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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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22-Sep ZarkosNuh shouted:
Vandorn, Jens, Sancho and Ernesto Virgin islands, british

22-Sep OelkWew shouted:
Lukjan, Murat, Bengerd and Grompel Togo

22-Sep reginahog shouted:
Regina Hogan chooses Isaconference2013 Company

22-Sep QuadirMr shouted:
Hengley, Saturas, Onatas and Marus Guinea-bissau

22-Sep Rasulkl shouted:
Fadi, Hassan, Narkam and Dawson Solomon islands

Server statistics

Alliances 94
Players: 947
Villages: 8,365
Population: 5,035,964
Last updated: 10-10-2011
Server started: 29-09-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 03-Octd. 10-Octgrowthgrowth in %
Dubrovnik davidoff SP™13013000.00%
Hutovo BLATO davidoff SP™45645600.00%
Željezara Zenica davidoff SP™48548500.00%
TrOjA davidoff SP™76376300.00%
LoViStE davidoff SP™30930900.00%
Blizu SP WW davidoff SP™888800.00%
Sarajevo 1984 davidoff SP™62662600.00%
black or white angel davidoff SP™57057000.00%
. davidoff SP™89389300.00%
SeLo NiZaStA davidoff SP™85385300.00%
[09] Annabella Volt SP™86986900.00%
[11] Alminica Volt SP™89289200.00%
[14] Nema više Volt SP™84184100.00%
[07] General Milan Volt SP™88988900.00%
[15] Dream™ Volt SP™86686600.00%
[04] Walter™ Volt SP™87487400.00%
[12] Pikica Volt SP™86386300.00%
[01] Alcatraz Volt SP™95395300.00%
[18] MT Volt SP™78478400.00%
[19] Amrica Sign In Volt SP™77577500.00%
[06] Čupe Volt SP™87687600.00%
[05] Monte S5620 Volt SP™85485400.00%
[22] Niko Ko Šefica Volt SP™70370300.00%
[17] Goli Otok Rules Volt SP™79579500.00%
[21] Mlada Dragana Volt SP™36536500.00%
[16] Miu Volt SP™85085000.00%
[13] Pišonja i Žuga Volt SP™85985900.00%
[20] Bubica & Bubac Volt SP™86786700.00%
[08] Scooter Volt SP™87587500.00%
[02] Goli Otok Rules Volt SP™95595500.00%
[23] Za Mladu Damu Volt SP™89289200.00%
[03] Lavandica Volt SP™1041104100.00%
[24] Dama klika off Volt SP™98698600.00%
[10] Zuba pizdan Volt SP™87987900.00%
VIII Alba SP™60360300.00%
VII Alba SP™61061000.00%
III Alba SP™68968900.00%
IV Alba SP™70270200.00%
II Alba SP™93093000.00%
X Alba SP™57957900.00%
XII Alba SP™45945900.00%
I Alba SP™79679600.00%
Novo Selo Alba SP™26526500.00%
IX Alba SP™61161100.00%
XIII Alba SP™38438400.00%
XI Alba SP™55555500.00%
VI Alba SP™62762700.00%
XV Alba SP™43143100.00%
XIV Alba SP™47447400.00%
Novo Selo Alba SP™20520500.00%