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If you got any ideas for new tools, graph, search possibilities, events, etc.... just contact me or use the ideas forum for it. The more people that thinks its a good idea, the chances are better that I will create it.

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Server statistics

Alliances 44
Players: 355
Villages: 3,058
Population: 1,959,553
Last updated: 07-02-2012
Server started: 14-10-2010
Info from Period:
VillagePlayerAllianced. 31-Jand. 07-Febgrowthgrowth in %
Ogre Battle Twisted Blister DragonC1575157500.00%
GM05c Gone Manic DragonC1442144200.00%
★ 1 ★ ade DragonV1427142700.00%
Cantorc random DragonC1396139600.00%
06Pistachio Nut Cracker DragonC1360136000.00%
-12- Werben Cilada DragonV1331133100.00%
Angel I Kev Kabana 2 StMichel1314131400.00%
Haven JTC1302130200.00%
Ashes I Kev Kabana 1 St Galen1284128400.00%
01 Airport Jumbo DragonV1238123800.00%
01] Panettùn Panettone DragonV1237123700.00%
R01 Reica Dragons1231123100.00%
bali rock bali rock ACME1226122600.00%
ENTERPRISE 5 Kramer68 StMichel1223122300.00%
1Oberstgruppenfuhrer kayak1222122200.00%
ROMULUS EMPIRE 1 Kramer68 StMichel1210121000.00%
FEDERATION 3 Kramer68 StMichel1197119700.00%
Alfa macaco DragonV1194119400.00%
01 BlueStar BlueStar DragonV1191119100.00%
New Start thomas1972 StMichel1190119000.00%
Break Out ucebra StMichel1187118700.00%
Pack pack Dragons1186118600.00%
Reject ucebra StMichel1178117800.00%
ENTERPRISE 1 Kramer68 StMichel1172117200.00%
Kaiapoi Roadrunner Psi.1171117100.00%
FEDERATION 2 Kramer68 StMichel1170117000.00%
1»citadel mocanul DragonV1166116600.00%
[01] Dalaran SkyNet StMichel1164116400.00%
BLACK OPS 1STRIKER StMichel1161116100.00%
A0 Athena athena DragonV1161116100.00%
Ample ucebra StMichel1159115900.00%
Appletons ucebra StMichel1159115900.00%
FEDERATION 5 Kramer68 StMichel1156115600.00%
02.tarafimdan lambros Dragons1156115600.00%
02_Åpøcalyp†ø lato24 Dragons1152115200.00%
KLINGON EMPIRE 3 Kramer68 StMichel1142114200.00%
FEDERATION 4 Kramer68 StMichel1142114200.00%
KLINGON EMPIRE 2 Kramer68 StMichel1140114000.00%
Time Out ucebra StMichel1140114000.00%
Fast Break ucebra StMichel1140114000.00%
Slam Dunk ucebra StMichel1135113500.00%
ucebraous ucebra StMichel1135113500.00%
[02] Ouzo Rider NOTIAS Dragons1133113300.00%
Pet Cemetary B00GER St Galen1127112700.00%
Paekakariki Noss Psi.1124112400.00%
Bobby Bobby DragonV1120112000.00%
Ark ucebra StMichel1118111800.00%
Taharoa Fox Psi.1118111800.00%
TIGER ALLY 1STRIKER StMichel1116111600.00%
ENTERPRISE 3 Kramer68 StMichel1115111500.00%