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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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21-Feb Karryptophoge shouted:
Dimitar, Gamal, Inog and Rasarus Sao tome and principe

21-Feb MufassaLoalo shouted:
Thorus, Myxir, Musan and Kalesch Mauritania

21-Feb Resseldiomy shouted:
Osmund, Pedar, Murak and Kulak Kenya

21-Feb BernadoZes shouted:
Jaroll, Lisk, Aschnu and Hanson Cuba

21-Feb KerthPuh shouted:
Vigo, Tempeck, Jesper and Garik Norway

Server statistics

Alliances 44
Players: 355
Villages: 3,058
Population: 1,959,553
Last updated: 07-02-2012
Server started: 14-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 31-Jand. 07-Febgrowthgrowth in %
03 Brennus romanix Dragons76276200.00%
06*Bronx Bellucci Dragons85185100.00%
05.Απαπαπαπαπαπαπα Cartel-bambino Dragons75675600.00%
05.5/6 ca_puccino Dragons90690600.00%
[03] Raki Rider NOTIAS Dragons76476400.00%
Oust! 07 maori Dragons90090000.00%
[003] Vendetta MELTEMI Dragons72872800.00%
Mpario_2 Mpario Dragons70270200.00%
Rollini_2 Rollini Dragons81681600.00%
04.ceptura sangele Dragons85285200.00%
02 RED Raziel Dragons85085000.00%
Oust! 06 maori Dragons89389300.00%
05*Orange Blossom Bellucci Dragons89089000.00%
04.Φσσσσττττ μποινγκ Cartel-bambino Dragons80680600.00%
New2 oops Dragons86986900.00%
C1a Levy Dragons92192100.00%
12* Bellucci Dragons82882800.00%
09*Bijou Bellucci Dragons89689600.00%
R03 Levy Dragons82482400.00%
04.4/6 ca_puccino Dragons91091000.00%
Oust! 05 maori Dragons85485400.00%
04*White Lady Bellucci Dragons87887800.00%
[08] stun NOTIAS Dragons76376300.00%
N2 Levy Dragons76776700.00%
Beyond3 Beyond Dragons84184100.00%
03.ursului sangele Dragons90190100.00%
03.Χρηστάκο-Θεόδωρο Cartel-bambino Dragons78978900.00%
12.3/9 ca_puccino Dragons80780700.00%
A2.. Alfred Alfred Dragons94394300.00%
02 Afelix romanix Dragons89289200.00%
03.5/6 ca_puccino Dragons97797700.00%
New1 oops Dragons86686600.00%
Oust! 11 maori Dragons84384300.00%
Oust! 04 maori Dragons95395300.00%
R02 Levy Dragons83183100.00%
[05] Berlin NOTIAS Dragons82282200.00%
E2. Gyre Eddy Dragons89689600.00%
03*Paradise Bellucci Dragons91991900.00%
Dragon Egg Cartel-bambino Dragons99299200.00%
Goll_2 Gollbert Dragons63863800.00%
[02] Ouzo Rider NOTIAS Dragons1133113300.00%
Dragon Egg MELTEMI Dragons98498400.00%
01 Raziel Raziel Dragons92692600.00%
02. sangele Dragons1056105600.00%
Oust! 03 maori Dragons82682600.00%
11.1/15 ca_puccino Dragons73673600.00%
Beyond2 Beyond Dragons55555500.00%
Mpario_1 Mpario Dragons67667600.00%
02.1/15 ca_puccino Dragons1039103900.00%
Tower oops Dragons1021102100.00%