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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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17-Jul RodionEvdonin19896 shouted:
Chris, Irhabar, Thorek and Connor Botswana

17-Jul KseniyaUchuwatowa977 shouted:
Anktos, Boss, Kafa and Vibald Swaziland

17-Jul FyodorPolowinkin8 shouted:
Fasim, Anog, Achmed and Eusebio Equatorial guinea

17-Jul EkaterinaKorobkova0 shouted:
Gelford, Daro, Uruk and Kafa Austria

17-Jul KobcevAleksej7 shouted:
Fraser, Gorn, Rakus and Faesul Mexico

Server statistics

Alliances 139
Players: 1,392
Villages: 15,344
Population: 9,630,725
Last updated: 15-03-2012
Server started: 07-12-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 08-Mard. 15-Margrowthgrowth in %
Море на нектара SELENA ZVQR77&A51051000.00%
Терминатор SELENA ZVQR77&A81981900.00%
Синя Луна SELENA ZVQR77&A81481400.00%
Море на изобилието SELENA ZVQR77&A72972900.00%
Море на яснотата SELENA ZVQR77&A56256200.00%
Море на влажността SELENA ZVQR77&A56656600.00%
Супер Луна SELENA ZVQR77&A81181100.00%
Море на облаците SELENA ZVQR77&A79179100.00%
Нов град SELENA ZVQR77&A29629600.00%
``W`` SELENA ZVQR77&A33333300.00%
Последна четвърт! SELENA ZVQR77&A79979900.00%
Първа четвърт SELENA ZVQR77&A88388300.00%
Sleepy Hollow! PEB ZVQR77&A1071107100.00%
NICE! PEB ZVQR77&A95595500.00%
WC 00 PEB ZVQR77&A62362300.00%
Kartagen PEB ZVQR77&A81181100.00%
Tr0q PEB ZVQR77&A71671600.00%
Вавилон PEB ZVQR77&A70870800.00%
Maia PEB ZVQR77&A74374300.00%
SELENA PEB ZVQR77&A78278200.00%
New town PEB ZVQR77&A80180100.00%
MONACO PEB ZVQR77&A81681600.00%
Baskervilles PEB ZVQR77&A71971900.00%
CANNES! PEB ZVQR77&A68868800.00%
Pearl Harbor PEB ZVQR77&A78878800.00%
ПЕБ PEB ZVQR77&A74674600.00%
MАRSEILLE! PEB ZVQR77&A83483400.00%
SAINT-TROPEZ! PEB ZVQR77&A94394300.00%
Йинимула PEB ZVQR77&A70670600.00%
ZVQR 8 Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР61961900.00%
12 borovo Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР64064000.00%
09 извора Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР47047000.00%
009 Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР43643600.00%
010 Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР42642600.00%
06 за теб е.... Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР51051000.00%
WW support 0% Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР64464400.00%
WW support 0% Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР33733700.00%
007 Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР46346300.00%
016 Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР90190100.00%
11 todoroff Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР59659600.00%
13 има ли начин Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР56056000.00%
ВЯРА Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР74074000.00%
08 творческа Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР55855800.00%
ЯРОСТ Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР92592500.00%
05 подарък Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР51751700.00%
00 bubolina Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР1083108300.00%
014 Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР43943900.00%
02 не жена а звяр Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР71771700.00%
04 розова пижамка Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР68468400.00%
03 ъхъ... Аз ли ТКЗСЗВЯР90290200.00%