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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 196
Players: 1,854
Villages: 20,719
Population: 13,015,452
Last updated: 26-03-2012
Server started: 08-09-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 19-Mard. 26-Margrowthgrowth in %
WelcomE◄۩05۩► Bog1 WOLVESBG91091000.00%
005 грозника WOLVESBG73873800.00%
wolvesCf kuku WOLVESBG95695600.00%
023.Trinity Elemag WOLVESBG76676600.00%
04. Vielha vesko44 WOLVESBG63263200.00%
Нов град skribals WOLVESBG61161100.00%
022.Holly Elemag WOLVESBG81981900.00%
04. Хан Кормесий Dimitrova74 WOLVESBG60960900.00%
КайриеН Ранд Ал-Тор WOLVESBG84384300.00%
05.Ferrero Roche Chelsea WOLVESBG81981900.00%
WelcomE◄۩04۩► Bog1 WOLVESBG86386300.00%
Ehnaton Rende WOLVESBG89189100.00%
04.Benelli M4 Benelli M3 WOLVESBG89689600.00%
04.Lindt Chelsea WOLVESBG86386300.00%
004 грозника WOLVESBG74774700.00%
WelcomE◄۩03۩► Bog1 WOLVESBG91591500.00%
ИлиаН Ранд Ал-Тор WOLVESBG86386300.00%
wolvesBf kuku WOLVESBG90790700.00%
03.Merci Chelsea WOLVESBG89089000.00%
02.Benelli M2 Benelli M3 WOLVESBG91391300.00%
031.Hill & Fenley Elemag WOLVESBG82482400.00%
Tutankamon Rende WOLVESBG97597500.00%
03. Хан Тервел Dimitrova74 WOLVESBG64964900.00%
кисело мляко tarator WOLVESBG43543500.00%
03. Rialp vesko44 WOLVESBG67367300.00%
Елмора Ранд Ал-Тор WOLVESBG74874800.00%
02.Toffifee Chelsea WOLVESBG88188100.00%
003 грозника WOLVESBG80180100.00%
WelcomE◄۩02۩► Bog1 WOLVESBG93893800.00%
021.Ennesey Elemag WOLVESBG89689600.00%
. Ранд Ал-Тор WOLVESBG1006100600.00%
wolvesAglj kuku WOLVESBG1044104400.00%
Нов град skribals WOLVESBG65365300.00%
03.Benelli M3 Benelli M3 WOLVESBG92492400.00%
02. Хан Аспарух Dimitrova74 WOLVESBG81581500.00%
02. Alins vesko44 WOLVESBG92392300.00%
WelcomE◄۩01۩► Bog1 WOLVESBG83783700.00%
Столицата грозника WOLVESBG1002100200.00%
. Rende WOLVESBG1056105600.00%
00.Raffaello Chelsea WOLVESBG1036103600.00%
. Ранд Ал-Тор WOLVESBG1022102200.00%
020.Wilcox Elemag WOLVESBG1037103700.00%
01.Benelli M1Super90 Benelli M3 WOLVESBG96696600.00%
копър tarator WOLVESBG95595500.00%
Две РекИ Ранд Ал-Тор WOLVESBG90290200.00%
01.After eight Chelsea WOLVESBG88588500.00%
WelcomE Bog1 WOLVESBG81981900.00%
Мория Rende WOLVESBG87987900.00%
01. Lleida vesko44 WOLVESBG84284200.00%
skribals skribals WOLVESBG75275200.00%