00%
07TarquiniusSuperbus Khuber WOLVESBG73873800.00%
15.Komod Khuber WOLVESBG35635600.00%
01.Romulus Khuber WOLVESBG1144114400.00%
02.Numa Pompilius Khuber WOLVESBG85785700.00%
Монако HoioHoio WOLVESBG78878800.00%
Марсилия HoioHoio WOLVESBG84984900.00%
Лион HoioHoio WOLVESBG86286200.00%
Милано HoioHoio WOLVESBG96796700.00%
Бордо HoioHoio WOLVESBG64964900.00%
Флоренция HoioHoio WOLVESBG62962900.00%
Лориен HoioHoio WOLVESBG63563500.00%
Монпелие HoioHoio WOLVESBG838300.00%
Лавал HoioHoio WOLVESBG11611600.00%
Лил HoioHoio WOLVESBG26126100.00%
Каен HoioHoio WOLVESBG38138100.00%
Ница HoioHoio WOLVESBG48648600.00%
Сент тропе HoioHoio WOLVESBG24024000.00%
Дижон HoioHoio WOLVESBG353500.00%
Нанси HoioHoio WOLVESBG131300.00%
Тулуза HoioHoio WOLVESBG81681600.00%
Варна HoioHoio WOLVESBG93993900.00%
Рим HoioHoio WOLVESBG1038103800.00%
Барселона HoioHoio WOLVESBG96696600.00%
Нов град Жик-Так WOLVESBG21621600.00%
Нов град Жик-Так WOLVESBG515100.00%
3.WOLVES Жик-Так WOLVESBG60760700.00%
Нов град Жик-Так WOLVESBG41741700.00%
2.WOLVES Жик-Так WOLVESBG68568500.00%
1.WOLVES Жик-Так WOLVESBG76976900.00%
Н5 kobra WOLVESBG20820800.00%
Нов град kobra WOLVESBG616100.00%
Н6 kobra WOLVESBG15915900.00%
Н1 kobra WOLVESBG50350300.00%
Н4 kobra WOLVESBG28328300.00%
Н3 kobra WOLVESBG33733700.00%
Н7 kobra WOLVESBG10110100.00%
Русе kobra WOLVESBG77677600.00%
Н2 kobra WOLVESBG39839800.00%
Пловдив kobra WOLVESBG89289200.00%
МusicIsLive kobra WOLVESBG63463400.00%
Видин kobra WOLVESBG64064000.00%