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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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20-Oct PatrickJes shouted:
Блюда для диеты

20-Oct Ugolfmiz shouted:
Tjalf, Brenton, Jerek and Vasco Senegal

20-Oct BozepPl shouted:
Jaroll, Reto, Quadir and Marus South africa

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Server statistics

Alliances 59
Players: 533
Villages: 3,860
Population: 2,232,670
Last updated: 18-04-2012
Server started: 25-05-2011
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 11-Aprd. 18-Aprgrowthgrowth in %
psihijatrijaa masSacar nGen™80780700.00%
A da me vidi Švaboo masSacar nGen™88388300.00%
Novo Selo masSacar nGen™58158100.00%
nGen masSacar nGen™86986900.00%
Novo Selo masSacar nGen™37837800.00%
Novo Selo masSacar nGen™63563500.00%
Novo Selo masSacar nGen™73273200.00%
Napusena dolina masSacar nGen™75675600.00%
Novo Selo masSacar nGen™75875800.00%
ultras94presenti masSacar nGen™83683600.00%
19Z05 masSacar nGen™77077000.00%
[008] Dzeri Drejk nGen™606000.00%
[001] Dzeri Drejk nGen™75275200.00%
[007] Dzeri Drejk nGen™34034000.00%
[004] Dzeri Drejk nGen™70570500.00%
[003] Dzeri Drejk nGen™65865800.00%
[002] Dzeri Drejk nGen™76576500.00%
[006] Dzeri Drejk nGen™53953900.00%
[005] Dzeri Drejk nGen™63263200.00%
paminta sunthere nGen™13513500.00%
paminta sunthere nGen™21021000.00%
paminta sunthere nGen™23523500.00%
asukal sunthere nGen™17117100.00%
asukal sunthere nGen™52252200.00%
asukal sunthere nGen™33833800.00%
asukal sunthere nGen™66666600.00%
10 Pikaću oman_geronimo nGen™57657600.00%
05 PHapala pure oman_geronimo nGen™63663600.00%
04 Pinjin Han oman_geronimo nGen™64264200.00%
11 Pasta oman_geronimo nGen™25725700.00%
15 uz WW1 oman_geronimo nGen™37137100.00%
02 Potoki oman_geronimo nGen™68468400.00%
08 Soba oman_geronimo nGen™61961900.00%
09 Šizofren selo oman_geronimo nGen™59859800.00%
12 prozor mora pasti oman_geronimo nGen™44744700.00%
16 uz WW2 oman_geronimo nGen™37537500.00%
13 Sahat oman_geronimo nGen™56456400.00%
14 Šaraf oman_geronimo nGen™48848800.00%
01 Srebrenica oman_geronimo nGen™99599500.00%
03 Potoci oman_geronimo nGen™90090000.00%
07 Šadrvan oman_geronimo nGen™68368300.00%
06 Škafiškafnjak oman_geronimo nGen™52652600.00%
[3] • nGen • sidera nobis nGen™75175100.00%
[8] • nGen WW • sidera nobis nGen™12012000.00%
[1] • nGen • sidera nobis nGen™91391300.00%
[9] • nGen WW • sidera nobis nGen™11911900.00%
[2] • nGen • sidera nobis nGen™96096000.00%
[7] • nGen • sidera nobis nGen™35335300.00%
[5] • nGen • sidera nobis nGen™66366300.00%
[4] • nGen • sidera nobis nGen™84584500.00%