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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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I'm seeking a developper to help me with the site. ... read more

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Server statistics

Alliances 94
Players: 947
Villages: 8,365
Population: 5,035,964
Last updated: 10-10-2011
Server started: 29-09-2010
Info from Period:
PlayerAllianced. 03-Octd. 10-Octgrowthgrowth in %
ismar SP™ IV1100.00%
Svarun UGR2200.00%
Tihana A&D3300.00%
seljanka A&D BB4400.00%
Joksim SP™ IV5500.00%
Last koffa acc SP™6600.00%
Strašimir A&D WK7700.00%
Volt SP™8800.00%
m16 SP-Tdst9900.00%
PROFESOR UGR101000.00%
Komandant deks -••Tdst.111100.00%
chekicc A&D BB131300.00%
Divlja mačka Valkira141400.00%
Karabaja A&D151500.00%
Van Gogh A&D161600.00%
papa UGR171700.00%
t1empo SP-Tdst181800.00%
Farmer&Oggy Amateri191900.00%
ljubičica A&D202000.00%
Šargo Vs Motka! A&D212100.00%
replikant -••Tdst™222200.00%
LaVanda SP™232300.00%
Shad3 BoS242400.00%
Fiumanka1 A&D252500.00%
Miro UGR262600.00%
Gusar SP™272700.00%
Nyx A&D282800.00%
kuler SP™292900.00%
Bijela Psina UGR303000.00%
house 666_666313100.00%
kuku UGR323200.00%
s3ma A&D333300.00%
-BOOS- UGR WW343400.00%
DRKY1 SP™ IV353500.00%
jolanda -••Tdst.363600.00%
Teutonic Amateri373700.00%
InspektorCile A&D383800.00%
Bosnian Dragon SP™393900.00%
Ultio A&D404000.00%
caspeer -••Tdst™414100.00%
UncleMarty A&D424200.00%
Drmy A&D ACD434300.00%
Goks Otpisani444400.00%
VIKTORIANO -••Tdst™454500.00%
KUMAŠIN cipiripi464600.00%
strippy A&D BB484800.00%
Dark Wizard SP™494900.00%
Apoteka Amateri505000.00%